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So suarez is off in the summer according to reports in his homeland he is prepared to talk to other teams<cant blame him>
21st Mar 2013 9:24
21st Mar 2013 10:07
"Best of luck for the upcoming international duties to all the lads called up by the respective national teams! Do us proud and foremost stay healthy and fit! YNWA Reds"
21st Mar 2013 11:24
"Just heard that news myself dhd39...I do hope not But football is a big money game...hopefully misrepresented and as he said only a few weeks back "hes Happy in the LFC Family....we defo DONT need any more Bad news!!"
21st Mar 2013 11:38
"we can only hope he doesnt go"
21st Mar 2013 14:24
"ON Positive front i see Zabi alonso dosnt intend to sign an extension with Real M....wholesale changes come summer..HOPEFULLY he,ll choose Us!!"
Iron Hide
21st Mar 2013 16:37
"cant agree more dhd39... cant blame suarez if he leaves but lets hope he doesnt"
21st Mar 2013 19:28
"A sign and mark of a big club. All the best lads and lots of luck. Keep fit for the task ahead, finishing well. YNWA"
21st Mar 2013 19:37
"we need to keep king luis, if we sell him, we instantly need a back up striker but as luis says, he wants to stay ans he wants champions league so lets give him what he wants and fight for this 4th spot. we have not had it for several years and if we dont get it, decent players will want to leave so do it for all us lfc fans. #lfc4ever"
22nd Mar 2013 13:33