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£20 million transfer kitty for the summer? Just exactly what sort of players are being targeted with that small change? Joke
18th Mar 2013 19:05
18th Mar 2013 19:09
"20 million for the main transfer window wont buy what is needed for our team and talking about Ashley Williams is a start in the right direction for once again wasting what we do get if you want him Brendon go back to Swansea and take Joe Allen with you. "
18th Mar 2013 19:40
"£20 Million? to spend in the summer? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!"
18th Mar 2013 19:42
"If 20 mil is true then it is very disappointing. But I am hoping its a business move so we don't get fleeced in the transfer market, because if we boast of having 70 mil you can bet your bottom dollar targets will increase by a zero or Two."
18th Mar 2013 20:49
"ridiculas asking the man to work miriculs with £20 mil if the owners what 5th next year they will have to spend that on one player "
18th Mar 2013 21:17
"Take a look at Vedad Ibisevic. Scoring well in Germany and could probably be got for cheap."
18th Mar 2013 21:27
"..little cash for player investmenteven tho we managed to blow like 90 mil a year or too ago..we need more people who want to be here not mercenarys like joe cole who didnt want to even be here"
18th Mar 2013 21:52
"20 million is something your meant to spend in Jan time!! In summer that is TOOOO LEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! FSG BACK YOUR MANAGER UP NOW!!!!!"
18th Mar 2013 23:09
"Michu was £2million, Couthino 9.5 ish, Benteke not much, Ba, Cisse etc. We have a good young squad so £20 million seems fine to me. Hendo, Sterling, Kelly, Borini, Coates, Shelvey and so on will all be getting better. 1 CB one attacker and some bargains. Maybe Skrtel on way out to add funds."
19th Mar 2013 0:26
"So by giving 20m to improve the squad then you could avoid loss for the third consecutive years?? Congratulation, This is not an economic theory, less spending will get more profitable..OLD FASHION"
19th Mar 2013 1:26
"Cyclone, dont forget we hope to move carroll on and probably skrtel if he doesn't find his form thats probably another 25 mill combined, figures vary from source to source, until the manager states howmuch J Henry has said I'll take it all with a Pinch of salt"
Always A Red
19th Mar 2013 1:26
"20m, not bad if we spend wisely - just get the players we truly need. Look at Michu (swansea) and the French players like Sissoko (newcastle)- we need a good scout to chose wisely. Allen, Skrtel, Spearing can all go"
19th Mar 2013 7:36
19th Mar 2013 7:37
19th Mar 2013 8:26
"That's likely to be 20m + any sales such as Carroll which if we get 15 for, we have unlimited options for a defender for that."
19th Mar 2013 12:49
"great, wasting money on the asley who. where exactly kelly, coates come in? pls let me chip in my hard earn money for a cab for BR"