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Well done to Jack and Jamie! Keep doing proud our club! YNWA Jack Robinson & Jamie Stephens
18th Mar 2013 16:49
18th Mar 2013 17:42
"None of these players will help Liverpool so they are better off being sold. "
18th Mar 2013 18:58
"You've got atude issues Jack..VERDICT:- SELL HIM."
18th Mar 2013 19:55
"In: A Goalie for back up to Reina, Williams, Alonso, Marcelo, Affely, Ramirez - Total #£80m (Hopefullt!) Out: Allen, Asaidi, Coates, Borini - Total #£40m (hopefully!) £20m Transfer kitty simply not enough. I know I'm dreaming, but get real FSG "
18th Mar 2013 19:57
"In: A Goalie for back up to Reina, Williams, Alonso, Marcelo, Affely, Ramirez - Total #Ã"
Brazilian meastro10
19th Mar 2013 6:26
" Red_4_life sorry, but I would rather sell downing instead of Assaidi. even though his on form, Assaidi has mre years on him, who knows maybe next year is Assaidi's season. Amazing Talent"
19th Mar 2013 13:24
"Andy had a great game for WHU and had a goal denied him for touching Luiz which send him down as if a ten ton elephant had run into him. "
19th Mar 2013 18:47
"It was not only the loanees who had a frustrating weekend..."