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well done young reds, so proud of you, some of the senior players take note,YNWA.
18th Mar 2013 21:03
18th Mar 2013 21:07
"Well done young lads! what a great victory! we did a great second half, dominated possession and created many chances to score, probably we should be more ruthless in front of goal, but we can't deny we played some terrific passing football tonight! ..."
18th Mar 2013 21:08
"... Jack Dunn stood out for me and did score a fine goal, been clinical undoubtedly, Nacho, Ibe, Texeira and McLaughlin were all great and deserve a plaudit for that. ...Without a shadow of doubt we showed the manifesto of the tiki-taka play, well done boys, well done Mr Inglethorpe! Now we can stay on track of the spurs which we can face in the upcoming return game. Keep it up young lads! YNWA"
18th Mar 2013 21:12
"Jack Dunn is a little bada$$! Way to go young Reds!"
18th Mar 2013 21:47
"I think the senior team should learn something about this!! take notes anyway it was a good and well fought match, they weren't playing good until an hour was past but when they did they were amazing! congratz to Dunn, he deserved it, (At the age of what though?)"
18th Mar 2013 21:50
"Jack Dunn will be playing first team football in a couple of seasons if he carries on developing... We now have a few great scouse players coming thru along side the 3 young spanish boys plus the pace and skill of Sterling and Ibe..future bodes well! "
18th Mar 2013 22:15
"Great result tonight lads and well done to the younger lads who certainly stepped up to the plate. YNWA!"
18th Mar 2013 22:58
"I watched the full 90mins and i must mention these players. Ryan is definitely the future RB of lfc. Jack Dunn, Nacho, Teixeira are excellent prospects. But Sama and Coady were brilliant. Definitely would love to see these two break through next year as CB and DM. Cheers"
18th Mar 2013 23:11
"For the ones who read Spanish, the story says that Suarez is in top form and scored several goals at practice with the Uruguayan National"
19th Mar 2013 0:43
"As soon as Shelvey is dropped back to winning ways get rid of him"
19th Mar 2013 2:18
"Mclaughlin, Sama, Coady deserve first team football. Dunn, Nacho, Teixiera are all good prospects. We are overflowing with talent. It would be a shame if we didn't develop these incredible kids. They would definitely beef up our squad in the future. "
19th Mar 2013 4:00
"That was a good & cracking game on tough pitch. What a nice response on loosy quick goal lads conceded! Good game for McLaughlin who did all the right thing and got the penalty, also well done for Conor to convince it! And of course Jack can be quite a player, he has some football mind indeed! Well done guys & YNWA!"
Brazilian meastro10
19th Mar 2013 6:13
"coady, dunn, Teixeira, McLaughlin. where are all their first team places?"
19th Mar 2013 8:12
"Fantastic 50% of the side are a testimony to Steve Heighway and Coaches! "
19th Mar 2013 8:54
"Well done boys... Some first team players will leave soon & y'o gonna take their places."
19th Mar 2013 11:56
"longgone 19th Mar 2013 8:12, what nonsense, what sort of statement are you trying to make, back it up with facts. The majority of these boys came to the club after the great Stevie Heighway retired. "
19th Mar 2013 15:17
"i still think the best permier league reserves teams should be playing in the football league. they have easily integrated "b" teams into portuguese football this season and obviously they do similar in spain and germany. also since we already have swansea and cardiff, why not make it a british league not english? the other countries leagues are useless anyway."
19th Mar 2013 16:58
"apart from first 20 mins we dominated the game, well played lads keep up the hardwork"