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Fair play daniel son. Just hope you can get consistently fit and avoid niggling injuries.
24th Mar 2013 10:22
24th Mar 2013 10:39
"Top top player...."
24th Mar 2013 10:43
"like to see a bit more intensity and desire out on the pitch a bit more , the last two games you have looked a bit fragile and not in it, obviously injuries dont help and fitness now needs to improve which is key to gettig you firing. keep going lad! "
24th Mar 2013 10:43
"Actions speak louder than words.I hope you will become a very good player to us."
24th Mar 2013 10:51
"I feel his last 2 games shows he can go missing, be lazy or think its just going to happen. he needs to sort this part of his makeup. then I believe he will explode and be more prolific than torres. "
24th Mar 2013 10:54
"agree with you Rushjob! too many niggles have tortured Danny's body recently, so he could afford just in part to show the talent that the nature provided him of. Keep working hard and well Danny, you will come off very soon from this situation and people will start to appreciate you through the full of your potential! Best of luck for your upcoming duties lad! YNWA Danny Sturridge"
24th Mar 2013 10:56
"we hear how all the players work hard at training which in fairness is pleasing however, for only 95 mins each game hereon every ounce of their being needs to be fully exhausted. no complacency now. walk on reds"
24th Mar 2013 11:05
"Looks a quality player-5 goals already, he should push on to try to get double figures! Can't see Suarez, Sturridge, Borini and Carroll all being in the team though."
24th Mar 2013 11:12
"You have got the full support of all real fans and you have to score goals- no excuses. Learn from Luis -Chase lost causes, harrass defenders. Dedication and 100% effort and you can be a real star. "
24th Mar 2013 11:21
"I really thnik Sturridge could turn out to be a great signing, but only if we are able to keep Suarez! The two work brilliantly together, but as a lone striker I'm not sure how Sturridge would do. See all of my views on Liverpool here:"
24th Mar 2013 11:24
"I would personally like Carroll and Borini both to be in the team next year and get at least half a season to work themselves into the team. If they can't then at least they had a chance."
Gerrard o ya beauty
24th Mar 2013 11:30
"He's still got lots to learn, one thing is closing down defenders putting pressure on them and trying to win the ball back for ur team, we have the best man in the league for this in Suarez. He's a top striker but can improve even more :) YNWA"
24th Mar 2013 11:33
"Well done on your first senior England goal Daniel. No doubt it will help with your international ambitions. Just keep finding space in the right areas and you will collect the goals."
24th Mar 2013 11:41
"if he can stay fit he will be a top top player for us."
24th Mar 2013 11:45
"Super signing..."
A Red In My Bed
24th Mar 2013 11:56
"He needs to Really Want It! If he can stay hungry like the Rushies and Fowlers then he's got all the right tools to do it. Agree with most of the comment, needs to work a little harder off the ball. Closing down defenders and chasing the ball. He can be sooo good for us! And the signs are there that he will. It's looking good for next season fellas!! yNwa"
24th Mar 2013 13:39
"dan is the type of striker who will prosper from the space suarez creates. He is not however the type to hold the ball and bring others into the game. was very disappointed by the combo of suarez sturridge and coutinho, not enough physical strength and power."
24th Mar 2013 13:46
"Well I hope give back to the fans,what they've given to you. But, we took what you are saying now as a compliment. Joe Cole/Sahin outburst is still fresh in our memory. We wish you all the best. Thanks for being here Danny Boy!"
24th Mar 2013 14:39
"When he arrived first looked excellent had us on edge of seats, last couple poor maybe down to injuries if so hope he shakes them off and forms the best strike force in premier with LS."
24th Mar 2013 15:24
"people are harsh on Sturridge, yeah he doesn't chase all the lost causes, but neither did our white elephant andy carroll and people supported him through and through!! Sturridge probably has more goals than him already and cost a third of the price!"
24th Mar 2013 17:19
"Quality player for us and hopefully for many more years."
24th Mar 2013 19:03
"Buddhaha-spot on.also i think 15+goals next season"
24th Mar 2013 19:31
"sturridge is only gonna keep getting better, hes a great player on his day but now hes got too work on being consistent and working more for the team"
24th Mar 2013 21:32
"Dan can be be a great player 4 use if he puts the work in on the training pitch and then shows it 2 use in the real game also he needs 2 press the ball when we don't have it "
25th Mar 2013 10:47
"Danny surely your last two games was not good which you need to improve on. good luck for the remaining games. YWNA"
25th Mar 2013 11:56
"DS is a quality player, but somewhat selfish with the ball. L.Suarez does better in the cenrat strikers role and he tends to score more than DS in that position. Having said that, I don't see LFC holding onto L.Suarez especially now that the central striker role is given to DS. "