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Concentrate on being a Liverpool regular first. We expect our forwards to sweat blood for our club, and the last 2 games Daniel son, you haven't even broken sweat. #concerned.
Rush job
21st Mar 2013 8:58
21st Mar 2013 9:34
"Have to admit I havent been impressed in the last two games but has only come back form hamstring injury so cant blame the lad for not over extending himself to ensure it doesnt happen as quick again."
21st Mar 2013 9:39
"Try to stay fit first Daniel"
21st Mar 2013 11:02
"Rushjob, nothing to fear here, he is simply not fully fit as he is coming back from an injury. He will be flying soon, don't you worry..."
21st Mar 2013 11:05
"I wish you any well Danny, being successfull both with the Red shirt and with that of the Three Lions! Of course for any Liverpool supporter it matters only the Red shirt and your performance with us! Keep it up lad! YNWA Danny Sturridge"
21st Mar 2013 11:22
"Not another Michael Owen who's main objective was success for England. Daniel son, your a red. England"
Rush job
21st Mar 2013 11:24
"Buddha 1102. Thought that myself to be fair- defo not right v Spurs. Reckon after a rest and a decent pre season, we'll see the best of him. I do have realy high hopes for DS."
21st Mar 2013 12:42
"definitely has all the skill and talent but his work rate is a major worry and is why i was not overly enthusiastic about signing him in the first place. Shane Long would score just as many and burst his guts for the team!! "
Billy B girl
21st Mar 2013 12:42
"One thing to learn from Liverpool's greatest fans is that Liverpool football club comes first! yes we will support you at England but you need to knuckle down at LFC - how could you consider England at the moment with your fitness levels????"
21st Mar 2013 12:51
"You got talent.That keeps ya going up.When you get your "Lion" from hell in field with top trainingdays you got all doors open.Use and take it because talent only goes top from training."
21st Mar 2013 13:37
"You can only be a squad player with lazy performance you are showing lately."
21st Mar 2013 14:32
"I guarantee he'll get injured playing for England.... "
Gordon Ottershaw
21st Mar 2013 15:12
"Don,t believe he is ready for England team never mind his lack of fitness. He has talent no doubt, however needs to buckle down and work at his overall game and also show some humility rather than spout bout being an international. Needs to sort this out else he will become another casualty of a talent gone to waste. It's all down to his atude no more no less."
21st Mar 2013 15:18
"Wow didn't take long for the nay-sayers to raise their heads again did it. Hasn't scored in the last 2 games so straight away "He's lazy", "Hasn't broken sweat" and "was why I didn't want him in the first place". It needed an expert save from Lloris against Spurs. He hasn't scored he has still looked dangerous, apart from the Southampton game, but even Suarez had an off day that day."
Afrika Kop
21st Mar 2013 15:51
"I love all this England talk, but I would rather Danile concerntrates on being a regualr star for Liverpool, a pivotal part of Liverpool's scuccess going forward. Only then will be respectr5ed as an england player. "
Rush job
21st Mar 2013 21:25
"Sturridge injured again :( "
21st Mar 2013 21:27
"U r ur own enemy, too preoccupied with self glory. If u can overcome dat d sky won't evn b ur limit."
21st Mar 2013 22:00
"very injury prone and that could be the reason he came on the cheap, that's if 12m is cheap for a 23 year old striker who has yet to prove himself. Hopefully he can be a good foil for luis as he has been so far as in a team the balance is very important."
21st Mar 2013 22:25
"Why are people slating him for two bad games? yet andy Carroll was allowed a whole season of patheticness and people still stuck up for him? and a hashtag really, on the Liverpool website hang your head in shame!!!"
21st Mar 2013 23:26
"He should not have even played last game if he is not 100% fit! We took Southampton with a pinch of salt which was a mistake they over run us in midfield. Proves why we need another striker in the summer for options and competi tion."
22nd Mar 2013 12:13
"England will come in time, the best way to get there is focussing at club level. Work with Suarez, get into good positions, score goals and contribute to the team and you'll be there. Work on your finishing a bit more aswell... several games you could've had a hattrick."
22nd Mar 2013 14:45
"Sturridge is far better than Welbeck so i think he's gonna play upfront with Rooney just behind him."