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That's beyond wicked!! :) YNWA!!!!
18th Mar 2013 20:03
18th Mar 2013 21:15
"my sons middle name is anfield. he was born in 1994"
18th Mar 2013 21:20
"really curious story, I did not believe that a foreign LFC supporter could come to that much! I would have been limited to change my first name in "Kenneth" or "Bill"! YNWA!!!!"
18th Mar 2013 21:35
"Can someone explain to me how this lad attended his 'first ever Liverpool match' when tickets for this game sold out t supporters who had attended 4 or more away games last season?? LFC highlighting the huge problems with their awful away ticket 'priority' system that allows touting and 'credit hunters' to sell on their tickets....JOKE!!"
18th Mar 2013 22:00
"my sons name is ben daughters name is TIA (THIS IS ANFIELD)..YNWA"
18th Mar 2013 22:42
"Excellent. I, jonny-barnes,Stevie-G,Rush-smith salute you!"
18th Mar 2013 23:18
"Hats Off. YNWA~"
19th Mar 2013 4:20
"That's dedication and love for the club for you! YNWA! AXEL GOGSTAD-ANFIELD! And may there more Anfields to come! Lol!"
19th Mar 2013 4:50
"Can't help but admire Axel! Det er meget finte YNWA!!!!!"
19th Mar 2013 5:51
"Yeah it's dedication, but he needs to stop with the terrible fake scouse accent, that's really creepy"
19th Mar 2013 5:54
"My youngest daughters middle name is Paisley. I gave my wife the choice of either calling her Joanne Paisley or Anne Anfield and she went with the former!!"
19th Mar 2013 8:07
"If we continue to play woefully like we did at southampton, am sure y'o gonna change it from Anfield to Old trafford... Still don't understand how we played that match damn it!!!!!!"
19th Mar 2013 8:25
"Hmmm. My brother was named Anfield at birth. Born a red."
shanklys best
19th Mar 2013 9:01
"My daughters name is Mia Susan Anfield "
shanklys best
19th Mar 2013 9:06
"raiser153 I totally agree with you..! I have moaned to LFC about this problem years ago and guess what - the done FA! "
shanklys best
19th Mar 2013 9:06
"I love Liverpool, but my love is not that blind to think that they are no different than any other club - as long as they are getting the money, they dont care where its coming from - see how many kits (probably 3 more this summer) we have had in last 6 years! We are worse than Man U"
19th Mar 2013 11:36
"Don't half think thats ridiculous. Was going to say, he must be a wool, but he's not even English. Suppose, what ever makes him happy. "
19th Mar 2013 12:28
"My son's middle name is Anfield. My friends son first name is Anfield. "
19th Mar 2013 12:30
"Love it... Bit bonkers changing your family name to a footballl stadium or an area of Liverpool but equally awesome. Maybe if you had a un-wanted child you could call them Gary Neville or summit... Only joking btw"
19th Mar 2013 13:24
"anyone of a certain age will remember the Old Higsonians characters on beer mats.. Anne Field, Penny Lane, Gladwys Street, Phil O'Monic, Count Erode, Kirk Dale, Wallace E Tunnel..."
19th Mar 2013 13:36
"Now that's what I call commitment!!!"
19th Mar 2013 14:01
"Ok he changed the name, but does he want a medal, why make a big thing from it. Why not change his name to include the entire 1977 European Cup winning team, 1965 FA Cup team and 1986 double winners, be a long name though."
19th Mar 2013 15:57
"Bravo, bravo! You are awesome! YNWA"
19th Mar 2013 17:47
19th Mar 2013 21:11
20th Mar 2013 3:42
"Just hope when they sell the naming rights, it's something he can use ;-)"
20th Mar 2013 6:43
"Axel GoSTADium"