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The general stats show just how bad Allen was in the first half. Lucas with 20 more touches and a duels won percentage nearly four times better than Allen. Reinforces the very poor judgement by BR to start Allen.
18th Mar 2013 10:28
18th Mar 2013 12:49
"Az a team, we are way too small and way too slow to win fourth spot and get CL next year. Ricky Lambert destroyed our CB's with height, speed and sheer power. Allen is like a midget out there and gets pushed around much too much! Think bigger next time BR. "
18th Mar 2013 13:36
"He used Allen because he was pivotal to our win against Spurs, even SG said that after the game. So BR trusted him to do the same. Talking about stats LUCAS doesn't even register on the player stats whilst Allen does. So my guess is Allen is more injured then he makes out. "
18th Mar 2013 13:42
"We have good team except some lazy mental overpayed egos,Puppy manager without open his mouth with power at right time,too rookie for LFC.And that so called controland vision with 4-3-3 what a F%&(K he is trying to do,mess the system perfect.Without LS we been top 18-20.Chaos at anfield,hope the big storm is coming soon."
18th Mar 2013 14:35
"I have failed to really come to grips as to what went wrong - it was a very poor display, because every one; fans, players and manager dwelt too much on the win over Tettenham last Sunday"
18th Mar 2013 16:26
"Total passes, touches and duels won suggest Lucas was fantastic second half. Had a little injury I heard hence didn't start. Allen weak - nowhere near the passing machine he was at the start of the season."
18th Mar 2013 17:02
"Also Skrtell poor. Carra had niggle though. Hope Lucas and Carra return against Villa. It not always easy to replace someone whose been doing really well. YNWA"
19th Mar 2013 7:28
" the stats after that woeful performance."