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Well said Hendo!..The fight isn't over yet. Lets try and end a really really bad season on something of a high note. Something we can be positive about!
18th Mar 2013 9:11
18th Mar 2013 9:31
"stay strong Hendo we all hope that from next season you will be in starting 11 just have faith and work hard YNWA"
18th Mar 2013 9:34
"It's not for players to complain. That's the fans and sponsors job. We pay the get paid it. And paid it to do your best."
18th Mar 2013 9:39
"All the remaining 9 games were supposed to be treated as cup finals (according to Saturday's FLOP - DS)! Players should be banned from giving such hopeless and useless interviews! They actually irritate us the hurting supporters/fans"
18th Mar 2013 9:40
"Chin up Hendo. Admire your fight and loyalty to the cause. Should have been playing on the weekend. A mistake from BR, hope he has taken a lesson from this one. Come on you Reds! Fight for every point. We fans are behind you"
18th Mar 2013 9:51
"Why is it that when we get a chance to really hit it big on the table standings we squander it?It has happened so many times this season. I am worried that the trend may continue next season.So sad!"
18th Mar 2013 10:14
"idiots the most stupid team in the league "
18th Mar 2013 10:23
"thekingmaker27 18th Mar 2013 10:14...shut it."
18th Mar 2013 10:36
"Hendo, you have the support of the fans. You are miles ahead of Allen. It's a FACT."
18th Mar 2013 10:47
"well said Hendo! really a pity that BR has not returned to give you the opportunity to play specially now that Joe Allen is not fully fit and even in sight of a surgery! I wish the gaffer will return to line-up you together with Stevie and Lucas. ..."
18th Mar 2013 10:47
" ... This is the best midfield trio I could admire for us along the season and it's a pity you have not been played with consistency recently! Best of luck for your international duties! Stay injury free! YNWA JH"
Rush job
18th Mar 2013 11:03
"You have done more than others to be starting games of late. SG certainly seems to enjoy playing when you are in the team. Keep working hard and Im sure you'll get your place in the team that others not deserving of presently occupy."
Rush job
18th Mar 2013 11:04
"You have done more than others to be starting games of late. SG certainly seems to enjoy playing when you are in the team. Keep working hard and Im sure you'll get your place in the team that others not deserving of presently occupy."
Red Army 13
18th Mar 2013 11:25
"17m and after 2yrs, we are still waiting for you to come good,Countinho(9m),4matches ,2goals,3assists. FACT"
18th Mar 2013 11:41
Rush job
18th Mar 2013 11:52
"And Id much rather BR came out and said 'I dropped one on Saturday, and I apologise'. If Lucas wasnt fit enough to start, he shouldnt be on the bench. Allen shouldnt be in the squad on form/fitness. You dont need to be a 'student of the game' to see. 4-2-4 was suicide by BR."
18th Mar 2013 11:52
"This guy has had more chances than a persistent burglar. He is a midfielder who doesn't score, tackle, dribble or play killer passes. He just runs and makes up the numbers and we paid 20m for these attributes, lol. "
Iron Hide
18th Mar 2013 11:54
"I would love to see you start..."
18th Mar 2013 11:55
"A great opportunity lost this past weekend to close the gap on the Top 4. Alas, I must accept reality that MUFC will win the EPL while we battle for 5th position. I remain, Forever Red!"
18th Mar 2013 11:56
"hedo sud of played insted of allen "
18th Mar 2013 12:04
"Lol Buddha, tad harsh on the fella. Although I understand where you're coming from, Hendo has been playing decent of late. Certainly deserves to start ahead of Allen on current form/fitness. I thought Allen needed an op? I bet Hendo feels nice lol..knowing BR preferred an injured player to him. IN BRENDAN I TRUST..but tactics and playing personnel were wrong on Saturday."
18th Mar 2013 12:08
"You got serious problems with Hendo Buddha,wake up with eyes open maybe it helps ya could see.Dont lost ya wires Man."
Rush job
18th Mar 2013 12:31
"LDW 1204- Im asking this simply out of intrigue- But what is it that you trust in BR?"
18th Mar 2013 12:36
"Spot on again Rushjob"
18th Mar 2013 12:41
"Rushjob, I see why you may start to lose faith in BR. He's a yes man, who's unlikely to stand up to FSG, rookie manager..who maybe got a big club job too early in his career. Saturday was a demonstration of his naivety and lack of experience. That's why I wanted an experience manager from the start. However Cont.."
Rush job
18th Mar 2013 12:43
"Twitter 'alive' with Alonso back to us in the summer- OH HOW WE DREAM."
18th Mar 2013 12:46
"I'm happy we have BR as our manager. I trust BR because he's a good man-manager, who even gets the best out of players who were flopping. I trust him because..he'll drop you if you're not playing well..something the previous regime did not do (not a dig). Cont.."
18th Mar 2013 12:49
"He's a charismatic speaker..and I no longer cringe at post-match interviews. I like his ideas and I believe after the summer window, we will have the players to fully express his philosophy. He's very talented and potential to be a world-class manager. Cont.."
18th Mar 2013 12:52
"Yes he'll probably make more mistakes between now and the end of the season, but he'll learn from them and it'll improve him. We have a young manager who I believe has the ability to manage this team for many years. And I will state more reasons as to why I trust BR but I have to go."
Rush job
18th Mar 2013 12:54
"LDW- You know my biggest fear. I reckon BR may just be a 'world class' No 2. Great at encouraging, a 'friend of the players', brilliant at interviews/spin, yet tactically just not there. That is my biggest fear."
18th Mar 2013 12:55
"BR needs adreanil to wake up the team.There is no chance talk them like puppy no more."
18th Mar 2013 13:03
"Definitely deserve a chance in the first 11 again... his energy and work rate is completely missed.. stretches the opposition, breaks up attacks, rarely loses the ball, supports the forward play.. isn't that what joe allen was bought for?"
18th Mar 2013 13:07
"As for Brendan, give him a chance to develop his philosophy and ideas! Hopefully he can get rid of the players who aren't top 4 worthy for next season, because if you look at the league and results, only a few tweeks of quality and we'll be top 4 challenging easily!"
18th Mar 2013 13:11
"Think Hendo will repay us in the long run - hope all these boys do well in the under 21's and stay injury free. Wisdom is class and will be playing CB for England and perhaps should be there against Villa. Would mind Arbeloa back within that Alonso deal too, Rushjob!"
18th Mar 2013 13:13
"Sory mean't would not mind Abeloa back along with Alonzo- liquid lunches again!!"
18th Mar 2013 13:14
18th Mar 2013 13:30
"Hendo - Youve got a vote of confidence from the majority. u need to work hard and finally put Buddha to bed!Powderfinger2712 - It doesnt matter how depressed i feel- I read your posts and it cheers me up. Everyone should have a dose of powderfinger on a monday morning! "
Rush job
18th Mar 2013 13:41
"Kingmat- Arbeloa on way out so a gd call that pal!"
18th Mar 2013 13:44
"Yeah! One keeps on fighting for their lives even if they are sure not to survive. But to self inflict injury by losing points 3 or even 6 points to supposedly lower ranking clubs is not permissible"
18th Mar 2013 13:56
"Super comes monday and everybody on our team is giving its stupid comments again, the whole week long. Than come saturday play against a Stoke like team and we have our pants full again. Just shut up during the week and fight like you should as a LFC team, than we might make it to something. Totts lost so we would`be now only 6 pts. behind them now. If we would of shown up against Soton."
18th Mar 2013 13:58
"If BR is such a good man manager, why did Nuri Sahin, tell the press "thank god I have left Brendan Rodgers"...hardly a ringing endorsement on management ability. What happened to his man management a Reading where to this day he is remembered as "Bodgers"? Questions based on fact. "
18th Mar 2013 13:59
"Was disappointed with the weekend but had a funny feeling about that game - but might just stick a tenner on us finishing 4th at 22/1 with Ladbrokes just for a bit of foolish fun and you got to always have a bit of hope!! I hate Spurs..."
18th Mar 2013 14:03
"How long should we be patient for? Till every sponsor has left us like Adidas did and we have "The Lobster Pot Chippy" as a shirt sponsor paying a couple of thousand a year. There isn't time to be patient. Revenues willsbe severely damaged if the on going decline under FSG continues."
18th Mar 2013 14:12
"I hope Brendan can avoid FSG's firing instinct and get above the blue sh!te and bring us Europa footy next year. It's not a lot to ask. The worrying thing is Brendan has never tasted victory, so can have no taste for it. Being young is no quality in a manager like it is no quality in a judge or any other position of responsibility. "
18th Mar 2013 14:24
"I think Luis Suarez deserves a better team and a better coach too. I love Liverpool and I always will. But we shouldn't deprive Suarez what he deserves. We simply aint good enough and the guy isn't getting any younger, he shouldn't have to wait till we get better, plus the level of consistency isn't worth waiting upon. "
18th Mar 2013 14:35
"Mushroomscouser - I suppose he would have tasted victory with Chelsea as part of the backroom staff but it probably tasted so hollow, plastic and mercenary like that he has a false idea about deserved, true success - but he will with us, God Willing!!"
18th Mar 2013 14:36
"Mushroomscouser - I suppose he would have tasted victory with Chelsea as part of the backroom staff but it probably tasted so hollow, plastic and mercenary like that he has a false idea about deserved, true success - but he will with us, God Willing!!"
18th Mar 2013 14:38
"Lol.The Mushroom-end thinks Adidas "left us"...we got a deal worth twice the amount Adidas was giving us. I don't know about your business sense but when you go from a 12mil a year deal to a 25mil a year deal it's a good thing. Of course in the world of fungus and manure things are a little stinky."
Börn Löser
18th Mar 2013 14:40
"Hendo's a twit. He might be good at cricket!"
18th Mar 2013 14:40
"I think the introduction of Sturridge has given BR a dilemma that he did not realise. We seem to be playing 4-2-4. Suarez is not an attacking midfielder. His instincts are to go forward and drop deep from a strikers position so he can draw the defender out"
18th Mar 2013 14:42
"And why is the space between our mid-field and defence always so stretched?! It's heaven for players who like running from deep. In fact, I love when we play teams that adopt that approach as that's where Suarez really causes damage. "
18th Mar 2013 14:46
"Mushroomscouser, do you not think sahin was simply using brendan as an excuse for his failure to produce?"
18th Mar 2013 15:49
"there goes fungus again, spewing sh!te like he knows what he is talking about, go buy a book n educate yourself, then maybe come back and comment, you have no knowledge of LFC behind the scenes, your just a MANCHESTER UNITED troll trying to spread nagativety, just go away mushroomscouser"
18th Mar 2013 16:08
"lpdcollier = mushroomscouser = TROLL""
18th Mar 2013 16:15
"sahin was sent on his way because he wouldn't do what BR wanted n bleed 4 the team, he would still be here if when he came off with a broken nose he had told BR to send him back out. he lacked commitment to the cause n then makes BR his reason for failing so embarrassingly "
Billy B girl
18th Mar 2013 16:35
"Just look what BR has done to the rest of the team - Sahin was lucky to get away. Mushroomscouser I think you are hitting on some raw nerves hence the abuse you get!"
18th Mar 2013 16:39
"billy b girl is mushroomscouser and lpdcollier = TROLL""
18th Mar 2013 16:48
"I'm no fan of BR... However'what a difference a week makes! Last week we seemed to be reaping the rewards of some consistency.Then came Saturdays disaster. Where I can see Allen has shown glimpses of improvement Hendo has been playing considerably better and deserves to be in the team on merit. ctd "
18th Mar 2013 16:52
"If Allen isn't fully fit BR,then don't play him.Simples!He has hardly justified selection without this shoulder injury and our squad does not have the quality to carry passengers. I still say give BR at least until December next year to prove we are improving.Although I have my doubts about his signings.More miss than hit.The exception being Coutinho who Rafa bought for Inter anyroad!"
18th Mar 2013 16:53
"If Allen isn't fully fit BR,then don't play him.Simples!He has hardly justified selection without this shoulder injury and our squad does not have the quality to carry passengers. I still say give BR at least until December next year to prove we are improving.Although I have my doubts about his signings.More miss than hit.The exception being Coutinho who Rafa bought for Inter anyroad!"
18th Mar 2013 16:58
"why does Rafa get the credit for Coutinho? it was BR that brought him 2 anfield, not Rafa, i mean yeah give him credit for signing him at all, he is proper quality, but BR is getting so much criticism so i think he should be given credit were it is due"
18th Mar 2013 17:04
"this year LFC's like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get lol"
18th Mar 2013 17:18
18th Mar 2013 17:31
"Buddha130655 11:52 - He actually cost us 15M same as Allen. What as Allen done? I would take Hendo every time over Allen. Swansea were laughing all the way to bank when we said yes we will pay 15M. Hendo will justify his price tag over time where Allen never will."
18th Mar 2013 17:39
"Dribbler - There is a trend with you on here, when people are not acknowledging your posts. But are acknowledging Mushrooms you get upset. BOOHOO!!!!"
18th Mar 2013 17:42
"Watch out Mushroom, I think you have an admirer. It's not healthy for someone to talk about you all the time on here. We all know who it is."
18th Mar 2013 18:04
"lpdcollier hahaha you ARE mushroomscouser lol not important enough to get upset about"
18th Mar 2013 19:49
"I think Allen could be OK, but he hasn't done enough to impress me yet. Henderson should definately be starting ahead of him, at least until this injury business is sorted. It's starting to look like another Kenny/Adam thing where the manager always picks players he bought, even if they're playing poorly."
18th Mar 2013 19:49
"Well said Hendo, and good on you for trying, but when ever the manager or players talk about things like this then we mess up big time."
18th Mar 2013 20:37
"It's annoying through the comments and seeing people bagging Henderson. He was young player of the year three years in a row (twice at Sunderland and last year with us) and was England U21 player of the year last year. He captains his country at youth level and has made five senior England appearances, yet you think he's not good enough? YNWA Jordan."
18th Mar 2013 20:41
"Can't wait for the season to be over............... Hope to not seeing BR as a manager next season................... And hope some players to be sold.................. "
18th Mar 2013 21:17
"please all shut up about europe and just win games"
18th Mar 2013 22:09
"Whero - That's not good enough for some people - to keep it clean lets just say they've probably got repeive strain injuries in their wrists."
18th Mar 2013 22:18
"i agree Jordan the fight is not over but if BR picks the same team for the rest of the season then it is as well as over. IF Joe Allen dose not get dropped then after this last performance then BR SHOULD GO. LFC YNWA "
18th Mar 2013 22:39
"Henderson should be in the team from now to end of season. He is our future."
Billy B girl
18th Mar 2013 22:56
"Jordan hope you are in the team until the end of the season now. So many players have performed badly but there must be an in house reason for this. Why do Barcelona want Reina and Agger Skrtel wanted by top Russian side BR and Co have a lot to answer for!"
18th Mar 2013 23:42
"This endless talk about Europe is getting tiring...especially as we know it's not happening."
19th Mar 2013 1:56
"Hendo .my gut feeling is ..BR doesnt rate u above his favorite crap Allen.. Suggest u try going out on loan next season and prove him wrong ..."
19th Mar 2013 4:02
"Feel sry 4 hendo.......he's much much better than that y allen"
19th Mar 2013 6:13
"We (the fans) all know that there is still the Mathematical chance but you (the players) should stop flogging the topic, just go on the pitch and work towards it. If asked, be neutral in response and stop promising...YNWA!"
19th Mar 2013 8:18
"IMHO, Henderson is better than Allen but i don't know why the manager keeps the latter above the former in his pecking order. Allen starts a match, either we struggle to win or we lose in a pathetic manner. "