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As a Boy's pen to Kop lad myself and with Roger Hunt & Ian St John playing in the first game I saw too (Liverpool v Blackpool) that was a great read!
17th Mar 2013 15:44
17th Mar 2013 19:47
"Great read, very much enjoyed that. Thanks."
17th Mar 2013 20:29
"Same for me Ian - been going since 1965. Used to go over to Melwood and climb the wall to watch the trainin - until some groundsman would come along and chase us. Happy days!"
17th Mar 2013 22:10
"Very interesting and moving read Frank. Perhaps a second article about the roots of the Academy and about the man who gave you a job at the Club.....Steve Heighway? It would be great to hear all the wonderful memories from that era when the likes of Stevie G, Carra and Robbie Fowler were young academy recruits. You are not retiring are you Frank?"
18th Mar 2013 0:50
"Bet you never thought that one day Davy Fairclough would crack a joke at your expense and you could ban him from the academy and go out of your way to deprive him of a living did you Frank. There again you have banned all of the old Academy coaches from dropping in, McAuley Shannon Owen etc. Why are you so insecure Frank ? "
18th Mar 2013 9:22
"Should bring the boys pen back. Fill it footy mad scouse kids. Every team in the land would be scared to visit Anfield then...We need to get local passion back in the Kop too. We need owners to give the club 80000 seats with concessions for the local unemployed and low waged. The increased success and sponsor revenues will cover the cost. "