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I remember the st. etienne game. Keegan goal was marvelous. Everyone thought it was a cross. Watched it live from Mauritius. I was already a pool fan at 10. Here I am 36 yrs later. Red for life.
16th Mar 2013 9:52
16th Mar 2013 10:03
"Who could forget this glorious day in the city? A day that "Set the standards" indeed. Standards that need to upheld, even though many are happy to see the standards of the club eroded thinking dissatisfaction is negativity."
16th Mar 2013 10:03
"Great memories! Although will never forget being in tears after getting beat by the mancs at Wembley. "
16th Mar 2013 10:21
"All against really hard times in the City too...Thatcher took our jobs and tried to break us but she could never steal our pride! "
16th Mar 2013 10:49
"agree totally that "special night" at anfield v st etienne will forever be in my memory it is without doubt the best atmosphere i've ever witnessed i went to the pub after the game and had a drink with some french fans and exchanged my scarf with a french fan i also had to go home with 1 training shoe having lost the other one in the kop when fairclough scored the winner LOL "
16th Mar 2013 11:29
"Hi InL4WeTrust,I was in Mauritius around 1977-1978 and that was when I became a loyal reds fan from about the same time and hey here I am still supporting them,and Ive was 9 at the time in 1977. I remember the St ettienne game very well. and all the other great European cup finals in the late 70s early 80 s. I was at the 1984 final in Rome when we beat Roma. Y.N.W.A InL4Wetrust"
16th Mar 2013 11:31
"Hey Mushroom scouser why the neagativity. The futures bright the futures Mighty Red."
16th Mar 2013 11:57
"The negativity comes from the fact we are 6th in league, Bitters have a game in hand and we have won nothing this season. There is no new stadium commitment and our owners are skint. Are you saying I should be happy with our CURRENT situation? No one knows what the game later will bring, and yet many seem to know what the future definitely holds. It isn't negativity, its a grasp of reality friend."
16th Mar 2013 12:46
"Fantastic article! Just couldn't scroll past it. YNWA."
16th Mar 2013 13:40
"Kenobi. Rome, another game etched in memory. Good you were there. After 2005 CL, I believe another LFC team will keep the tradition and make history in 5 years. YNWA mate."
16th Mar 2013 14:15
"Shame that the moderators feel the need to delete comments that show up their poor grasp of maths.Must be insecure,bless 'em."
18th Mar 2013 0:24
"The first of five and your passionate writing brings that superb season back to life and back to mind. Thanks Brian! We've had moments again this season let's hope they become a new momentum #YNWA"