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So true my man, never let thoughts slip through your mind like this is a big club and that is a small club. For every single club plays humans and usual more down to Earth players who can play as a team winning the game. SO keep your mind focused and open and bring it on today, YNWA!
16th Mar 2013 9:46
16th Mar 2013 9:57
"Right, never underestimate your opponent. Like you said, every remaining game is a final. Go get them and Best wishes."
16th Mar 2013 10:00
"Good luck today Redmen. Keep playing like you have been, lets have a hatful of goals and make it 5 out of 5. YNWA"
16th Mar 2013 10:08
"Right approach Danny! much respect to the saints but let's go there, let's not make us scare from our opponent and do the job! we are Liverpool Football Club, we should not fear anybody, foremost a club which fight to not be relegated! By the way Danny, I hope and wish you hit the mark today and be decisive indeed! YNWA DS"
16th Mar 2013 10:08
"This is what Brendan was on about when talking about players who have that will and hunger to win. Sturridge is a class act. "
16th Mar 2013 10:25
"LIVERPOOL is a big club,southampton is a small club (PERIOD). Now lets tear them apart. Don't give them too much respect"
16th Mar 2013 10:36
"Yeah that's right when u hate losing... your mind only filled with Win in it! Liverpool is the Biggest club not jus in England but throughout Europe as well! "
16th Mar 2013 11:15
"Finally someone who hates losing and speaks out. We want players with a winning mentality "
16th Mar 2013 11:51
"Seems to be settling in well and enjoying himself in a Red shirt."
16th Mar 2013 12:14
"We are starting to catch fire! 3 goals minimum today. "
16th Mar 2013 12:18
"People call him greedy i for one think as a striker you have to be like that at times. Why would you want a striker if in or around the box to be thinking of passing?this is what we have been lacking since torres left. First thought as a striker anywhere near the box is to either hit it first time or take a touch shift the ball to create space to shoot and then if not on think of a pass. "
16th Mar 2013 13:09
"Rooting for Man city guys..."
16th Mar 2013 13:49
"I can't wait for us to bag three points at st. Mary's."
16th Mar 2013 14:52
"That's the aude. Defeat( The feet) should only be what's on the end of ''the legs''. Winners hate losing. We hope you are a winner."
16th Mar 2013 16:55
17th Mar 2013 2:54
"He started off really great but Daniel Sturridge has not played well in his last two games."