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continue worrking hard and learning Micheal, and you will get your chance in the LFC 1st team.Bendan Rodgers will definately call for pre season
14th Mar 2013 12:22
14th Mar 2013 12:24
"I also hope we don't let you go on a permanet deal only to try and resign you at an inflated price like we did with Tom Ince.We need to nature this young talent, they are our future"
14th Mar 2013 12:30
"I for one hope he gets a fair chance under Rodgers next pre-season. I've liked what I've seen of him. "
14th Mar 2013 12:50
"It's true that Brendan should consider a plan B. We are playing great at the moment and reaping the rewards but there will always be teams like Oldham or Stoke where we have to mix it up a bit and possibly consider a plan B option."
14th Mar 2013 13:02
"Can't wait to see you play on Sunday. Good luck and hope you win the cup! "
14th Mar 2013 13:06
"This May be a silly Comment but saying it is needed. I hope that there will be Liverpool Staff watching the Game at Hampden Park on Sunday just to watch Michael and Danny. YNWA REDS"
14th Mar 2013 13:08
"Ngoo is an interesting player; tall and lanky but better with the ball at his feet. I get the feeling he isn't in the long term plans, but he's really a solid player. Hope he at least gets a shot before anything is decided."
14th Mar 2013 13:32
"Good luck Michael. I hope we see you playing in the Liverpool first team soon."
14th Mar 2013 13:36
"Ngoo - deffo an option, big lad, good headers, and will improve skill on the pitch. All round striker is what we need. Surely he will get into the squad soon. Cheers Big Man."
14th Mar 2013 13:51
"should definately be in future plans"
14th Mar 2013 14:02
"All the best wishes for your upcoming appointment with Scottish cup final! Best of luck to you and Danny Wilson for the game! Keep working hard and the results could compensate your effort and that of Danny! Maybe one day you will return to wear the LFC shirt with the Senior squad! Keep going so lads! YNWA Micheal Ngoo & Danny Wilson"
14th Mar 2013 14:34
"keep up the hard work michael and you will get your chance to shine "
14th Mar 2013 15:22
"keep up the good work michael im from dundee in scotland and also support dundee united have seen michael play he is by far to good for the scotish prem a bit like when bellamy came up to celtic anyway he is playing really well ynwa."
14th Mar 2013 15:54
"To be frank, you still have a long way to go to become a first team player...... Hope u can be. "
14th Mar 2013 17:28
"How do you know SkyZA that Brendan will come calling for Ngoo? Maybe he thinks he another Andy Carroll and cant fit in hence loaning him to hearts to get a decent fee out of him in the summer. "
14th Mar 2013 17:43
"please dont get too used to being at hearts Ngoo because i believe you have a bright future with us and not just a plan B!"
14th Mar 2013 17:46
"and best of luck in the final both you and Wilson. YNWA"
14th Mar 2013 17:49
"Get to the gym become an absaloute beast and destroy teams!! cant wait for this guy to be in the squad! good luck!"
14th Mar 2013 18:41
"IMHO this kid has everything,his only downfall is his height,YNWA MN."