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Good news by the infirmary! If all goes well, next saturday he will be available for the selection! So get well soon Pepe! We miss you yet! YNWA PR
13th Mar 2013 15:10
13th Mar 2013 15:22
"Yesterday it was suggested that Joe Allen needed op sooner rather than later, now he is named in Wales squad ?"
13th Mar 2013 16:07
"Let him take all the time he needs, I believe in Brad 100%. I think Johnson needs rest too after losing too much concentration almost on a daily basis. Let Jamie take 2 while Skrtel returns...YNWA!"
13th Mar 2013 16:14
"he isnt having the operation just yet. its a deterioration of an old injury not abrake or a pull injury. in other words it will get worse with time if he doesnt have the op sooner or later"
13th Mar 2013 17:00
"harbo, he'll be having the operation after the Wales games. His country needs him, and he's had the problem for a few months now and we've still been playing him so it would be hypocritical of us to try and stop him playing for Wales. He doesn't desperately need it now, he's having the operation when he is so that he can get a full pre-season afterwards to get back to fitness."
13th Mar 2013 17:00
"Hope he is ready. I saw something in him last game that I haven't seen in a while-yelling at the defenders, focussed...he looked fighting fit. Get this little niggle out of the way and he will be back to his old best."
13th Mar 2013 17:59
"Return when u r fully fit n confident... all the best..,"
13th Mar 2013 18:22
"All the best Pepe! Hope Joe's injury isn't too bad!"
13th Mar 2013 19:12
"no disrespect to brad but this recovery is crucial to any champons league hopes we have, fingers crossed"
13th Mar 2013 19:59
"good news but hows allen gonna have his op soon if hes in wales squad for their next 2 games ?"
13th Mar 2013 23:39
"Get well soon mate"
14th Mar 2013 6:09
"Why all this enthusiasm over Pepe's return to the team? He at times makes terrible and costly mistakes! Any way the coming up,games against Southampton, Aston Villa (both away), West Ham (at home) and Reading (away) are likely to be VERY TOUGH as all the 3 away games are against relegation threatened teams that are fighting for the EPL survival! "
14th Mar 2013 9:08
"mayugLpool Did you not watch the game vs Wigan? That match was exactly why we need Reina for the upcoming games."
SGM 73.
14th Mar 2013 10:37
"It's got to be difficult for sub keepers to come in and out like that, so props to Brad, but I personally would always want Pepe between the sticks when fit. He's just come back into top form & will be gutted to pick up a niggling injury. Not a bad game to miss though if he doesn't make it back in time."
14th Mar 2013 11:26
"Good news. Btw here's a brilliant research by TheTomkinsTimes' journalist, Krishen Bhautoo about the solution to Reina's problem... May need to re-sign Jose Ochotorena."
14th Mar 2013 14:55
"Even though Pepe's not in top form, he's much better than Brad. We need you ASAP so get well soon Pepe."