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Without a doubt. For at least 2 months now SD has been superb. He deserves all of the praise that most offer to him. Well done stewie lad.
Rush job
13th Mar 2013 15:26
13th Mar 2013 15:27
"We are continuing to improve. YNWA Liverpool to the world (Y) "
13th Mar 2013 15:34
"BR please sell or loan out Shelvey. He needs shooting practice. Please please give SUSO more 1st team football, even on the subs bench. He's as good as if not better than Hendo and will always be better than Shelvey"
13th Mar 2013 15:41
"Don't care too much about England but Stewie deserves his chance. Delighted that he has been given the chance and taken it with both hands. Once again showing how fans can be to hasty in writing players off!!!"
13th Mar 2013 15:43
"Been given his chance with Liverpool rather. Now it's time for England to do the same"
13th Mar 2013 16:29
"In all honestly I rather he didn't get a call up. His level of performances in the last few months have been impressive so I would see to that not change. He has really surpised me as I doubted him at one stage but I think this is the Downing of his Aston Villa days so I'm enjoying this humble pie. Besides, England are rubbish anyway"
13th Mar 2013 16:31
"downing.... just keep what u r doing... n we will see whr u end up.."
13th Mar 2013 16:32
"Lets not carried away too much. Not a bad month or so for SD, but lets see what the next 10 games bring"
13th Mar 2013 17:06
"Second half of the season Downing has been one of the top wingers in the league. He was the top passes against Tottenham with 97%. 2 goals in 2 games and racking up the assists. Hard to believe as he was looking to go on loan to Mid'borough in January. What a turnaround. Good on ya Stewie!"
13th Mar 2013 17:15
"he has been good for months, not just a month. and yes he wasnt great earlier in the season, but he was Never as bad as the fickle fans on here said he was. people just seems to want to moan at their least favourite player. if u supported barcelona, u would moan at some world class player coz he wasnt as good as Messi"
13th Mar 2013 17:46
"After seeing the quality in Stewart in recent games and tho football he is playing it is completely crazy that he is not first player picked for England after the captain. Stewart has been in a phenomenal form and deserves all the praises coming his way. I for one am just reliefed he is on our side, I am positive he would drive me nuts in a side we were playing.."
13th Mar 2013 19:23
" id say Enrique has looked a different player in recent times too. Think BR must of had words with the whole squad and with certain players like SD & LE and told them straight keep under performing like you are come next season you just wont be here simple as that. Its clear with the 2 mentioned its worked they have been far better. BR should be given praise also for the turn around. "
13th Mar 2013 20:24
"And he does! keep it up Stewie!"
13th Mar 2013 21:29
"As much as we rag on stewie, at one time he was considered surplus to requirements and with that he deserved all the stick he got. What he has done since that time is nothing short of amazing and if one thing he deserves no it is to wear the liverbird upon his chest. All we ever expected was the Stewie we bought, about time you stood up lad!"
13th Mar 2013 21:41
"This players is a shining example to what can happen when a player decides to give his all. He is now surely one of the first names on the team sheet. His industry, skill and and an eye for a goal is becoming a constant feature for us and long may it continue. He is no longer a member of the misfit society. "
13th Mar 2013 21:49
"Buddha - What a turn up for the books. part 9 of 10 the Buddha Story - Buddha's enlightenment. "
13th Mar 2013 22:00
"Can BR now do the same with Andy Carroll next season??????????"
poolman 96
13th Mar 2013 22:03
"Arsenal being dumped out of Europe will be a big mental blow. Chelsea are struggling.spurs always for the last 10 games of the season. We can get a CL spot. I know it,the kop know it,the players and Brendan's last 6 words proves that he knows it. Lets see where it takes us"
Champions Of Europe
13th Mar 2013 22:11
"BRadmirer 13th Mar 2013 21:29 Nice post."
poolman 96
13th Mar 2013 22:12
"Stewie is like a new signing. Great credit to Brendan for giving the likes of downing,Enrique,hendo and shelvey a good old fashion kick up the hole. If those players can get a second chance then so can Andy Carroll "
Champions Of Europe
13th Mar 2013 22:13
"Playing at international level with & against the highest quality players can only do him good; does he deserve it, I'd only be saying yes becasue I'm being LFC biased."
13th Mar 2013 23:31
"Hope he doesn't get back into the England squad. The last thing we need is him getting injured or playing bad, the crowd booing him, and his confidence nosediving."
13th Mar 2013 23:55
"Br totally brought out the best in downing. Hope he continues this way. Ynwa"
14th Mar 2013 1:05
"keep it up Downing...YNWA"
14th Mar 2013 2:01
"Yep, he's finally come good"
14th Mar 2013 2:12
"He only has played one game that merits his transfer cost and u ask for England recall ?? "
14th Mar 2013 5:54
"He needs to maintain his form if we are to win all the remaining games and sneak top 4 !!!"
14th Mar 2013 7:32
"wmraker, one game? He's been MOTM 4 times this season, voted by THE FANS. Only Luis Suarez is above him on that list."
14th Mar 2013 8:23
"I´m a huge fan of Sterling and he will be amazing, but this downing guy is keeping him out of the team. credit wheres credit due."
14th Mar 2013 9:10
"Who cares about England? SCOUSE NOT ENGLISH"
14th Mar 2013 9:23
"well done but keep going so Stewart."
14th Mar 2013 9:25
"well done but keep going so Stewart."
14th Mar 2013 9:36
SGM 73.
14th Mar 2013 9:47
"Whether he plays for England or not, he deserves our support because he plays for Liverpool. Shame it too a while for the fickles to get it, but they seem to be up to speed now..."
14th Mar 2013 9:52
"he starting to play well now what been happing the last 2 season,s if he was in a full time work he be sacked u cant pick when u want to play, i still sell him if good offer come in."
14th Mar 2013 10:45
"we always knew what SD is capable of. His Villa days are coming back and i pity EPL defenders henceforth."
14th Mar 2013 19:20
"To be honest he is a technically poor player and the goal he scored vs Spurs was the keeper's mistake and the header he scored vs Wigan was easy and even Andy Carrol can score that.Roy Hodgeson is right not to call Downing .He is not big enough."