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Selfish first half and changed fine and passing display in second! Half time talk and patience can play a wonder, MOTM for me Lloyd Jones, great goal and wonderful set for the 2nd for Dunn! Ibe had another good game as well, but in all well done lads, YNWA!!
12th Mar 2013 21:04
12th Mar 2013 21:06
"Much better second half, well done lads!"
12th Mar 2013 21:12
"Well done young lads! The result is beyond the most rosy expectations! We dominated by far the game but started to tick over and be consistent upfront just in the second half! Congratulations to Mr Cooper and his predictable advices in the interval, we did change the approach right after the restart of the game! ..."
12th Mar 2013 21:12
"... Jack Dunn, MOTM, and Lloyd Jones stood out for me and been decisive! Compliments to them! Now let's start to focus on the semifinal! Keep it up boys! YNWA U18s Reds"
12th Mar 2013 21:17
"Well done Young Reds !"
12th Mar 2013 21:47
"Lloyd Jones has been very impressive. I want to see him play next to Sama for the U21s. "
12th Mar 2013 21:57
"well done young reds, very little support on here for them,YNWA."
12th Mar 2013 22:06
"Well Done! The half time talk seems to have settled them down and cleaned up their game with the required result! Top!"
12th Mar 2013 22:44
"Lloyd Jones is going to be awesome. I watch their games regulsrcandche is always a class act. He needs to be playing his games in he u21's. Jack Dunn fits the bill of a rodgers player too."
12th Mar 2013 22:46
"I font even mention Ice who for me is ready for a few sub appearances for experience. The lads I've mentioned will have a chance to impress in pre season for sure. Plenty of time tho, they're coming on nicely. Sinclair gone a ill quite tho"
12th Mar 2013 22:49
"Damn typos, thats meant to say, I watch the games regular n Jones is always a class act. Second part is I didn't mention Ibe :$"
12th Mar 2013 23:41
"well done boys."
13th Mar 2013 0:35
"well done lads ynwa"
13th Mar 2013 2:10
"Was not far from Hull - so popped down to see them. Glad i did. Enjoyed seeing the future of Liverpool. Not a bad stadium either. Well done lads - YNWA."
13th Mar 2013 3:31
"Lloyd Jones is an Andy Carroll look-alike"
13th Mar 2013 7:59
"He "Dunn'em" Well Dunn.. "
13th Mar 2013 12:50
"congrats young reds. i hope you boys go on to win the FA cup."