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Yes let's see if he can do it more often. I think the main issue is our midfield. I find it amusing that LFCTV can only look at the positives rather than the problems. Dembele outplayed, outclassed and out muscled our midfield. BR will need to address this next season.
11th Mar 2013 15:37
11th Mar 2013 15:43
"my motm"
11th Mar 2013 16:24
"Luis7??9 has a point. We desperately need a power house in midfield. Allen is not up to it, Stevie can't get up and down as effectively as he used to and Shelvey needs time, but has the equipment. We could also do with a proper playmaker. Suso in time to replace Downing in flexible 4-4-2 shape."
11th Mar 2013 17:18
"luis7??9. LFCTV is effectively a promotional channel for the club, they are hardly going to themselves off.... If you want unbiased analysis you will have to look elsewhere. "
11th Mar 2013 17:18
"We do need a power house though Diame anyone?"
11th Mar 2013 17:30
"Well downing... Just keep ur confidence n go to soton n win thats it for this weekend..."
11th Mar 2013 18:22
"Yes, thanks for the video guys. And please make some point about it as well - why I can see LFCCTV videos without any restriction yet I should wait for the whole day to see highlights? I mean there's (Downing's video) clearly match footage so that doesn't make sense to me allowing this and not allowing highlights? :\"
11th Mar 2013 19:06
"I have always believed in the abilities of Stewart.Fortunately BR knew how to turn this lad from a mediocre into a first-team player. Stick around lad. You can help bring glory back to Anfield. Sami. Julis. YNWA."
11th Mar 2013 19:09
"WHAT?? HE WAS GARBAGE AS USUAL!!! EVEN THE GOAL WAS A NEAR MISS! If that'd hit the defenders feet the opinion would be different!"
11th Mar 2013 19:10
"Stewart appears to be benefiting from having more danger men on the pitch and long may it continue. Well played and what a lovely goal!"
11th Mar 2013 19:35
"theonlyrealist...You were quite obviously NOT watching the same game that everybody else was then because Downing ONCE AGAIN had a really good game. He has played well since the turn of the year and if you think he has been garbage then you really need to get an eye operaton as they are NOT WORKING."
11th Mar 2013 19:59
"The only realist? I guess in your reality his 97% pass accuracy didn't happen. He was the best player on the field for the reds at times. Why the hate? Without his pressing and torpedo of a goal we wouldn't have won. Spurs fan?"
11th Mar 2013 20:24
"Stewie is becoming a key player for us, it is quite incredible how he has progressed if he keeps this up I see him become a key player for England. He can play so many positions and his defensive work is such an example. Very impressive."
11th Mar 2013 21:29
" totokia, first thing, do not call others a spurs fan just because he has a different opinion than you. especially when is right. downing played poorly on the overall, he will never come good as you and others think he will. he was a waste of 20 mill end of. "
11th Mar 2013 21:29
" downings crossing is ok at best his corners are flat and never lift and he is very slow in decision making, u can see that on the pitch, when he has the ball holds onto it far to long and cannot think quick and make a pass. also as TheOnlyRealist said if downing missed the goal everyone would change the opinion on the game he had(which was poor btw). "
11th Mar 2013 21:30
"one more thing that 97% passing accuracy was mostly toward are own goal, yeah he gets the ball and passed back 97% of the time so that stat means nothing. and for that played well once again well he has not even been one time yet. i think u are watch the wrong game. downing stats (important ones) 56 apps 7 goals 9 assists i think thats tbh!!! "
Always A Red
11th Mar 2013 23:26
"if Downers didnt show that hunger to challenge Lloris, we wld not have equalised. if he had not scored, DS wld have scored it - they were the only 2 in the box. Downers is getting better and scoring goals Downers will NWA"
11th Mar 2013 23:28
"Like your new style on these Clips!"
12th Mar 2013 3:39
"Why can't I watch the full game? being an ex footballer I love to analyze the full game. If this continues I'll look for other options and cancel my subscripion.It seems like the good performances ; the highlights are only shown."
12th Mar 2013 6:27
"TheOnlyRealist- Bite it buddy, Stewies game has come on heaps, he creates chances very unselfishly, and looking at match footage previously, he obviously has a great rapport with LS and the rest of the team. YNWA for the true reds happy to see a three pointer even on a slightly off day."
12th Mar 2013 11:26
"Overall i thought he performed well especially it seemed that his confidence, speed & dribbling are backed. However, i'm still concerned about his slight moment of lack of concentration during the game which he could do better to prevent Tot's second goal as he was just standing there outside the box instead of tracking down the opponents..."
12th Mar 2013 11:34
"theonlyrealist. You could not be more wrong in your evaluation of SD. He has really turned things around this year. The goal he scored threaded right through the defenders legs. Perfect shot. Keep up the good work Stewart. YNWA!"
12th Mar 2013 12:49
"Downers is deffo on the uppers as hes turned his season around. All he needs are goals work on his defense which he has n getting better. If he keeps this up hell soon be a ledge! YNWA"
12th Mar 2013 12:51
"Allen has been playing with a busted shoulder since Oct. Now going for an Op. No wander he gets pushed around and form dropped. Dembele wanst dominating when he came on! but we do need a good DM for cover."
12th Mar 2013 13:22
"not a single good cross from a winger - yeah, quality"
12th Mar 2013 14:03
"There has been some challenging comments of SD. I will give mine as, If we are going to judge him based on the price tag, he has not justify the valuation. However he does showed improvements over last few weeks to be a team player. Even if he doesn't score vs Spurs, I am still recognizing his best game for LFC so far. "
12th Mar 2013 14:10
"Now I truly hope that we will play as a team, unlike past seasons of the usual "Gerrard and Torres" kinda 2 horse running for the team. The new LFC will have goal scorers of LS,DS,PC,SD,SG,JA,RS,Jonjo and every red man. Opposition will find us hard to expect. Even more deadly than the old Berger,Smicer,Owen,Heskey,Risse and gang."