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Why do u need to upgrade to see stuff like this.seems every one wants there tuppence worth!!!!!!
11th Mar 2013 11:53
11th Mar 2013 13:26
"The goal was superb. The flickery of PC, the short passing hitting the heels of JE, JE recovered to continue and instant thinking to release a quick thru to LS at an acute angle. Then LS did something not within human brains and thinking to tug the ball under the French No. 1 keeper. I guess only Gobblar or Dudek might be the only possible keeper to save it! YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 13:48
"Amazing combination between PC, JE and LS! It does relish of brazilian stuff!"
12th Mar 2013 11:02
"World class finish by a world class player..."