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"Likewise, Liverpool's first win over a top eight side this season" Stupid comment in an otherwise good review. Next they will be saying "Still haven't beaten a top two side"
11th Mar 2013 12:02
11th Mar 2013 15:57
"Has anyone realised that Glen Johnson is quite error prone? Most of the goals LFC concedes are from the full back side he plays - be it the usual Right or the occasional Left earlier in the season! "
11th Mar 2013 18:01
"We've actually played a lot better in some games this season but lost. In Brendan we trust - YNWA!"
12th Mar 2013 9:44
"Johnson has been the biggest source of frustration for me. Sloppy defending, poor passing & crossing. I don't know why, perhaps pressure from below. Lack of confidence? Has BR told him shape up or ship out?"
12th Mar 2013 12:01
"Ive had this out with my spurs mates and we were unlucky for both goals. BR was right bale shouldn't have been allowed to re enter the field with throw-on on the same side. so when he did he weren't picked up and was able to send a cross in unchallenged. HT 1-0. then there's the free kick they shouldn't have got to get a lucky bounce for goal 2! "
12th Mar 2013 17:20
"Suarez is better than Bale. No brainer."
12th Mar 2013 19:52
"A review should cover both positives and negatives Liv-4-Ever. Thats a fact we hadn't beaten anybody above us, only that it was over emphasized, we could have easily beaten Man City home and away, beaten Gunners away, Everton we beat but ref decided otherwise, we have broke the duck. Lets get 27 points."