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9 games to go i think 7 of them are definate wins for us and then theres chelski and neverton so they are easily beatable. So if we win them all who knows where we might be come the end of the season
11th Mar 2013 9:35
11th Mar 2013 9:36
"Fantastic. ..."
Red Army 13
11th Mar 2013 9:45
"Massive win for the red army,but midfield enforcers like Diame needed,great game yesterday,Saints next to be annihilated,c'mon Reds"
11th Mar 2013 9:47
"Well done Brendan! Please keep on proving me wrong! Great result and fantastic fighting spirit. Great first half by Coutinho again including his defensive duties.He will be so deadly when he can last 90 mins. This all bodes so well for next season."
11th Mar 2013 9:57
"Did not think the chance was good at the time but what do i know, well done to BR"
11th Mar 2013 10:02
"allen haters go on :))"
11th Mar 2013 10:09
"Well said Captain Fantastic, I am very happy with the way we have overturned our Goal drought, now all that remains to be sorted out is our defence, I think a good holding defensive midfielder would help the team more than anyone, someone with Lucas...(I really wish Xabi was here with us now..)"
11th Mar 2013 10:12
"Do not read anything into this that is not there Stevie actually says the extra man in midfield i am pretty sure he would have prefered Hendo given the choice , Allen was actually rubbish"
11th Mar 2013 10:14
"I really agree with you Steven. Allen controlled the midfield and was full of confidence. I thought BR should've put him on before half time. But! Downing was MOTM for me. He was really good after Allen came on. Great job every one."
Gordon Ottershaw
11th Mar 2013 10:15
"not as rubbish as your stupid comment joecos."
11th Mar 2013 10:16
"defo think if we play as we have been we can win all 9 remaining games and if we do win them all we will finis 3rd never mind 4th as defo think that arsenal,chelski and the spuds wll drop quite a few points in the 9 remaining games so come on super reds make us proud"
11th Mar 2013 10:20
"7 win, a draw and a loss in the next 9 games would be ideal! with 67 points in the table at the end of the campaign I think we should not preclude any target! I think that the only turf on which we will risk something for recent tradition will be St. James Park, and sincerely only there I would accept to slip along the run! YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 10:21
"I think some people are just new to football and need to go back watching tennis as favorite sport. By calling Allen Rubbish and you know who you are means you know nothing about football. I know you mean BR not Allen. I'm sure you're one of those Bring back Rafa and Kenny!"
11th Mar 2013 10:23
"Hard to pick a MOTM today, so many good performers. I had Stewey IMO, but made up for Stevie lad, he was awesome as always. We can do this lads. YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 10:28
"let take all 27 points left COMMON WE TRUST LIVERPOOL and we can our central defence need some reinforcement. rodgers jan signings are bringing results hope brendan make some more classy signings in summer "
11th Mar 2013 10:35
"well played game we played yesterday...i must confess this Liverpool av improved their pattern of play since January the team technique has improved much kudos to Brendan Rodgers..yesterdays game was a massive win 4 us.thank u lfc 4 proving me wrong "
11th Mar 2013 10:35
"it was a good switch. a good game, the lads showed character and did deserve 3 points but so did Tottenham but luck was on our side. We can be very happy about the way this game panned out. every player did well. Tottenham have an excellent squad and an arrogant player on a cloud of self believe in Bale but I don't believe that will last. reminds me of Kluivert."
11th Mar 2013 10:41
"saying he's good when he isnt does not help anyone.. he needs to know when he needs to go back to basics!!"
11th Mar 2013 10:43
"BR recognised we were starting to lose the midfield battle more through Coutinho getting tired. hard game for him with the pace of the game so it was a really good decision from BR to bring on Allen. reason being exactly what happened Allen came on and if you look at the amount of attacks he broke up and amount of times he got on the ball and pass success rate. Its clear he helped turn that game. "
11th Mar 2013 10:44
"As far as I'm concerned anyone who thinks Allen is no good don't really understand football or the way we are trying to play. He's had a lean spell but certainly changed the flow of the game in our favour yesterday. Well done Joe"
11th Mar 2013 11:07
"Hope Spurs, Arsenal and Everton keep losing games and us to take maximum points every weeks, its impossible to qualify for the CL but anything is possible... so far!"
11th Mar 2013 11:22
"However Glenn Johnson needs 2 work on his defense,especially with high balls.Vertonghen jumped on his own 4 their 1st goal and all Johnson did was look the other way.if this is going 2 work we need 100% commitment from every1.i take my hat off 4 Downing,he is 10-times better of the players he was beginning of the season.i hope Allen will get his groove on as well in not time. "
11th Mar 2013 11:26
"What rattles me is all the negative crap about downing henderson and allen not being good enough.If Our captain and our manager believe in these guys then thats good enough for me.So all u none believers just back the team!!!!!SIMPLE!!!!"
11th Mar 2013 11:28
"Joecos you have a brass neck mate commenting on here when not so long ago you were for sacking every one FSG BRENNDON etc..Please go away!!!!!"
11th Mar 2013 12:44
"We love you Liverpool"
11th Mar 2013 13:00
"To be honest, we should not put hope in this season. In fact they should continue to enjoy the remaining games and to improve on their game play to prepare for next season. If our team can win all remaining, it will be of something extra to bring extra smiles on our face, otherwise let next season speaks for itself. 2013/2014 league le, here we come. YNWA."
11th Mar 2013 13:11
"lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets take one game at a time and treat all of them as if they are CL Cup Finals!"
11th Mar 2013 13:13
"Coutinho at only 20 years of age is a real gem. His balance is terrific and he is a tiger in the tackle, great atude"
11th Mar 2013 13:40
"It was good tactics by Rodgers alright"
11th Mar 2013 14:15
"yea, i do think the rest of our games are winable but how many times have we seen the likes of Villa or whoever beat us after we get a good win... we are good enough, lets just concentrate on consistency. 5th would be a great finish."
11th Mar 2013 14:18
"Dembele was totally spurs dangerman last night. Our midfielder struggle to steal the ball from him. Seriously, we need a M Diame type of midfielder to break this type of player movement."
11th Mar 2013 14:31
"I am not gifted enough to question SG comments but I feel he is being a bit mischievous here. Allen looked a bit lost yesterday and offered nothing much more than numbers in the middle. Yes, he was a pest, but Coutinho showed in 45 minutes what a player we are nurturing. "
11th Mar 2013 14:46
"Yesterday Was just what the doctor ordered for us!! great to see spurs who are flying go down and people seem to forget out there in the media we are now on a winning run ourselves!! Coutinho was fantastic down the right..them special wee moves he made and passes shows hopefully the quality we have bought!!More of the same please!!"
11th Mar 2013 14:50
"Agree. Joe Allen superb when he came on."
11th Mar 2013 14:53
11th Mar 2013 14:58
"At least you are not talking top 4 but lets collect all 27 points including Chelsea and then let the rest take of itself, a great win Steve. God is also on our side it shows. Less talk and talk only on the field of play."
11th Mar 2013 15:06
"We really needed that extra man in midfield. It was a good sub by Rogers. When Downing failed to square it first time to the inrushing Sturridge, I thought he was going to miss, he did brill to stick it between the defender's legs. Nice one, Downing, keep it up."
11th Mar 2013 15:07
"Joe Allen did well when he came on. He played very well for the first few games this season and then faded. Looks like he's fighting to get his place back and that's good for LFC. I'm disturbed by Johnson's recent tentativeness in both defence and in taking people on. He seems to hesitate. BR has to fix his head quick."
11th Mar 2013 15:09
"Joecos, This great club doesn't need fans like you .....please disappear...."
11th Mar 2013 15:10
"We can do it lads...winning the last 9 games which on current form looks a real possibility...YNWA!"
11th Mar 2013 16:00
"I thought the game changed because we had more bodies in midfield. But IMO JA kept giving the ball away,as did Lucas.A determined performance,but not a good one. We won ugly,which is needed if you want to challenge for anything.Manure have been doing just that all season(winning ugly).Not talking about Rooney. Well done lads"
11th Mar 2013 16:27
"Joe Allen was really tidy when he came on and used the ball well. He also got stuck in physically and balanced the team up. It was obvious to any knowledgeable fan that his presence definitely altered the pattern of play in our favour."
11th Mar 2013 16:36
"As the knowledgeable SG states it was the extra numbers in the middle that did it,and i agree."
11th Mar 2013 16:57
"GT-LFC- Not a dig at you btw pal."
11th Mar 2013 18:57
"Great effort, exciting match! Coutinho will be a nightmare for opposition moving forward. Felt we slacked off a but 2nd half but the JA sub definitely brought the focus back, whether or not due to him specifically. Did see Lucas gave the ball away a few too many times, but all in all, great win!"
11th Mar 2013 19:59
"Finally, the albatross of not having beaten a team above us has been lifted. It's taken a while, but like Stevie says, it's nothing less than the team deserved."
11th Mar 2013 20:18
"Lucky,lucky,lucky even SG says it was against the run of play.It could easily have been 4-1 to Spurs.So why does Rodgers try to gain some glory from it.We had no clue in the second half how to win it.We were rested,they played Thursday.Defensive mistakes again,and reliance on a genius,Story of the season.Wheres the tactics,wheres the motivation ?"
11th Mar 2013 22:40
"it was a very good sub.. allen played a bit more like he should for LFC. hopefully he does that on a regular basis"
11th Mar 2013 22:44
"Allen is alright with me lol. He'll come good so I'm not worried about that. He's shown his quality especially at the beginning of the season so we know what he can do. What worries me is that we don't have anyone dominant in the air if Skrtel isn't playing. I'm surely not the only one who get's nervous everytime we give away a free-kick or corner"
11th Mar 2013 23:28
"In One match LFC achieved a lot of things: 1) Beating the Team above us 2) Winning a tight game 3) Winning against strong opponent 4) First time we have more points then last season after playing same number of games. 5) Downing getting one more goal (increases his price in transfer market) 6) Justified Allen's signing further."
11th Mar 2013 23:28
"Apart from that: 1) Cara Got 500th appearance 2) Suarez got 50th goal 3) Suarez extended his lead to persie and outshone bale."
12th Mar 2013 10:45
"Brendan Rodgers got everything right in this match just that i felt Srktel should've started that match. "