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were playing so much better now than earlyer this season and the last mounths under kenny .i was the first to criticise but i was wrong brenden is surely building one of the strongest teams in epl .just hope he can ad to team in summer
11th Mar 2013 9:44
11th Mar 2013 17:51
"We've actually played much better in some games this season but lost!"
12th Mar 2013 9:53
"Very big of you to admit being wrong Kingmaker27.... I hv supported BR from day 1 coz I had just finished reading Shankley's biography and I could see many parallels that BR had with Shanks. BR has the right ideas, mindset and philosophies that will get us there. We must continue to support him and the team. Patience is the key."
12th Mar 2013 9:56
"YNWA..LFC...we show we can compete but lets not get carried away cos we still need 2 win as many games AS POSSIBLE..but anyway Kudos n credit 2 my LFC as yet another great display of football.."
12th Mar 2013 17:05
"Yeah no need for spurs to whine cos what goes around comes around. We were very unlucky in the first half of the season & it's our time to get that bit of luck."
13th Mar 2013 11:28
"Right behind them? I see us doing an Arsenal this year. Win 9 out of our remaining 9 and end up in third."