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You are a class player. You used your head yesterday and took the goal with cool and calculated placement. Well done YNWA
11th Mar 2013 8:45
11th Mar 2013 8:55
"Good goal from a superb lad."
11th Mar 2013 9:02
"Your best game Stew well done to you and all the lads.Great win still a long way to go Spurs had played thursday,but we are geting there next season a huge one..YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 9:05
"fantastic win yesterday and about time we got a bit of luck. felt we were playing 4-2-4 at times which left us overrun in midfield and allen did well when he came on even though hendo would have been my choice. onwards and upwards ynwa jft96"
11th Mar 2013 9:05
"Good job you are doing Stewie! Time to wrap up the season in style..."
11th Mar 2013 9:06
"yes best win, but not best performance. First 30 minutes high standard, but after first goal we lost middfield and possesion...two lucky goals for us, but credit for fighting spirit and character."
11th Mar 2013 9:09
"Agreed you showed character and determination. Everyone was talking abt Bale before the game. Now attention turns to Luis again because of his performance. Keep it up game after game until the end of the season. YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 9:19
"well if we win our last 9 games who knows what could happen.Good luck lads keep it going"
11th Mar 2013 9:26
"Lucas, Downing and Hendo: proof that you need to have trust and patience! All you bitter reds need to stop giving Allen so much slack."
11th Mar 2013 9:51
"I said u all the best for ur last interview when ppl wer critising you... I even said you will score the goal n u did... Thanks downing... "
11th Mar 2013 9:51
"Great performance Stewie!"
11th Mar 2013 9:53
"Starting to look like the Downing we thought we were buying. Someone who attacks defenders and gets pased them and takes chances at shooting. Well driven shot for the goal. keep it going lad until the end of the season and ti will give us the best chance of getting CL Footy."
11th Mar 2013 9:56
"Great performance and been quality for weeks now, well done "
11th Mar 2013 10:07
"Has he improved since December 2012??? goals in two consecutive games.. and most importantly, earning his place in the starting XI - something which he never did last season."
11th Mar 2013 10:10
"stewart downing you were the best player on the park yesterday we can see that your full of confidence keep up the good work ynwa"
11th Mar 2013 10:11
"i was one of stewarts doubters but fair play to the lad he's worked very hard and is getting better so a big WELL DONE to him keep it up :)"
11th Mar 2013 10:15
"I read a lot of stuff that said we came back into the game courtesy a defensive error, The way I look at it, had Downing not been fast enough to put Lloris under pressure in the first place, nothing would have come out of it. Stewart is scripting a story similar to Lucas..."
11th Mar 2013 10:17
"Great game Stewey, MOTM IMO. If we all stay positive for the rest of the season, anything could happen. YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 10:18
11th Mar 2013 10:22
"Perhaps not the best win but definitely the most satisfying! Gylfi Sigurdsson must be hiding under his bed right now after making all those statements about him going to Spurs and not to us...thank God for that! YNWA!"
11th Mar 2013 10:27
"Well done Stew! Keep going so lad! YNWA SD"
Gordon Ottershaw
11th Mar 2013 10:29
"If you look at the build up, SD anticipated the backpass and moved into position, this was a sign of a clever player with some ability. its called a football brain unlike some of the stupid comment makers here on the site."
11th Mar 2013 10:34
"Ive got to say that downing was superb! For me he was MOM, the determination to get at defenders and cause problems and also help out in defence was clear to see, never stopped running, keep it up stewie! YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 10:38
"Have to agree with those mentioning the haters that come here. Try supporting the lads ESPECIALLY when things aren't going well for them. Lucas, Downing, Hendo etc give everything for the team and had way too much bile spoted on here about them. Well done Stewie MOM!"
11th Mar 2013 10:48
"You have come a long way. We are proud of you and you can be proud of yourself. Stewie, you are becoming a WOLD CLASS player but you are not there yet, carry on in the same manner as you have in the last two months and you will be right up there with the best soon enough. carry on the progress.. Well done... YNWA!!"
11th Mar 2013 11:13
"Downing was the first one to get involved when Dembele tried to bully Suarez at final whistle. Love his atude and performance."
11th Mar 2013 11:27
"Thought we'd blown it again."
11th Mar 2013 11:43
"Great to see Stewart playing so well he has become an important part of the team.Well done Stewart keep up the good work."
11th Mar 2013 12:10
"I did not favor you last year nor this year, however if you keep playing like that Stewart till the end of this season, I will start having faith in you. Well done. "
11th Mar 2013 12:26
"A great goal! A smart pick up of a loose ball then calm and precision when needed added to the clod determination on the shot when an option that may have been easier was available, the sort of chance that needs to be taken at times. Well done!"
11th Mar 2013 12:27
"Good movement, good covering & marking defensively, good determination & a very good goal! Well Done Stuart Downing!"
11th Mar 2013 12:33
"SD, its a pleasure to watch you NOW play. Keep up the hard work, we still have MUST WIN matches to make Top 5 as finishing 6th will not get us in Europe. Forever Red! "
11th Mar 2013 12:38
"luis7??9 - you should have faith in all LFC players. The more faith they have from fans then the more likely they are to come good. "
11th Mar 2013 12:48
"Downing, I am very disappointed for you not be voted as the MOTM. You were brilliant yesterday. I have seen something you have shown since we lost Kuyt. You were a fighter, a real fighter yesterday. If I were to choose who to lose between you and LS, I would rather lose you but I have to state the facts, YOU WAS THE BEST FIGHTER YESTERDAY. I love you and thanks you. YNWA."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
11th Mar 2013 12:58
"Great match. Glad Stewie is showing his class. In fact I think was the fantastic teamwork, that gave us the win. YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 13:16
"I'll hold my hands up by saying I was a doubter when we bought him as he didn't perform to the standard we expected. He has knuckled down & put in the graft and it has paid off. He's working hard for the team and taking on players at last. Well done and deserves a place in the starting 11"
11th Mar 2013 13:49
"redsquirral - The faith and chance was given last year and he did not perform even though the manager made him a regular. Please do not make a silly comment regarding having faith in order for him to perform well. He is an experienced winger and should be performing like we saw yesterday on a regular basis. I am just glad BR gave him a kick up the back side! "
11th Mar 2013 13:53
"As Stuey says, he is full of confidence & that goal of his showed it. I think he was rather overawed when he first came of Anfield and almost looked like he was on the periphery of the team. Now he looks part of the team & is using his pace & intelligence to influence the team. Keep it up. "
11th Mar 2013 14:00
"Not particularly the best performance of the season but probably the best or most important win - YNWA!"
11th Mar 2013 14:25
"Just thinking if we grabbed all 3 points at goodison park, emirates, etihad, against MCity at anfield, against West Brom at anfield...the game we should won only dissappointed by our defends....extra 11 points...wat a waste..."
11th Mar 2013 14:28
"MOTM for me SD. Excellent last 2 months in red."
11th Mar 2013 14:38
"Downing > Bale yesterday. End of it!!! He was crossing taking on players and gave his all from minute one. He may not be the best winger in the league, but he is here and giving his all. Respect Stewie!"
11th Mar 2013 14:54
11th Mar 2013 15:33
"frankcharlestob - Alex Song has a contract until 2017, I highly doubt he would cost anything under 8M and if for any reason he was to return to England, he would probably go back to Arsenal. Isaac Vorsah would be a much better option as he can cover both Lucas and also play at CB. He would bring that physical presence which Liverpool have lacked for so many years! He would also cost under 6M. "
11th Mar 2013 15:40
""Kyut-ization" of downing giving good results. Credit to Rodgers!"
11th Mar 2013 16:46
"Great win for LFC yesterday. Great game, really exciting to watch. Downing has excelled in the last few games and is improving every game. Keep it up and hopefully we should be knocking on fourth spot soon."
11th Mar 2013 18:31
"Downing and Hendo are certainly not misfits.We did get the rub of the turf finally and much as I doubt BR, his Allen sub freshened the mid field and was inspired. As were the signings of Sturridge and Coutinho."
11th Mar 2013 18:47
"Credit to BR coaching staff and downing himself for picking up tips and lessons. This is improvement. And I hope SD will enjoy more of his game."
11th Mar 2013 18:51
"I have been very impressed with downing over the last few months and getting better and better off the ball as well as on it. Needs to maintain that and more should he be 1st choice next season I would imagine with BR's plans. Great win, YNWA!!!"
11th Mar 2013 19:00
"Well played Stewart! Keep getting yourself into the right areas of the pitch and giving yourself a chance to score. You're turning into a bit of a goalscorer. Cheers to that!"
11th Mar 2013 19:02
"yes SD was brill yesterday in fact he put bale in the shade,a couple of our players were not great but what a result. a player worth a watch is Victor Wanyama of celtic.YNWA."
11th Mar 2013 19:11
"Definitely the turning point in the game was when SD done his magic."
11th Mar 2013 22:12
"i believe downing should of finished that shoot even better, than directing it straight at walker. We was lucky it went in!!! "
12th Mar 2013 7:19
"our last 2 big home games will be against chelsea and everton. the rest will be against bottom 5 teams. i dont see why we cant take max 27 points out of this. Top 4 is still possible. YNWA"
12th Mar 2013 10:37
"Hope u continue like this cos u were class in that match. YNWA!!!"