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YNWA Lana Del Rey. What a win for the Mighty Red Men!! Onwards & upwards!
10th Mar 2013 19:49
10th Mar 2013 19:51
"Another great celebrity kopite. Hope to see you back at Anfield soon. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 19:56
"Might sounds weird but I never heard of her, honestly. But if she's going to be LFC lucky charm I definitely don't mind :)"
10th Mar 2013 19:58
"I saw the FB photos & they were B&W which sucked. Good that there's colour here. You're extremely lucky to have witnessed one of our best matches this season. Welcome to the RED family"
Ioan 68
10th Mar 2013 19:59
"Lovely lady for a proud team !"
10th Mar 2013 20:04
"A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice, watching the beautiful game, played by the greatest football club in the world. Lana Del Rey - YNWA."
10th Mar 2013 20:05
"Red suits her!"
10th Mar 2013 20:14
"Welcome to Anfield."
10th Mar 2013 20:16
"Oh My God !"
10th Mar 2013 20:21
"nyc :) "
10th Mar 2013 20:23
"gorgeous, isnt she ?"
10th Mar 2013 20:24
"we have Le Bron, Kobe bryant and Lana Del Rey! And Chelski got Justin Bieber! lol"
10th Mar 2013 20:25
"And Caroline Wozniacki :)"
Ioan 68
10th Mar 2013 20:28
"Lana we hope you'll sing YNWA at Anfield soon !!!"
10th Mar 2013 20:35
"YNWA Lana Del Rey!! You are so cute! I hope you have really had fun today, it's been your first time, I hope you won't forget it! Onwards & Upwards!"
10th Mar 2013 20:43
"Made up, Lana Del Ray is my favourite singer <3"
Vosta Lee
10th Mar 2013 20:48
""I was introduced to Liverpool FC by my manager, Ben, whose mood is dependent on the Liverpool results. I love watching Luis Suarez play." I think I can speak for the rest of us saying we know that feeling! YNWA Lana Del Rey."
10th Mar 2013 20:48
"What a good luck charm you turned out to be! Please come and see the game as often as you can! lol! YNWA Lana Del Rey!"
10th Mar 2013 21:01
"I liked her when I heard her sing and she supports Liverpool! I knew there was something great about her!!!!!"
10th Mar 2013 21:23
"Total babe! Deserves a crack at the next Bond theme imo"
10th Mar 2013 21:39
"plastic fantastic. but fit as"
10th Mar 2013 21:40
"Lana Del Ray makes Redahendo's head go all light and does strange things to his gentleman sausage. "
10th Mar 2013 21:46
"See - She made me go that light headed that I spelled her name wrong. Sorry Lana."
10th Mar 2013 21:58
"Welcome to this great insution, Lana. Your glamour has added to what has been a very successful day at Anfield. Come back again, soon. Maybe you bring that luck factor !!!!! "
10th Mar 2013 22:22
"Never heard of her but shes hot lol..Welcome to Anfield"
10th Mar 2013 22:23
"she should turn up every week if liverpool win haha y.n.w.a"
10th Mar 2013 22:31
"fab singer and has fab taste i listen to her nearly every day and im one of the more mature ones on here."
10th Mar 2013 23:02
"What a Babe.....Lana Del Rey YNWA........tomorrows gonna be a great some spurs fans to apologise and pay up....muaahahahahah"
10th Mar 2013 23:55
"I would smash that!!"
11th Mar 2013 0:13
"Don't really care for her music much but it's always nice to see what high profile fans we have coming to watch the games."
11th Mar 2013 1:47
"Beautiful,talented and loves LFC. I tink im in lurve lol"
11th Mar 2013 2:16
"Kobe byant of the mighty los angles lakers is a fan of the mighty reds!!!"
11th Mar 2013 2:30
"wow. what a beautiful woman. and she is ours to behold. ynwa"
11th Mar 2013 4:43
"May be the only website where I'm not interested in woman or her beauty..."
11th Mar 2013 4:54
"More of a Mel C Fan Myself :)"
11th Mar 2013 6:22
"Shame about Barrie Lana. Me and you could have had something special ;)"
11th Mar 2013 8:07
"She is beauty !!! #YNWA Lana Del Rey ... one of the sexy name in Industrial Music :p"
11th Mar 2013 8:44
"samuel l jackson brad and angelina nelson mandela danny craig myself owen wilson and others will follow cause we are on the right way...YNWA "
11th Mar 2013 9:05
"I seen her in Lidl in Bootle before the game. Her scouse accent is spot on."
11th Mar 2013 9:24
"liv-4-ever so would i"
11th Mar 2013 10:53
"Lana, please sing YNWA for us :)"
11th Mar 2013 10:58
"Beautiful :P YNWA keep calm and support LFC"
11th Mar 2013 10:59
"Beautiful :P YNWA keep calm and support LFC"
11th Mar 2013 11:28
"Well, isn´t that nice... Do come back soon Lana! YNWA!"
11th Mar 2013 14:20
"Welcome to the family miss Del Rey!"
11th Mar 2013 17:08
"You are beautiful! hope we can recruit more beautiful fans for LFC :P YNWA :D"
11th Mar 2013 20:28
"I bet the players were licking their eyebrows. And who can blame them?"
15th Apr 2013 18:14
"Why does anyone care about her attending A match? lol.. Who is she anyways, and why does her opinions matter? It would be much more interesting to have askede a random fan who has attended over 1000 matches or something along those lines.."