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People may have criticised Pepe Reina but We are a bit unsecure when he is not there..Get Well Champion and lets got for top 4,We trust and believe in this LFC team always YNWA
10th Mar 2013 19:02
10th Mar 2013 19:03
"get well soon pepe"
10th Mar 2013 19:05
"Hope u r back 4 next Saturday as Jones is next the best keeper i think we need a new back up in the summer"
10th Mar 2013 19:05
"pepe is our number 1"
10th Mar 2013 19:06
"Hope he is available. He had some good performances recently"
Champions Of Europe
10th Mar 2013 19:07
"After showing some incredible form recently, it was disappointing to not see you enjoy today's win on the field. Hope you recover soon lad, but Jones did do you proud today too."
10th Mar 2013 19:07
"We didn't play our best but we displayed great character and determination. It was a terrific result!"
10th Mar 2013 19:13
"Pepe is good , no doubt about it but Brad Jones did his job well! YNWA Brad!"
10th Mar 2013 19:13
"Pepe is good but we need a better safe hand in the post and I hope management has put that into proper consideration for next season transfer budget. Quick Recovery Pepe."
10th Mar 2013 19:14
"Get well Pepe."
10th Mar 2013 19:20
"Rogers, please what is going on between you and Skrtl? Please get flexible and resolve whatever difference you guys have. Allow him play matches we are already missing his defensive actions in the pitch. "
10th Mar 2013 19:25
"Skrtel Is injured ! "
10th Mar 2013 19:46
"Pepe is still one of the best. A cool head to have, he'll be important when Carra is gone. He's picking up form too, and whilst Jones is decent its clear we are a much better team with Pepe in goal"
10th Mar 2013 20:02
"Skrtel is no longer injured. I think BR is letting Skrtel rest before putting him on the team."
10th Mar 2013 20:04
10th Mar 2013 20:07
"Here we go ! Believe in yourselves lads. Nothing to lose, go for it. Let's be above Everton at least this time. But I think more points will be dropped by those above us and the Chelsea match will be significant. Come on the Reds."
10th Mar 2013 20:14
"get well soon YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 20:33
"So proud of Pepe, glad he is on our team! YNWA!"
10th Mar 2013 20:33
"keep winning lads and let those above us start panicing and they will slip up"
Afrika Kop
10th Mar 2013 20:38
"His form against wigan bodes well for the run in. Get well soon Pepe. "
10th Mar 2013 20:41
"good news from Pepe, just a tight calf, but bad news from Joe Allen if the lad will require a surgery the soonest! Please Jonjo, warm up! YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 20:44
"Get better soon Champ!!"
10th Mar 2013 21:52
"Brad is a useful replacement, but Pepe plays with more authority and leadership, as seen in the Wigan match last week. Get back quickly Pepe, you have nine very important matches ahead. YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
10th Mar 2013 22:06
"Speedy recovery to Pep, credit to brad u did good overall today. I wasn't worried when brad had to step in cos he's a brilliant No.2"
10th Mar 2013 22:23
"New keeper needed in the summer! Along with centre back, def mid, winger, striker and attacking mid."
10th Mar 2013 23:53
"I really like Brad Jones as a bloke but he does worry me when he comes in for Pepe. Has a habit of palming the ball forward and is a damn Vampire (scared of crosses)."
11th Mar 2013 0:06
"For those talking about skrtel, he was a stupid boy. He spoke out of turn, with unhelpful comments. He was out of the side for good reason. When carra was left out this season he took it graciously and fought his way back. Skrtel has to now do that, like Downing has also now done. If he doesn't then he goes, simple as that. I won't lose sleep over it."
11th Mar 2013 0:14
"Perhaps a rest would've been best. No need risking him on a niggle only for it to turn into a harsh injury in the most important part of the season. Did seem strange not seeing him in the line up, especially after the fantastic saves he pulled off against Wigan, but think he's starting to get back to his best."
Mr Ostrich
11th Mar 2013 0:55
"Gotta go for 5th spot now as Blackburn/Millwall eligibility for Europe due to the FA Cup draw, has made 6th defunct! I think we can do it though! If we beat Southampton next week and Arsenal lose to Swansea (which I think they will) then we climb above them into 5th, albeit they have a game in hand."
Mr Ostrich
11th Mar 2013 0:58
"Blackburn/Millwall & *Wigan for that matter."
11th Mar 2013 6:17
"get better soon pepe in time for the saints game. i freaked out when i didnt see he's name on the starting lineup. not that i dont like jones but i after past few weeks performances from reina i found it hard to believe he wasn't there."
11th Mar 2013 6:20
"skrtle's not injured anymore. i'm really hoping to see him next game. dont know if there's been some problem between him n rodgers. i wouldnt want him to be sold next summer, he's still good defender."
11th Mar 2013 7:52
"so that 3-0 twice, 4-0 twice and 5-0 twice add to that the fact that while we may not have been at our best and that we did have our slice of luck we still carried on and kept going, nice to see that the spirit in the side is still very good, i think if we win 8 out of the remaining games then we have a real shot at top 4. YNWA"
11th Mar 2013 8:32
"when Pepe is not playing, I lost confidence in the back four because hes so vocal unlike Jones."
11th Mar 2013 9:13
"See 3 goals is what is needed to beat the top teams and we CAN do it each time. Also should be 3,4,or 5 nil against the rest. This will happen next season!! in BR i trust. "
11th Mar 2013 12:55
"Get well soon Pepe!"
11th Mar 2013 13:32
"Pepe omission really instil fear for me before the start. Brad came in did his job well enough and made some sensible decisions to palm away some shots that might be too hot to handle. Altho some mistakes from our defenders, the team stood on their feet and recovered well. As for Skrtel, I seen rumor that Zenit might be bring him back, hopes it all bull. "