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All you can do they will do better!! Well done REDS YNWA!!!!!
10th Mar 2013 17:55
10th Mar 2013 17:57
"OOOOHH YESS. Where the haters NOWW. Above Everton, tofay couldnt get better."
10th Mar 2013 17:57
"Great match. Great win.. But why do you get fear of spurs. "
10th Mar 2013 17:57
"OOOOHH YESS. Where the haters NOWW. Above Everton, tofay couldnt get better."
10th Mar 2013 17:57
"The Great vision Rodgers had of making Anfield a fortress is this game. Well done Lads.... YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 17:57
"Well done Reds! Thats what dreams are made of! We didn't play as beautiful as the last few games but we got 3 points in the bag. Thats what its all about! And Suarez is my Player Of The Year no matter what you say bout Bail. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 17:59
"ayang ie la- encit"
10th Mar 2013 17:59
"sometimes its not about how u play.its about the determination.MOM to me is downing .awesome play...YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 17:59
"King Luis does it again"
10th Mar 2013 17:59
"i dream of a champions league"
10th Mar 2013 18:00
"what was that about spurs going to end our season with a win today, yea right "
10th Mar 2013 18:00
"I want to know. WHERE R THE BR HATERS??Lol"
10th Mar 2013 18:00
"I want to know. WHERE R THE BR HATERS??Lol"
10th Mar 2013 18:00
"sometimes it not about how u play,its abt the determination.MOM to me was downing.....he was awesome.YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:02
"lucas was horrible today"
10th Mar 2013 18:03
"Coutinho was a class act in the first half. He has wonderful skills. But his stamina is not full. Credit to BR for making the switch in the 2nd half and bringing Allen. We needed possession which we got from the intro of Allen..."
10th Mar 2013 18:04
"very important win. must go on but we must not lost our football in any game. keep concentrate in our target. nxt wek 2 derby in london. we must continue and also kill the game quickly"
10th Mar 2013 18:04
"CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT VICTORY!!! now all those haters can eat their words, we came back to win spurs at Anfield, this is it, our 3 points!! Very delighted, though a lot of problems in defence, but still very delighted and elated. THANKS BR!! HAPPY DAYS ARE AROUND THE CORNER!!!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:04
"av it"
10th Mar 2013 18:06
"Tough game won! time to go on and win the next few games with ease.. This win will surely get the dressing room fired up! Its been long long since LFC have had comeback games..these kinda wins lift the spirit of the club! YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:06
"Thank you REDS.You have given me joy. Now let us keep picking up points,a top 4 is still in sight.YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:06
"Super!!!!! So fight for your team. All honor. LFC - YNWA!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:09
"This match must prove all the doubters wrong, have faith in the team and the manager cus this is gonna end with medals and brilliant cupruns :-)"
10th Mar 2013 18:09
"Coutinho was indeed bright tonight, let's not underestimate his performance despite in the second period he lacked a bit of stamina at some point, well done even to Lucas and Enrique, 3 unsung heros! Luis, Stevie and Stew were the best tonight! YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:10
"What a game! very tough, much passión, WELL DONE! congratulations all."
10th Mar 2013 18:11
"Well done lads, we now have a target. Fourth. The other teams have some hard matches and if we believe we can gather up the points. Good luck "
10th Mar 2013 18:11
"Coutinho was great today. now im absolutely sure he's gona be a star for us. LOVE you all.YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:11
"Sweet! Great win today... YNWA!"
10th Mar 2013 18:12
"Sweet! Great win today... YNWA!"
10th Mar 2013 18:12
"Dont ever compare RVP to Luis Suarez. The former has lost his form and can't score for nuts. Suarez on the other hand has an impact of every moment of the game. Bale is the closest in the EPL who can come close to Suarez "
10th Mar 2013 18:13
"Jose Enrique, Coutinho, Lucas and Suarez, brilliant latino blood and skills."
10th Mar 2013 18:14
"yes please.. i wanted this result so bad thank you all. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:15
"Its only such wins that can inspire you to compete at the top, no matter how the win comes..Talk about Man U winning half their games just with the mindset"
10th Mar 2013 18:16
"Where are the haters of rodgers hahaha. Where is billy b girl always maning about rafa. SCREW RAFA! BR won the battle agains avb.where are the haters who wanted avb hahah.BR will make anfield a fortress and bring the glory fays back.WE HAVE NOT BEATEN A GENUINE TOP FIVE TEAM, NOT TOP TEN TOP FIVE hahah. All the haters go do one"
10th Mar 2013 18:19
"what a game. We played really well and deserved the win. we have really improved , i almost felt like i was watching the 2008 team play. Still some work needs to be done like keeping possession under pressure and passing accuracy. Come one reds YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:20
"oh and where are the everton fans disguised as LFC? so we are mid table eh? WE ARE ABOVE U FOOLS NOW HAHA. IMtelling you, the fact that theres more "fans" here when we lose is simple, THEY ARE NOT LFC FANS. THEY ARE MANURE, CHLS.EVERTON SPURS TROLLS RETENDING TO BE LFC FANS. Billy b wants rafa back coz she/he knows rafa will ruin the club, as hes past his best. THERES ONLY ONE BRENDAN RODGERS! "
SGM 73.
10th Mar 2013 18:21
"Good win, we were fortunate to get the 3 points, but it's important to be lucky sometimes.. "
10th Mar 2013 18:22
"Of course we still need new signings, but rodgers will get us there. LFC are coming back, only this time it wont be a false dawn it will be the REAL DEAL, and watch us start to pull in manure and kick them off the top ocnce that happens."
10th Mar 2013 18:22
"Golden boot my friend. Keep scoring"
10th Mar 2013 18:23
"LUCK is a KEY ingredient of success and all winning teams. Brazil of 1982 were the best team in the competition but without luck they lost to italy. Nobody wins without luck"
10th Mar 2013 18:23
"ty 2 the whole team...this is just the start 4 us...ynwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
10th Mar 2013 18:31
"har har mahadev...begining of an era YNWA!!!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:32
"We were pretty lucky today, but 3 points against one of the hottest teams at the moment dont come the easy way. Well done but keep it up. It wasn't our best game, at least we've done it this time."
10th Mar 2013 18:35
"5fivetimes 10th Mar 2013 18:20 SPOT ON, MATE, spot on. Totally agree, they aren't our fans. IN BR WE TRUST!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:37
"need new defenders, a good attacking mid and a class no 9. This team will go far with some quality signings !!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:39
"5fivetimes "BR will make anfield a fortress and bring the glory fays back" YES, YES and YES! THIS------------IS------------ANFIELD"
10th Mar 2013 18:40
10th Mar 2013 18:40
"I agreed some comments that we didn't play well today. In fact, Spur didn't let us play well by counter our tiki-kika. It serve as a lesson to us that every style has its nemesis. When that happen, just change your style to long ball. Determination plays a part as well."
10th Mar 2013 18:47
"I'm bleeding RED!!! YNWA!!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:51
"Praises Praises Praises!! Brave reds!"
10th Mar 2013 18:53
10th Mar 2013 18:53
"Great win today lads, so made up for a win for Jamie Carragher's 500th Premier League match, which everyone seems to have forgotten about. Graet team effort lads, grinding out a win against an in form quality top 3 side. Keep it going lads. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 18:54
"Praises Praises Praises!! Brave reds!"
10th Mar 2013 18:56
"LFC !!! YNWA !!! Suarez, Downing, Gerrard and the Team !!!!"
10th Mar 2013 19:01
"Been wanting to push back Spurs aspirations since that 4-0 loss. Great job lads. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 19:05
"Downing MOTM, but every1 was brilliant. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 19:06
10th Mar 2013 19:09
"Pride Restored!!! Congratulations played your hearts out and deserved the win! Now to try our best for top four and win the rest of the matches! YNWA!"
10th Mar 2013 19:10
"RohanFrancisco 10th Mar 2013 18:12 - I advise you not to post silly comments like that again. RVP may have lost a bit of form but clearly he has done enough for the club to win them the league! I rest my case. "
10th Mar 2013 19:11
"Dhushun!!!!Sorry to disappoint you mate but we all bleed red wether u is a scouse everton or chelsky;-0"
10th Mar 2013 19:12
"RohanFrancisco 10th Mar 2013 18:12 - Liverpool were lucky today and true fans know this, however the bottom line is that 3 points is all that matters! Amen!"
10th Mar 2013 19:30
"Good job Jones. Keep it out..."
10th Mar 2013 19:33
"onward and upward .next ynwa"
10th Mar 2013 19:39
"Here comes the Rodgers era!!!!!"
10th Mar 2013 19:50
"Truth is, from the onset, Brendan's philosophy has never been the problem, the problem was having the right players to implement it. I think Coutinho and Sturridge fit that category, I'm sorry but I just don't see Allen as being capable enough. Watch Alan Dzagoev, he's the kinda guy you want as an AMF. "
10th Mar 2013 19:59
"Fantastic Three Points."
10th Mar 2013 19:59
" 5fivetimes and rednini: I think that what people call "luck" is really recognising your chances and taking them when they come. You make your own luck with awareness, skill and determination. As Thomas Jefferson said: "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it". What we're seeing is the result of good old fashioned hard work."
10th Mar 2013 20:14
"making winning a habit that is the secret . positive mental atude and dedication will put you on the road to winning . ynwa"
southbrook scouse
10th Mar 2013 20:16
"For anyone who still doubts the team , manager and owners I say... Go support Everton !"
10th Mar 2013 20:36
"forget the negative and insinuate the positive "
10th Mar 2013 20:39
"Well done lads!! Coutinho was great in first half!! "
10th Mar 2013 20:45
"Amazing just amazing spirit Reds"
Afrika Kop
10th Mar 2013 20:50
"Look at Sturridge on that group"
Afrika Kop
10th Mar 2013 20:56
"Steven Gerrard has nerves of steel. That penalty was at a very crucial moment of the match when pressure is high. Coutinho will be very important to us. That stylsih pass to Enrique and the several other defence splitting curled passes showed class. WOW!Well done boys!"
10th Mar 2013 21:00
"We showed great spirit today. These are the games which define our season and we must consider all of the remaining games as cup ties and pick up as many points as poss. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 21:19
10th Mar 2013 21:44
"Well played lads, showed some real class coming from behind, keep it up.#YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 21:52
"Great to see Suarez so happy, fantastic job by everybody to show the determination to keep fighting and get the result. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 22:21
"cant help thinking with a better start to the season we would have made top 4. but what a brilliant win for the reds carry on like this and we just might. y.n.w.a"
10th Mar 2013 22:25
"More grease to your elbow boys, really impressive game keep it up, sky is your limit. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 22:53
"OUTSTANDING PREFORMANCE!!! What a massive win! Well Done BR and Reds! YNWA!!!"
10th Mar 2013 23:19
"Happy chappy SUAREZ, what a smile!!!"
11th Mar 2013 0:41
"What a great result.. well done Brendan and the boys!! In Brendan we trust.. "
Mr Ostrich
11th Mar 2013 0:55
"Gotta go for 5th spot now as Blackburn/Millwall eligibility for Europe due to the FA Cup draw, has made 6th defunct! I think we can do it though! If we beat Southampton next week and Arsenal lose to Swansea (which I think they will) then we climb above them into 5th, albeit they have a game in hand."
Mr Ostrich
11th Mar 2013 0:58
"Blackburn/Millwall & *Wigan for that matter."
11th Mar 2013 3:43
"It isn't a luck. It's God's will and The Red's effort. The lads deserve to win the game.. YNWA "
11th Mar 2013 5:09
"even in defeat i will forever remain a liverpooldian"
11th Mar 2013 5:33
"So glad we beat that junk team ..happy our jnr king is scoring ..but im only let down by a minor thing which we need to fix.. when sturridge is open like in the 25th min suarez should pass so he has a easy tap in..and we can go back to posession and dominating..all the best for southampton..lets hit em for 6"
11th Mar 2013 6:31
"We are Liverpool, no clubs should mess with us because we are better than them alllllllllll.... Thanks boys for making me happy all the time..You ll Never Walk Alone.... All the way from South AFrica"
11th Mar 2013 11:22
"Phew! That's tense & tight. But eventually we could cope with it. I think we're a bit lucky, but we finished the game strongly. The best team won. A very important victory & 3 points also cause we've never beat top 6 team this season & 4th position is still (slightly) reachable. It's good for team morale. So, congrats everyone! Btw Lucas' got to do better with his passes. YNWA y'all!"
12th Mar 2013 0:00
"Gsarret - Chill out mate! Just enjoy the win instead of ripping your fellow supporters - Even if they have had an opinion of their own in the past."