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Just beat 'em. Getting above the bitters would rub the salt in and stoke the boiler nicely...
10th Mar 2013 10:15
10th Mar 2013 11:00
"Would be nice to beat spurs and show the doubters that we have made masive strides to going back to the top of the prem were we belong!!!"
10th Mar 2013 11:44
"I don't give a damn! Getting the 3 points is what concerns me."
10th Mar 2013 11:45
"Why on earth are we all going crazy about Bale when we have the best player in the league in our team? i went to Spurs site and i didnt see a single post or picture of Suarez or Gerrard on it. What is happening to LFC tv? have we lost it? we do not need to promote players of other teams do we? "
10th Mar 2013 11:49
"we need to shut up about bale and start focusing on the game. take the 3 pts today Y.N.W.A"
10th Mar 2013 11:50
"Spurs site are ostriches they know this is a real chance for us to tank them but just cant face it. We can do it no doubt and i cant weight....Going out PM but hope by home time it will be us singing!!!!"
10th Mar 2013 11:53
"Look at yesterday the team we tanked last week beat the toffees.....enough Z bring it on....Y.N.W.A"
10th Mar 2013 12:28
"watch dempsey...all attention will be on bale nd maybe defoe but this guy has a irritating habit of scoring against us"
10th Mar 2013 13:14
"defo shouldn't change our tactics too much the way we've pressed and attacked the last few games spuds should be scared of us especially with the 12th man come on mighty reds just do it YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 13:16
"Just a clear reason why I would start Coutinho ahead of Downing. Nevertheless 3 points is all that matters! "
10th Mar 2013 13:56
"Push Gareth bale out wide, only 1 assist from all that crossing! Something must be awry... C'mon boys get above the sticky toffee puddings across the park."
10th Mar 2013 14:08
"redrob2005 - You got any reasons as to why "spuds should be scared of us"? Let me get my points across as to why I disagree. 1.) Liverpool have failed to beat Spurs in our last 5 meetings. 2.) Spurs are pretty much through to the 1/4 finals of Europa. 3.) Even if they lose, they will still be 9 points ahead of us. I await your reply... "
10th Mar 2013 14:16
"If we have the aspiration of finishing in the top six not minding top four we need to be winning matches like this. We let Arsenal and City off the hook, we cannot afford to keep doing that against the so called higher placed teams. A win is imperative and a draw will be the least to be countenanced. This match will be the true gauge as to how far our team has progressed this season. "
10th Mar 2013 14:34
"LFC has shown that they can bet anyone irregardless of who the opposition is. We did so against AC Milan in Istanbul, away win in Bernabeu, and many others. Tonight is definitely within science to do so again if we want to do so. I have said before "who is Bale?". The Liver bird will fly high tonight. YNWA."
10th Mar 2013 15:40
"SingKop - Please do not post a who is followed by players name comment again. I do not have the energy for silly comments like that. "
10th Mar 2013 15:56
"redcrusader 10th Mar 2013 11:00..Er,no, it wouldn't. "