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Well done lads!
9th Mar 2013 15:33
9th Mar 2013 15:39
"well done young redmen YNWA."
9th Mar 2013 15:42
"Well Done Young Reds proud of you for sticking in there and coming back from 2 down. YNWA REDS"
9th Mar 2013 15:55
"well done young redmen."
9th Mar 2013 15:56
"Conor Whelan at 14 years old making appearances for our under 19 side. This shows how brilliant our youth set-up is, when a player at 14 years old is deemed too good for our under 16s."
9th Mar 2013 16:02
"Extremely proud of you boys! YNWA! :D"
9th Mar 2013 17:22
"great win lads will look forward to watching this later ynwa"
9th Mar 2013 17:45
"Well done young lads! Proud of you! Come back from 2-0 down was not so easy but we showed once again the incredible strenghts which our squad have available! Congratulations to Peterson, Cleary and Ojo to have hit the mark and adjusted the game on the right path! ..."
9th Mar 2013 17:45
" ... Compliments to Mr Cooper who has always the courage to line up many U16s on this stage! Keep going so lads and Mr Cooper! You made us proud! YNWA U18s Reds "
9th Mar 2013 18:02
"well done young red men, future looks very bright"
9th Mar 2013 18:04
"Seyi Ojo looks like first team material. "
9th Mar 2013 19:35
"well done boys,this team has some bottle,to come back from 2 down with such a young team is an excellent show of commitment and teamwork. well done. YNWA "
10th Mar 2013 4:50
"Looks like we have some good players coming along to join those we already have in the first team. Well done guys.Keep up the good work."