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Let's go on and win on Sunday. 3 points pliz. Y.N.W.A
9th Mar 2013 8:58
9th Mar 2013 9:03
"Brilliant to see everyone happy Gigity Gigity Goo... Alright. .."
9th Mar 2013 9:12
"Who is the no. 26 in training? Is it that new lad on trail Carr?"
9th Mar 2013 9:26
"Is No.26 Sama ? He's big and hard. What's needed for LFC now.."
9th Mar 2013 9:27
"It looked like a good compeive session from the photos. You can do this lads, stay positive. YNWA"
9th Mar 2013 9:41
"Hope it's all smiles on Monday and not yet another "bad day at the office" for "the group"."
9th Mar 2013 9:45
"No 26 looks like Stephen Sama, just turned 20 this week 5.3.2013, couldn't agree more kidofkop88, could this lad be the next youngster breaking into the first team?"
9th Mar 2013 10:56
"Each time i logon to our website, i cry of joy, because i know we are on the right pitch.Y.n.w.a. 3point."
9th Mar 2013 11:08
"I think we should play Skrtel back alongside Agger (no disrespectful for Carra by all means) in the center of the defense."
Top 4 for sure
9th Mar 2013 11:40
"Coates looks really happy despite being linked with a move away. I think he knows his chance will come next season with carra retiring and skrtel also linked with a move (hope he stays)"
Nevin borned red
9th Mar 2013 12:10
"Orange bips means in the subsution list and greens bips means in the starting eleven right? Then Gerrard,suarez and coutinho in the subsution list! You must be kidding me! "
9th Mar 2013 12:14
"Let us give Spuds 0 % respect cause we need the 3 points more than them. Pepe Glen Jamie Agger Enrique Lucas Downing Gerrard Coutinho Sturridge Suarez"
9th Mar 2013 12:15
"Hopefully a good result tomorrow ans give ourselves the best chance to get as high as we can up the table."
9th Mar 2013 12:30
"Nice pics! What a good mood around the training ground and what an effort I saw put by the lads during the session! Pleased to see so many U21s boys involved, hope it will be for preparing them to the next season! Tex, Sama, Ward and co are all worthy boys and don't think BR will want get rid of them next summer so simply!... Let's go and win tomorrow boys! YNWA"
9th Mar 2013 12:33
"26 is Sama, not surprising as he is a similar build/player as wisdom, alot of the u-21 train with 1st team but who is that behind coutinho in the top pick, is it Texiera? "
9th Mar 2013 12:59
"#redace85 I think that is Kelly"
9th Mar 2013 13:05
"Playing the 'bibs game' - Gerrard, Suarez, Coutinho, Jonjo and Coates or Sturridge, Lucas, Enrique and Agger? Hmm.. maybe they're just bibs for training."
9th Mar 2013 13:12
"redace85 - it's Suso obviously he is number 30 and you can tell by his hair"
9th Mar 2013 13:46
"great smile from seb co. "
9th Mar 2013 13:52
"first picture looks a lot like tex???"
9th Mar 2013 14:00
"We need to Win, YNWA!"
9th Mar 2013 14:18
"Of course #26 is Sama, who else ;) And no, he's no similar to Wisdom, he's more like Sami Hyypia, while Wisdom is way too little. And first pic behind Coutinho is Teixeira ;) "
9th Mar 2013 14:25
"Great to see Stephen Sama and Coady in the team. We shall have the core future LFC team. Mclaughin, Wisdom,Sama,Kelly,Coates,Henderson, Coady, Coutinho, Teixiera,Sterling,Pacheco, Ngoo, Yesil, Morgan, Dunn, Ibe, Sinclair,Peterson. "
9th Mar 2013 14:56
"I can see Joao Carlos work hard in the training, he deserve given chance."
9th Mar 2013 15:26
"haha, the boss is showing the guyz how to get the job done."
9th Mar 2013 16:42
"Good to see Coates again! come on Seb."
9th Mar 2013 18:07
"So happy to see Stephen Sama training with the first team as well :) Also nice to see Sturridge ready for the big game. "
9th Mar 2013 18:23
"pretty sure the training tops are mind games.BR knows everyone, including us on this forum understand orange tos are first eam etc, so hoefully hes trying to confuse watching spuds a little bit as to who will play. we must win this to further our credentials and winning becomes a habit same as losing.The more we win, the only solution for each game wil be to win"
kool ass
9th Mar 2013 18:26
""hello its sama mate""
9th Mar 2013 18:41
"Exciting game to watch. See you at the game tomorrow,"
9th Mar 2013 20:06
"Good to see Conor Coady training with the first team as well as Stephen Sama"
9th Mar 2013 20:34
"WELL DONE to WIGAN for knocking the 'BITTERS' out of the FA Cup! Absolute class, it's made my day. Blue and white *****, blue and white *****........LFC forever"
9th Mar 2013 21:43
"Everyone looks very happy i hope they can take that into the game on Sunday "
9th Mar 2013 22:03
"The team he picks barring those not fit should be what he views as our best 11 - which I think will include Coutinho, henderson and downing"
9th Mar 2013 22:11
"So redsquirral what 11 would u pick 4 Sunday then"
9th Mar 2013 22:21
"reina, johnson, skirtel, agger, johnson, countinho, lucas, henderson, downing, sturridge, suarez"
9th Mar 2013 22:22
"2 johnsons lol if only. swap one johnson for an enrique"
9th Mar 2013 22:23
"thats a thought, could we clone Gerrard?"
9th Mar 2013 22:27
"So redsquirral u would drop Stevie G then as well beside that nice team. Do u think we could play a 3-5-3 pack the midfield and that should shut Bale out off the game"
9th Mar 2013 22:41
"sorry brain not tuned in yet, swap hendo for gerrard. What team do you think would do it tomorrow?"
9th Mar 2013 22:42
"Wishing everybody involved to-morrow, the very best. This is a game I would love us to win and maybe with something to spare.It has been pointed out quite a bit that we haven't beaten anyone in the top-6. Well I would love to see to-morrow putting that to bed once and for all. Cmon boys, bring the visitors and GB down to earth with a bang. YNWinA "
10th Mar 2013 1:10
"just to clear up a small point, the guy wearing the no 26 isnt sama, it was just fellah waiting for the bus and came in for a nose, so now yeah know, infact he's my mate, lives next door. It amazes me how these rumours just spread from nothing."
10th Mar 2013 4:05
"kill them all, grab all the 3pts, winning tomorrow decidE d PFA PLAYER"
10th Mar 2013 4:40
"Come on the reds...3 point..ynwa"
10th Mar 2013 4:52
"Cracker.. you sure?!! Come'on..thats Stephen Sama"
10th Mar 2013 6:13
"I have hope that we can get 3 points against Spurs. Don't lose hope reds, because YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 7:32
"can't wait to molest spurs...BR should ensure that coutinho starts"
10th Mar 2013 8:29
"me little man made this song coz he loves skirtel teenage mutant skirtel power teenage matant skirtel power skirtel in a red shirt skirtel power "
10th Mar 2013 8:29
"me little man made this song coz he loves skirtel teenage mutant skirtel power teenage matant skirtel power skirtel in a red shirt skirtel power "