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So glad the lad is available for Saturday!! This is good for our strike force. We truly need it up front to take the pressure off Luis. Com'on lads lets get it cracking!!!
8th Mar 2013 18:29
8th Mar 2013 18:44
"Mouth watering match this Sunday! Win this one Lads! YNWA!"
8th Mar 2013 18:46
"Good to have you back Danny. We need you firing alongside Suarez and Coutinho to beat Spurs on Sunday. Come on Dsnny add to your ever increasing goal tally for us."
8th Mar 2013 18:59
"skrtel does not look to happy !"
8th Mar 2013 22:32
"Bit of a "ave it" moment from skrtl what's all that about then.. "
8th Mar 2013 22:34
"C'mon lads - Cannot wait for sunday, first time attending Anfield lets all hope its a good first experience for me :) haha ynwa"
9th Mar 2013 0:00
"Skrtels a defender you want them to get like that when conceding goals even in training stop making a mounting out of a mole hill. That kind of training is brilliant for close control quickness of thought and i got tired just watching it lol good stuff really big game sunday just hope we start the game properly or the way they are playing we will get punished if we start slow. "
9th Mar 2013 2:03
"all seem very happy bar one , Skrtel, i wonder why..."
9th Mar 2013 4:41
"Play Skrtel instead of Carra! We need SPEED at the back four!"
9th Mar 2013 12:08
"This period is one of the few times this season when I really think we have turned a corner,let's hope it's not wrong ! "