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all the best...
10th Mar 2013 9:33
10th Mar 2013 9:56
"Similar to my comments I have written on the Jonjo story. Compet-ition for places, a better balance and not so over reliance on youngsters"
10th Mar 2013 10:15
"Off the subject. Anybody ever wake up, go onto site and see a story that has caused a lot of debate the previous night, so you put your penny's worth in (in my case an essay) and then go back to home page and realise the story is now reduced too the archives? Frustrating haha. Right, busy morn, go and see the old dear. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY "
10th Mar 2013 10:17
"You don't "nearly"have to win all the games,you have to win all the games and even then we have to hope that 2 of arsenal, spurs chelski drop major points. "
10th Mar 2013 10:24
"darocketfafrica- HEY? Think you must be the only fan thinking of top4. #pipedream Lets not get to carried away, things are promising now, lets at least show that our team are a threat for next season. Everytime we have expectations we end upbeing disappointed. One game at a time"
10th Mar 2013 10:56
"Ani - There's a moderating command on that works out if its after a certain time on a Friday or Sat night and if Ani-Road posts its automatically archived for censor reasons!"
10th Mar 2013 11:15
"chelsea,city,utd,arsenal and spurs play each other and us, so they will drop points(they can't all win against each other!)if we win all our games, then- 4th? maybe, just ,maybe... "
10th Mar 2013 11:18
"I hope i Will not see Downing starting at such important game.this is only for those who have it.Downing ,Henderson not fit in a game of this magnitude."
10th Mar 2013 11:22
"Why did u keep talking... not enough roasting from the twitter QA? BR could u pls stop him for further interviews.... "
10th Mar 2013 11:23
"while there is even a glimmer of hope for a top 4 place i will continue to believe we can do it. Come on you red men!!!!!! Hopefully the spurs will be cream crackered after there game the other night in europe....."
10th Mar 2013 11:25
"Why all this negative stuff about Downing i think the lad has came on in leeps and bounds and Hendo also when it comes down to it!!!!"
10th Mar 2013 11:25
"Ani-road-08.We have to keep faith until its mathmaticaly impossible,long shot I know,but we are LFC and should never allow our great club to give up."
10th Mar 2013 11:36
"I don't care how. Just beat them!"
10th Mar 2013 11:41
"Y all r being negative... Just support our team like a PURE LFC fan... create atmosphere like zeni encounter... Go downing n help the team to win... May be even score... All the best..."
10th Mar 2013 11:41
"Come on you Reds, do one on these and give us something to shout about going into the last 9 games, I think we can do it and get 4th place. neither Chelski nor Arsenal are playing great and the neighbours are starting to lose there way! "
10th Mar 2013 12:22
10th Mar 2013 12:49
"stuart downing shows week in week out how important it is to play for liverpool fc, brendan rodgers gave him a ultamatum at start of the season saying there mitent be a place for him in rodgers plans, stuart went away trained harder than ever came out on match days and played suberb thats how important it is to play for this club . "
10th Mar 2013 12:51
"every time we feel good, we lose"
10th Mar 2013 13:09
"As much as I want to see an attacking trio of PC, DS and LS in that final third with SG sitting just behind, I have a feeling that BR might play SD instead. 3 points is all that matters today. Remember Spurs are nothing without Bale and Lennon. "
10th Mar 2013 13:25
"Downing has simply laid out why last season some players underperformed. He knew no matter how badly he played he would be in the team. BR has simply applied common sense to his team and has introduced the canny ethos of players in form will get start. Its amazing how simple football can really be... "
10th Mar 2013 13:25
"While it's nice to have all this optimism from players. Pride before a fall. Would prefer less talk and a workman atude to this game as we have achieved nothing yet. Having said that I have confidence we can do the business with the right atude."
10th Mar 2013 13:26
"this auto spell check is annoying i wanted to say atude not atude"
10th Mar 2013 13:27
"lol forget it - won't allow a t t i t u d e"
10th Mar 2013 13:54
"redsquirral I had the same problem with t i t l e where it kept coming out as le. My guess is that the word t i t is censored so is automatically removed even if it part of another longer word. Come on the red men my prediction 2-0 with Suarez and Gerrard scoring. "
10th Mar 2013 14:09
"Maybe Coutinho will be brought on as a superweapon, in case things start going t.i.t.s up. He`d be quite a formidable plan b, something Rodgers has been accused of not having in the past. It might be better than him bringing on Downing or Henderson as subs, only for them not to make much of an impact."
10th Mar 2013 14:34
"We have to agree that Downing is playing well and deserves his inclusion. The same can't be said about Hendo, who offers nothing much more than running, more suited to the sport of marathon, lol. Anyway lets hope that BR plays his most adventurous team and goes for it. We are LFC. "
10th Mar 2013 14:55
"everybody else is good except for u downing!!"
10th Mar 2013 15:10
"Good comments. Makes me hopeful for Liverpool's future under Rodgers. YNWA!"
10th Mar 2013 15:17
"Redahendo. Haha. Am I the bad boy of LFCTV? Quiet weekend pal. May have a few this avo, Mothers Day meal attended, back home and a lovely fruity bottle of Sauvignon shiraz waiting to be sipped. Better stay away from these pages or tmrw will be a day spent grovelling again :)"
10th Mar 2013 18:27
"great atti-tude today lads!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:28
"great atti-tude today lads!!"
10th Mar 2013 18:45
"Whoa whoo! What a win. well done lads. I knew you could do it. Onwards up upwards. YNWA"
10th Mar 2013 19:03
"Stop being critical about Downing and Hendo. Today Downing proved again that he is a good player."
10th Mar 2013 21:45
"Downing, you talk too much! "