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COME OOOOOOOOON!!! It'd certainly give Gerrard a spark too!
8th Mar 2013 16:01
8th Mar 2013 16:04
"Oh my word!!!! Come home Xabi... our arms and hearts are still open and waiting!! If this happens I wont need Christmas!!!! YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 16:05
"Oh my word!!!! Come home Xabi... our arms and hearts are still open and waiting!! If this happens I wont need Christmas!!!! YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 16:07
"come home xabi.."
8th Mar 2013 16:08
"your future lies back home at anfield xabi! we miss you dearly"
8th Mar 2013 16:17
"This would be a dream come true if we could bring Alonso back....The guy loves liverpool fc and we would love to have him back!!!!!!"
8th Mar 2013 16:57
"That would be a dream come true! You are more than welcome to come back home Xabi! YNWA! :-) :-) :-) :-)"
8th Mar 2013 17:00
"wat if that happened ?? how romantic it ill b ?? ooh im ganna cry :( we love Xabiiiiiiiii "
8th Mar 2013 17:11
"This is where you belong. Liverpool is your home. Come back home Xabi. We all love you. YNWA."
8th Mar 2013 17:12
"xabi would be welcome back anytime come home xabi YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 18:15
"Get Alonso if we can, don't sell Coates, he's one for the future and Suarez wants him here, get Gaston Ramiez. Erikson is a must, let Skirtel go, too many mistakes, far too many, he's unlucky and that affects the teams morale. Get Collochini and that Swede who plays for Brom. "
8th Mar 2013 18:20
"Two more deadly strikers would give us that bite up front and options as well but they must be elite prolific strikers not the hit and miss merchants, can we get Toivenon? can we get Keisling? we need Germans in our team to add steel. "
8th Mar 2013 18:34
"Just read some stupid comments about us from Anfield flop Joe cole. He is a pathetic player. him."
8th Mar 2013 19:42
"Bukiss - Coles comments sound disgusting but if Stevie had to leave LFC and Spurs offered him a contract - do you think Stevie would be passionate about playing for them? Cant blame Joe, he should have put the effort in though but it proves why we need to invest in home grown local talent or players that supported LFC from kids."
8th Mar 2013 19:44
"Or players like Alonso that still support us! He needs a bit of time back here as he looked lost v Manure. Would LOVE to see him back. "
8th Mar 2013 19:54
"please come back home xabi. "
8th Mar 2013 20:07
"Come back home Xabi...YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 20:13
"Come home :)"
8th Mar 2013 21:01
"And this is a shock? Not to me it isn't. Xabi's been making positive noises for months. He's a red. End of. "
8th Mar 2013 21:35
"If only this were true. Shame he was forced out, and his probing passes were missed. Would certainly help Liverpool's passing side since he brings in that style from the Spanish national team."
8th Mar 2013 22:04
"would be great if xabi came back i dont think there is a liverpool supporter on the planet that wouldn't want this too happen come home alonso ynwa"
8th Mar 2013 22:22
"Come back home Xabi, come back home :D YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 22:33
"yeesssssss.. please mr.rodgers. bring him back to anfield."
8th Mar 2013 22:38
"Love to see you back Xabi. one of our greatest.Its such a shame you had to leave us when you did, always the best things end too soon. "
8th Mar 2013 22:40
"Please make it true......."
8th Mar 2013 23:00
"Its about time."
8th Mar 2013 23:09
"I doubt it will happen, but if it did it would be a serious endorsement of where we are heading as a football team!"
8th Mar 2013 23:54
"I'm sure this would excite Gerrard as well as us fans. I know he used to buzz off playing alongside Alonso. Come home Xabi. YNWA"
9th Mar 2013 0:45
"Xavi Xavi Xavi Xavi Aloooooooonso"
9th Mar 2013 1:49
"please...bring him back home...he loves Liverpool only...he's a master class...and we love him too..."
9th Mar 2013 6:04
"I like this idea, but it's all defend on our budget next season. Maybe there will be around £60 mil (from players' sell + transfer kitty) for BR to spend next season which defender our main priority. Maybe.... Just maybe next season signing will be 2 centre defence, 1 left back, 1 wide midfielder & 1 striker.."
9th Mar 2013 9:29
"What a coup that would be. Bring it on. YNWA Xabi."
9th Mar 2013 10:38
"I hope that he does come back. what a world class player "
9th Mar 2013 11:36
"Bring the boy back home! Xabi Alonso! clap clap clap ! Xabi Alonso!"
9th Mar 2013 12:30
"Come back Alonso. Then get Honda, another world class defender,and a another world class striker = happy days ahead :)"
9th Mar 2013 15:49
"come home xabi,we have some les to win!!"
9th Mar 2013 17:29
"if we write an open letter to fenway and promise them that minimun 1 million of us buy an alonso kit in the summer.........YNWA"
9th Mar 2013 20:24
"The question is where would he play now?"
10th Mar 2013 2:24
"Where would he play??? I hope that is a joke :/. He is up with the best central midfielders in the world right now with the likes of Pirlo. He wants to retire at Liverpool so a move in the summer would see about 3/4 good seasons from Xabi for Liverpool!"
10th Mar 2013 6:53
"This could just be a rumor but a very cuel one indeed for this is EVERY LFC supporter's dream. If it is within our budget to do so WE SHOULD TOTALLY GO FOR IT...He's quality, experienced and a Red through & through. "
10th Mar 2013 8:27
"Get Alonso. Then bring in Torres he would be great again with Alonso and Gerrard there .Also get Honda and Robben let go Henderson,Carrol and Spearing = LIVERPOOL BACK TO GOOD OLD DAYS = WINNING EVERYTHING= Y.N.W.A"
10th Mar 2013 11:45
"I think this is a stupid idea and dont think it will happen or be funded, we dont need 30 something's, time to move forward with younger, fresher talent. A new CB, New CM and another striker, we should be sorted."
13th Mar 2013 4:01
"my dream transfer ..."