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So we'll have some money for the summer then? 2 good acquisitions and I'd be a happy young man. We don't need big names either, just a great scouting network. Michu is the perfect example of how to do good business
8th Mar 2013 16:16
8th Mar 2013 16:35
"Lets beat spurs and keep our impressing momentum :-) YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 16:49
"Good comments BR, but spurs are a different proposition to Swansea and Wigan. If you give them the chances we gave Wigan you can forget it. So. apart from Pepe,the players need to be told to stop the cross coming in the first place. And drop Allen for Sturridge or Dembele will run riot."
8th Mar 2013 17:24
"Very nice to hear that the financial situation will not affect our summer transfer window and signing of new players. Ofcourse we know that the finances will be greatly improved by the end of this financial year as a result of all the sponsorship deals the club has already done. Forward and upwards the red. Match. "
8th Mar 2013 17:26
"we will win ...!!! Ganpati Bappa morya!!"
8th Mar 2013 17:28
"Very interesting to see over the second half of the season up until now (i.e. the last 14 games) Liverpool would've been third. It shows slow/steady but definite progress - in Brendan we trust! YNWA."
8th Mar 2013 17:41
"thing is we played some hard games in the first 12 matches. So... But I can see slow improvement and hope we can win all games of this season. It would be a good statement for the next season:) "
8th Mar 2013 18:14
"Whenever Brendan speaks, i got dis feeling he's just d right young manager we need, going forward."
8th Mar 2013 18:33
"The future is looking good. Agree with timH-we need to get some'bargins' that will progress into quality. Carra going will mean if Coates stays he'll have to step into the role for next season. Win until the end of the season for a top quality finish and perhaps a surprisingly high place...!"
8th Mar 2013 19:02
"I expect us to finish either 6th or 5th which is what I predicted at the start of the season. Slowly but surely we should get there. We have over 5 match winners which is great for challenging for a top 4 spot but we can only aim for that next year. Honda/Ince would be ideal free signings for the summer. Good luck on Sunday! "
8th Mar 2013 20:17
"Come on you reds. I feel this is a must win for us, to show fans progression is being made. "
8th Mar 2013 20:22
"this spurs team come out of the blocks fast which is when they got a 2 goal lead at white hart lane and they did the same against inter last night .we must be careful to match their early aggression and not let them get a lead ynwa"
9th Mar 2013 1:43
"A huge game on Sunday & we owe Spurs one. Shackle Bale, keep it tight at back & we can get the result."
9th Mar 2013 3:00
""Gary Gillespie admits Liverpool are a million miles away from being a â"
9th Mar 2013 7:32
"Beating Spurs could see the Reds gain massive confidence throughout the rest of the season! come on "
9th Mar 2013 9:14
"It is not about the availability of monet rather it is about how to spend it.If you splash it like KD on those four misfits there is no point on having the money.the amount spent on AC alone would have brought two world class players.So please bring in more of Suarezs and Couthinhos than Hendersons and Downings."
9th Mar 2013 9:39
"BR is defo an FSG mouthpiece. The real issue is the stadium. As in a commitment made at sale is now an "aspiration". This will be Europa league club at best whilst FSG own us. If KD wasted money on his players, BR also wasted 26m on Allen and Borini. We shall see what progress has been made at season end."
9th Mar 2013 9:55
"Deluxe. FSG won't be here long term. I predict a sale once the Stadium plans are all approved and good to go. No surprises for new owners then. At that point FSG's asset will have matured enough for a healthy profit- in my opinion. Increasing ticket prices for the main stand is a disgrace btw LFC. "
9th Mar 2013 9:56
"luis7??9 8th Mar 2013 19:02 you say "Slowly but surely we should get there"...the top four teams are getting stronger. Spurs have a new stadium being built and both Citeh and Chelsea will buy proven quality over summer. Next season will in all likelihood be the same as this one. FSG cannot afford to compete in this league."
9th Mar 2013 10:00
"Rushjob9. 9th Mar 2013 9:55..I agree. FSG are waiting for the 60m bonus from the TV rights. When the sponsorship deals expire, and our sponsors realise Adidas were right, FSG will be gone. Most can't see the obvious though and lap up the PR and think FSG and BR ARE the club."
9th Mar 2013 10:05
"Deluxe- you get a lot more for a house with plans and planning permission in place and agreed than not. Tbf- BR doing an ok job and it looks like the players believe in him, so no real issues there. Reckon FSG have bitten off more than they can chew/afford and restless Red Sox fans is not what JWH needs. Not been to Anfield all season is p155 poor. "
9th Mar 2013 10:09
"Deluxe- people do lap up the PR correct. I really hope that FSG prove me wrong- cos the humble pie would taste sweet. Just don't see it though. "
9th Mar 2013 10:26
"Amazing how quickly Sturridge and Coutinho have settled in. Hopefully we can now turn over a top 4 side in the same fashion as recent games and give the teams developing fear factor a massive boost. YNWA "
9th Mar 2013 13:09
"Deluxe_Reverb - Egg on your face if Liverpool finish 6th or 5th by the end of this season. Egg on mine if we don't. Amen! "