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Take away Bale's pace and your left with a player with a great shot.Take away Luis' pace and you're still left with a magician who will score you over 18 goals a season.No brainer!
9th Mar 2013 10:06
9th Mar 2013 11:30
"Whats the odds Bale goes to the mancs next season?? After all he was at the champs league game....If only we could sign him and michael dawson!"
9th Mar 2013 14:03
"For me, Suarez & bale do not belong in d same sentence. After ronaldo & messi, Luis is the next big thing. I rest my case."
9th Mar 2013 15:30
"bale wont score = spurs wont score + suarez will shut them up= liverpool will win Ganpati bappa morya!!.. 2-0"
9th Mar 2013 18:36
"our denfence is important to think about,in respect of quality of players they both play with, suarez skills is better than Bale. we can all see it "
9th Mar 2013 20:25
"5th last paragraph is an important point."
10th Mar 2013 6:13
"I think most of us on this site as Liverpool fans agrees Suarez deserves the player of the year le. But I don't think he will get it purely because of the media witch hunt against him and outside Liverpool he is pretty much hated by everyone. "