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Great player. SUPERSTAR. But I am sure Luis would get embarrassed by the constant praise and comparisons on a daily basis. We all know how good Luis is and we just can't get enough!
10th Mar 2013 10:00
10th Mar 2013 10:14
"Can anyone confirm or deny Colin Pascoe drove an ice cream van before he became BR's assistant?"
10th Mar 2013 10:25
"Couldn't help but laugh at the comment 'look out if we take him off, he's not a happy chappy' His reaction when he saw he was subbed off against Swansea was a classic- loved it. I love Luis Suarez and I love that he wants to play every minute of every game. "
10th Mar 2013 11:07
"Our target is to win all 10 games - it is as simple as that," he added. "He is Luis Suarez - it's as simple as that. "We always go out to win each game. We highlight the five home games at Anfield and it's important we win them. The five away - we should be winning them as well." Great,great quotes! "
10th Mar 2013 11:44
"Bring messi to premier league and see is he better than suarez? i think NO."
10th Mar 2013 11:50
"We must win this & the remaining nine."
10th Mar 2013 12:43
"luis suarez is 100 per cent as good as ronaldo and messi , luis has not only being the best player in the premier leaugue by a mile but he had to come back from being a hated player by opposite fans to every team wishing they had a suarez in there team. "
10th Mar 2013 13:22
"Messi ply's his trade in Spain, a league that is much easier and he has a wealth of talent around him setting him up. Suarez has had to do it on his own at times, and boy has he done it. He's the best player in the world in my books, no doubt. Top scorer in the toughest league in the world and i can't think of another player with his work rate, except Kuyt!! Absolutely class."
10th Mar 2013 14:28
"Luis Suarez is pure class. Yes, I agree he's somewhere in the world's top 5 best soccer stars."
10th Mar 2013 14:42
"Mr. Colin Pascoe is right about Luis Suarez. I`m uruguayan and fan of Luis, but he has to fight against due he is from a small country and also the well known "invented discrimination" issue. Thank you"
10th Mar 2013 19:02
"Luis is an elite player since a couple of years, he was awesome in WC 2010 and in Copa America 2011 when he outperformed Messi. No doubt at all, LUIS is the best!."