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Gareth Bale isnt even the best Premier League player whose name starts 'Gareth Ba...' Gareth Barry is far better.
9th Mar 2013 9:20
9th Mar 2013 10:25
"haha. seems a realistic, amusing fan. i'd agree with his prediction"
9th Mar 2013 10:43
"you are right Dave, I am quite optimistic we can snatch the three points tomorrow presumably after a battled game, we don't lack motivations and probably you will lack a bit of stamina given your recent busy schedule, of course we will have to make the perfect game and exploit at the maximum Luis Suarez, Danny Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho! I really hope so!"
9th Mar 2013 10:44
"Bale to score... Defoe to score. Luis to score, Daniel to score and Luis to score again !!!"
9th Mar 2013 11:54
"...time for your medication Darren1!! ;-)"
9th Mar 2013 12:30
"Opposition fans normally point to the fact that our big wins have been against weak opposition. But what happens if we hammer spurs tomorrow? What will they say then? Will they point to the fact spurs played on Thursday? Or will they finally give us some credit? Could go either way but if we click, at anfield, spurs can expect a difficult afternoon."
9th Mar 2013 13:02
"Good, funny and honest fan there. 2-0 to LFC I think, with Bale being 'peripheral' and Lucas and Johnson stopping him, while Suarez and Sturridge take spurs down."
9th Mar 2013 13:45
"He started talking like a moron but in the end, he made a good comment about Sturridge & finished it off with a sensible prediction. For me, 3-0 Liverpool. YNWA."
9th Mar 2013 15:38
"we will win 2-0 Ganpati Bappa morya!!"
9th Mar 2013 15:41
"Hoping for another Suarez hat trick. More realistically, I would just settle for a win. I think there will be goals in this game and plenty of them so maybe 3-2 to the pool? suarez, gerrard, downing to get the liverpool goals and bale, defoe for spuds"
go go "liverpool"
9th Mar 2013 17:27
"I would say 2-0 to us! lined with luis suarez! or 3-0 with a goal from jorfan henderson! YNWA we need this win"
9th Mar 2013 19:28
"There 1 hero and 2 contributors. Hero will be Pepe Reina with another clean sheet in the bag with Stevie and Sturridge providing the ammunition. We will be the only current team that can totally shut off Bale and let him look like a school boy. 2-0 to the home team. YNWA."
10th Mar 2013 9:41
"stop bale and lennon..we win the match! "