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Legend, the team will miss him when he has gone.
8th Mar 2013 9:29
8th Mar 2013 9:39
"Why not defensive coach ?"
8th Mar 2013 9:48
"What about player/coach? That would be a perfect combo! Your around Melwood and influence and experience will we fantastic for the squad and if there's an injury crisis at the back you could step in! Go on Carra!! YNWA "
8th Mar 2013 9:50
"Thank you Carra. Now will his real replacement within the squad please stand up?"
8th Mar 2013 10:03
"will still prefer skrtl against spurs. they too many pacy and skilful players at the moment. dont want them running rings around the"old man""
8th Mar 2013 10:10
"Well said Ian. Forever a Legend and will always be in the hearts of millions of LFC fans. YNWA!"
8th Mar 2013 10:24
"Can't someone lock him in the changing room after the QPR game? :-)"
8th Mar 2013 11:12
"Better still lock him in before all games , the release him in May ."
8th Mar 2013 11:18
"i love this 2 comments.""I could play on for another season but the fact is the club will be buying players in my position in the summer.""We just need a few more bodies this summer to take that progress into next season."..go well Carra "
8th Mar 2013 11:33
"I am looking forward to Carra part 2. Carra is so far the best autobiography I have read. A legend for sure."
8th Mar 2013 12:01
"respect jamie u have give so many years of your life to the club time for the family now"
8th Mar 2013 12:30
"There're no grey areas with Carra it's all red & white. ..Legend!..YNWA."
8th Mar 2013 12:35
"Complete and utter legend"
8th Mar 2013 12:39
"500 appearances and a clean sheet. How good would that be?"
8th Mar 2013 12:49
"you will be sorely missed carragher ynwa"
8th Mar 2013 12:53
"500 League Appearences and I hope that He get's another Clean Sheet on Sunday against Spurs and that We get a goal or two to top it off would be a BRILLIANT DAY for JC.......YNWA REDS. "
8th Mar 2013 13:42
"Hasn't he stated in the past he'd like to coach? He must be used in this respect as a defence coach. After that it would be good if he got a manager position with a small club like southport or everton :P before moving back to LFC!"
8th Mar 2013 14:36
"Naagh,, he¨ll be around.. He cant stay away for long. maybe not on the pitch but he has the abilty to be immensly important elsewhere. I think he will always be a big part of the club."
8th Mar 2013 14:37
"you will be missed ...but you will always be around us!! ganpati bappa morya!"
8th Mar 2013 14:48
"I hope to see you involved in the club even after you retire, your mentality can push our defence to greater things. you are a living LEGEND!!!! CARRAGHER!!!! YNWA!!!!"
8th Mar 2013 15:38
"legend we love you Jamie gonna be missed what a great guy YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 17:02
8th Mar 2013 17:17
8th Mar 2013 19:05
"true legend what else can you say"
8th Mar 2013 19:26
"Of course you won´t Jamie,you only ever speak your mind;its part of your class good luck. Gent and ledend.YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 21:33
"Sad day when you finally hang up your boots. You've given alot for the club. Same that a player/coach wasn't an option but certainly hope you have a role at the club in the future bringing up successors and at the back and installing that 'Red or Dead' atude."
8th Mar 2013 22:55
"Name Jamie all we will remember and it is a big opportunity to even think about what he have done for the teams and fans all these games JAMIE CARRAGHER thank You for all those years.Maybe in seventies we had such a man like ya."
9th Mar 2013 0:12
"A master like as a player and as a person"
9th Mar 2013 3:05
"Good decision and its time for the new blood to take over! Athought there's a saying that no one is irreplaceable, I'm afraid there are a thing not replicable! That were his fighting spirit, hunger and his commanding figure at the back will be solely missed! Take care Carra... Salute!"
9th Mar 2013 11:08
"You will always be my 5th best player carra in lfc legends.I will sing your name against spurs"
9th Mar 2013 11:09
"You will always be my 5th best player carra in lfc legends.I will sing your name against spurs"