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Way to go Coutinho!!! keep up the good work.
8th Mar 2013 9:16
8th Mar 2013 9:32
"Coutinho does look good but we cant heap lots of pressure on him too soon,. but i beleave we are heading in the right direction. a few new players in the summer 1 up top and a couple of defensive options and i beleave we will be in a strong position next year. YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 10:05
"Only 20 years old....there are a lot of good things coming with the Suarez+Sturridge+Coutinho connection! YNWA! :D"
8th Mar 2013 10:06
"Coutinho is definitely a star in the making.... Its great to have a young team... Enjoy the rest of the season...."
8th Mar 2013 10:34
8th Mar 2013 10:36
"the Brazilian Kaka "
8th Mar 2013 10:45
"Yes,well done to Rafa Benitez who brought him to Europe whilst at Inter. One of Rafa's gems! Superb close control."
8th Mar 2013 12:17
"Extremely impressed with Coutinho and he's laid to rest my doubts - keep it going!"
8th Mar 2013 12:31
"High hopes for this youngster...YNWA."
8th Mar 2013 12:54
"i new this kid was class ynwa"
8th Mar 2013 13:25
"Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez - quality forwards, though I'd say we really need another to be a top side, for cover. As it is though, we're looking good and can swap them around, resting Suarez for sterling and sturridge for example."
8th Mar 2013 14:13
"Maybe paired up with Sterling in training we could have two of the same, which would be nice."
8th Mar 2013 15:40
"great player love is moves and is awareness on the ball and he just knows were the back of the net is keep up the good work son YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 16:20
"This guy was brilliant first few games long may it continue....."
8th Mar 2013 16:52
"Brazilian wizard....YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 17:07
"Keep it up mate! YNWA :-)"
8th Mar 2013 17:44
"We've started playing well & beating mid table teams but it's hihg time we started beating the so called big guns."
8th Mar 2013 17:47
"Coutinho is the man. YNWA!"
8th Mar 2013 18:21
"AGH,got it now,, when King Kenny was talking it was Welsh he was speaking,lol, I think the whole team are starting to settle well and have an air of awareness about them,, keep it up guys,, YNWA "
8th Mar 2013 19:19
"Adie65 - King Kenny isn't Welsh. He was born in a tiny Island in the North Atlantic called Isle O'Kenny. he went to the same school as A.Fergurson. One day Fergie was bullying Kenny for his lunch money so Kenny punched him and that's why to this day Fergie still has a red nose. If you don't believe me look it up on wikipedia. "
8th Mar 2013 19:32
"On the subject off Cortinho (Sorry I get distracted)The lad looks like he's got a natural ability. We don't need to burn him out though like RS. Keep him hungry and sharp!"
8th Mar 2013 19:51
"Reahendo,I love your info m8 nice 1"
8th Mar 2013 22:44
"Coutinho.Brazil 2014....Good luck and take the sixt-one...."
8th Mar 2013 23:13
"Does Coutinho remind anyone of Kevin Keegan? You'd be surprised to learn they're not so different. Keegan originally started-out as a busy midfielder before Shanks signed him up and decided to play him up front. I say bulk him out like Shanks did with Keegan. Imagine he develops his industry. He already got the hair :) Suarez Sturridge Coutinho - BUZZING "
9th Mar 2013 4:12
"Way to go Philippe! We need a supperb performance from you on Sunday to supply the ammo for Danny and Luis. You have hit the ground running and long may your rich vein of form continue."
Dede 7
9th Mar 2013 5:43
"i am a fan of good technicians. and currently we have 3 forwards (Sturridge, Suarez & Coutinho) who are. All i can say is that the future is bright. in BR i trust. YNWA."
9th Mar 2013 9:28
"Coutinho is a good example of quality buying.Some people keep deafening us with things like "Hendo is improving","Downing is getting better" and even "AC is coming in to form" as if the players came from the academy.When you buy a quality player they right away deliver just like Suarez and Coutinho ,Torres,Alonso ...did."