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BRILLIANT NEWS we need him he is class, so much pace and a great shot :) suarez, sturridge, gerrard, coutinho :) looks like a strong attack
7th Mar 2013 16:25
7th Mar 2013 16:26
"Happy days, give us a goal or two Sturridge"
Always A Red
7th Mar 2013 16:29
"Welcome back DS - happy our front 3 will be PC, DS, LS. Gotta start quickly, keep pressing, keep passing quick time. We will not have time to play tikki-takka football like we played against Wigan - Spurs/Bale on fire at the moment YNWA"
7th Mar 2013 16:35
"great news! "
7th Mar 2013 16:47
"Big boost ahead of Spurs. A lot of attention has been on bale (and deservedly so) but their defense has been very good as well. Top 4 quality. but now that sturridge is back, we can now put away our chances and win! "
7th Mar 2013 16:49
"Excellent news"
7th Mar 2013 16:55
"Tis is the Best news possible before our big game against the Spurs this weekend as we really need the three points from this game just to give the Lads the confidence to go on for the rest of the season. Have faith and believe we will win this one. YNWA REDS"
7th Mar 2013 16:58
"This is the best time to face the boys scouts from White Hart Lane. We have no mid-week match and there is no reasons for us to slack, for sure we can put them to bed. I heard someone mentioned Bale? I don't think we will see much of him in this coming match as our front 3 with Captain Fantastic will show them the difference between Man and Boys. YNWA."
7th Mar 2013 17:00
"I hope Inter Milan tire them out tonight, that'll make it easier for us. I'd play Johnson, Agger, Carra, Enrique - Lucas, Gerrard Coutinho - Sterling/Assaidi, Sturridge, Suarez. How about you folks?"
7th Mar 2013 17:15
"Amartya - I'd be reluctant to start with sterling. I really like the way assaidi plays though I think he has a great deal to offer when he starts to pick up his game. i'd start with.. Reina, Johnson, skrtl, agger, enrique, downing, lucas, gerrard,hendo, coutinho, sturridge. I'd bring on Sturridge for one of the MF players depending on the who needs replacing after the interval"
7th Mar 2013 17:17
"typo - I meant I'd start with Suarez and bring on sturridge for a MF player later on, I also think assaidi / sterling could be effective off the bench against the spuds, I think our defence and wing back have the biggest task on for Sunday though, they need to learn from the games they've messed up this season, carra should not play this game"
7th Mar 2013 17:19
"Thank God!"
7th Mar 2013 17:25
"This is excellent news. Hope we continue a strong run to the end of the season. Love to see Bale shutdown and Luis score a brace."
7th Mar 2013 17:26
"ive got a good feeling 2 0"
7th Mar 2013 17:30
"Think the team will be:- riena Johnson,carra,agger,enrique Lucas,gerrard,coutinho,downing Suarez behind sturridge. If we play the way we can then bale shouldnt matter he is obviously a threat but we have enough in that team to take the game to spurs and give them more to worry about other than us trying to stop them and bale."
7th Mar 2013 17:38
"Great news! He's a player on who at the moment we can't give up, pace, technique, skills, all ingredients which make him and our attack absolutely electrifying! Welcome back Danny! YNWA DS"
Always A Red
7th Mar 2013 17:39
"i would like the same team as against Wigan, but Allen out and Hendo in and DS back in of course! AVB will put out a strong team tonight, he gives Europa a lot of respect - hoping that will work in our fav come Sunday! GO RED MEN"
7th Mar 2013 18:07
"good news!!!!come on u reds"
7th Mar 2013 18:38
"Very good news! Now to sours, i say bring it & we' gonna make u sweets. SPURS :: SOURS lol."
7th Mar 2013 18:44
"Assuming 4-3-3 Reina- Rb-Johnson, Cb-Carra, Cb-Agger, Lb-Enrique, MF-Stevie, MF-Lucas, MF-??? F-Suarez, F-PC. F-Daniel (if fully fit)... 1 place left. Difficult decision. Does he stick with Allen? Opt for Hendo for his energy? "
7th Mar 2013 18:45
"Also Downing has been excellent of late, harsh to drop him from front 3! Nice dilemas though. And hungry youngsters chomping at the bit on the bench. Come a long way the last couple months. "
7th Mar 2013 19:10
"I would stick with his last line up minus allen who was poor against Wigan and replace him with Hendo. Sturridge to be used from the bench."
7th Mar 2013 19:13
"If we are to really be contenders for top four next season, we need to prove we are capable of beating top teams. Because so far we have not proven it at all, we have been great at beating the teams in the bottom half, now we need to start proving it in the top half."
7th Mar 2013 19:27
"Liverpool 3 Tottenham 1"
7th Mar 2013 19:57
"Boom! Liverpool win in hand I think and my prediction of winning the last 11 games is on!! lets go! YNWA"
7th Mar 2013 20:03
"What is all this about bringing in Daniel eventually off the bench? If he is fully fit, he needs to start, no doubt"
7th Mar 2013 20:05
"Between Gerrard and Lucas, Bale might not get a sniff. With Coutinho, Suarez and Sturridge, we could get some goals. Important game- let's get all 3 points and see how the table looks...!"
7th Mar 2013 20:29
"outstanding news...score a brace "
7th Mar 2013 20:38
"got to be our best side against spurs, hendo sg lucas downing with suarez and sturridge or coutinho. if we play with allen in the same open midfield as against wigan we will get beat. the wigan result has show that br has created a very good attacking side but we are very open when allen plays."
7th Mar 2013 20:57
"Anyone watching the spurs match? I think we play quite similar to them as Suarez and Bale both have free roles when either Sturridge or Defoe is played up top. Who ever wins the midfield battle will mosly likely win the game so I reckon the key battle is Lucas vs Bale and Suarez vs Parker. That said I reckon we will batter them"
7th Mar 2013 21:01
"4-2-3-1; Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Downing, Suarez, Coutinho, Strridge. Good times "
7th Mar 2013 21:05
"This is the real test for LFC to see what stage in re-building we are at. Spurs are a lot further down the road in building a successful team so it will not be easy. However, if all clicks together and we have luck we can beat them. Bale vs Suarez for sure, both are on fire. "
Dede 7
7th Mar 2013 21:07
"Welcome back Sturridge. "
7th Mar 2013 21:31
"Watched 1st half of Spurs game. They do look some side playing with a lot of confidence. Possibly the 2 in-form sides going into Sunday! Ok, mayb the mancs as well! Be a tough game but I am confident with the side for the 1st time this season. And if we do lose it would be against a very good side. Can imagine a bizzare score, if im right, you heard it hear first 5-3 ha! Must Check Ladbrokes ;) "
7th Mar 2013 21:44
"Against Spurs Allen must be benched while Henderson must be on the pitch "
7th Mar 2013 21:49
"to win the battle in midfield we need the hendersons energy "
7th Mar 2013 22:05
"Ani-Road - The two most inform teams in the prem, lets not get carried away. We beat an under strength Swansea and beat Wigan very well, but before that we lost to WBA at home. Spurs will be a real test for us, these are the games we need to be winning at home, if we can then we can all feel optimistic for next season. Our record against teams in the bottom half is good but in the top half poor."
7th Mar 2013 22:14
"Thats opposite to what it used to be - used to be smashing the top teams and losing to the lower ones. knocking man u off their feet then slipping on a banana skin. You have to be able to play in many different styles to counteract the many different styles of the EPL"
7th Mar 2013 22:44
"lpdcollier, I think you should back off and allow Ani and others to be optimistic and wax lyrical about our recent performances as we are playing very well. Its been far too gloomy for a while so we should all enjoy the good vibes and not play down our chances. I thank you..."
7th Mar 2013 22:51
"Its fantastic news about Sturridge as we are a far better team with him in it. He will add much needed fluidity that will give Spurs a tough time. Lets all be positive about this game as it will give us a good gauge of where we are at. We will definitely pose them some serious problems and they have the three S's to deal with (Suarez, Sturridge and SG) "
7th Mar 2013 23:48
"personaly i will take the draw on this one i dont think we have enough for spurs yet "
8th Mar 2013 0:32
"lpdcollier- yeah i was the same mate. Just feel now we found the missing pieces in the jig saw. There seems a good balance to the side. We can only beat what is put out in front of us in the case of Swansea and Wigan and I was as disappointed and angry as anyone following WBA. "
8th Mar 2013 0:33
"But on reflection I can see marked improvements and just looking at the form table like the geek that I am, I see we are 4th in last 6 games behind the 2 teams I mentioned and Arsenal. We are top goalscorers since the turn of the year. Ok we still haven't beaten a top side but i am sure it will come soon! As Buddha said "let's keep this good vibe". :)"
8th Mar 2013 1:19
"Liverpool 4 Tottenham 1"
8th Mar 2013 1:48
"Time to get a result against Spurs. They will be on a high after their result against a poor Inter today. Not easy, but someone has to stay close to Bale. Having said that, they will be very wary of Suarez & Sturridge."
8th Mar 2013 2:28
"attack them all, SAS"
8th Mar 2013 3:02
"I'd opt for 4-4-2 Queen Baby cream skittle aggro Iglesias GeorgeoLucas Grrr'ard. Big foot (hendo) Continue Sweares Slurrige short on width but leaves space for drowning,acidy,or stirring in the second half.Hope Lemon is still crocked from tonight, he looked on form. predictive text"
8th Mar 2013 4:44
"Fantastic news! If we are to have any chance of beating spurs , we need Sturridge to partner Suarez and Coutinho playing behind them.And ofcourse with Stevie and Lucas anchoring the midfield."
8th Mar 2013 7:45
"watched this fixture last season boring 0-0. Skrtl made one strong but fair challenge on Bale and he went absent for the rest of the game, he is quick but defenders need to time their tackles and stay strong, he has the tendency to dive which has been highlighted with yellow cards. Stay strong. They will have enough problems with our front 3. YNWA"
8th Mar 2013 7:48
"black shadow you having problems with the spell checker!"
8th Mar 2013 8:19
"Out of topic but I'm happy to share this! Manu jus talked about Treble days ago... and they're Out of CL now! LOL and I hope this Curse will continue on their domestic form as well haha... like the Ronald said whichever team he managed, lose all the way! "
8th Mar 2013 11:47
"I'm hoping both Sturridge and Coutinho start. Along with Suarez, they will be awesome!"