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Isn't he the same role of Coutinho?
7th Mar 2013 15:58
7th Mar 2013 16:00
"would love this to happen he would be a good player for us i like some of the players we are being linked with but at the moment it's all just pipe dreams and guess work every comment on this website is nothing more than a gamble at best. ynwa"
7th Mar 2013 16:29
"coutinho is more versatile and can play out wide on the left, whereas eriksen is more of an AM"
7th Mar 2013 16:44
"With Tottenham getting Holtby this January this may just pave the way for him to come here"
No 7
7th Mar 2013 16:50
"would be a great signing,cant wait till next season,we will get top 4,i'm sure of it.ynwa"
7th Mar 2013 17:00
"Dream signing. Would be another Meireles type one if we pulled this off. Never expect it to happen, but if it does - my word..."
7th Mar 2013 17:14
"couple of advantages here agger being his international team mate and suarez still has a lot of friends in the ajax camp. There is also spurs just signed holtby who plays in his role. A midfield 3 of lucas,gerrard,eriksen would be a strong midfield trio. Coutinho and suarez either side of sturridge through the middle sounds good to me."
7th Mar 2013 17:17
"sounds good lets wait and see"
7th Mar 2013 17:31
"Very good technical player. Just the kinda player we need to complete our midfield trio. Reina, Srktel, Agger, Johnson, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Eriksen, Coutinho, Sturridge & Suarez. 2013-2014."
7th Mar 2013 17:31
"At that fee and for a player of such a talent and so young it's a sacrifice which would worth a gamble! £14m or less never mind, we have absolutely to rush the deal and bag home that guy!"
7th Mar 2013 17:32
"Old story...snore bore journalism.Still like to see Honda,Sinclair arrive in the summer,they fit in nicely to BR's jigsaw."
7th Mar 2013 17:34
"why is it that everybody we are interested in, spurs all of a sudden become interested in them also?"
7th Mar 2013 17:35
"Let Spurs haggle and offer the asking price. This kid is a legitimate £20 million player & quality. Will probably want champions league football but the Saurez factor may be a plus."
Bib l f c
7th Mar 2013 17:37
"This lad is a must for me,he would be a lot cheaper than a striker of the same quality.... Come on DAGGER have a word....."
7th Mar 2013 19:48
7th Mar 2013 19:58
"theres your new gerrard youll double your outlay in 5 years "
7th Mar 2013 20:27
"diego.liv - yes he plays central and a bit like Coutinho but obviously different kind of players. Coutinhos 20, Gerrards 33 this year... Eriksen would fit in nicely gerrards not gonna be around much longer. With talent like these two ready to step up if we get him. We are sorted :D"
7th Mar 2013 22:23
"wait so we could get eriksen and honda.....wic positions would they play and is dis the end of shelvy"
7th Mar 2013 22:27
"so itz honda and eriksen wic ov the two or shall we get both and wic positions would they play and is this the end for jonjo"
8th Mar 2013 1:03
"Very good young player from Middelf art.I hope he chooses Liverpool."
8th Mar 2013 2:32
"We need to beat Spurs Sunday if we want to convince this lad to join us over them in the summer."
8th Mar 2013 3:43
"Surely a Gerard replacement, but we still need cover for Lucas and someone to push skrtl and Johnson for a place. "
8th Mar 2013 4:52
"This guy could give Jonjo Shelvey good competition for playing top of the park. Both young and both have tremendous talents. Looking better and better for the coming years."
8th Mar 2013 8:17
"G-Child. you're right, Spurs must be saving a good few quid as they obviously don't have a scouting team of their own! every flippin player and the only one they didn't get... Carroll!! typical."
8th Mar 2013 8:48
"let get him and Suso can be his understudy.Jonjo is wanted by Stoke for 7mil.they can have him"
8th Mar 2013 9:11
"spurs have dempsey, bale, gylfi, holtby & dembele who are all capable of playing behind the striker - eriksen would be a fool to choose spurs over liverpool.. although spurs a UCL football at the moment "
8th Mar 2013 9:17
"I liked the way we do businesses these days! Strictly confidential, no one knew what to expect next! Most probably those corruption spies lying in our club previously had been got rid off! I believed it has saved us a few millions by now and we get hold of the right players! "
8th Mar 2013 9:45
8th Mar 2013 14:12
"Being Danish I would love to see Eriksen in Liverpool. But regarding him as a replacement for Gerrard is a bit off ... Yes he is good technically and have great vision for the game. But he'll never be able to dominate midfield like Gerrard does. Not the same type of player at all. Eriksen is not and never will be able to be the same physical presence in midfield as our beloved captain."
8th Mar 2013 16:06
"sign him and sell allen..and get spearing back cos he a better cover for Lucas than allen is..4 me allen is crap and overated..we let charlie adam go to get him..."