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haha amazing :) YNWA
7th Mar 2013 16:24
7th Mar 2013 17:07
"lets hope Luis stays with us and he will get number 1 next season"
7th Mar 2013 17:27
"Funny how Bale isn't even in the top 10. Spurs are still a small club."
7th Mar 2013 17:38
"People know class, Best English player of his generation. Best British player of his generation. One of the best Midfielders of his generation and the best Liverpool player ever."
7th Mar 2013 18:49
"Kawaga shows us that we are missing a trick not having any players from that part of the world, huge fanbase down there,makes united a lot of revenue and gets them some fans there as well. Can we learn from this ;-)"
8th Mar 2013 0:54
"It's an invitation to buy shirts dressed up as an article, but I can't blame the club for that ;) I'll have a Suarez and a Gerrard please. "
8th Mar 2013 3:18
"Incredible that van Persil got 1/4 of all named sales, shows Man U fans have no loyalty, where is giggs in his record breaking year, most sales from overseas for them i guess, just look at katana."