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This is an Interesting read Thank You. YNWA REDS
7th Mar 2013 12:53
7th Mar 2013 16:51
"The best of luck!"
7th Mar 2013 16:53
"Encouraging words from Alex, keep going & YNWA."
7th Mar 2013 20:07
"Got to be another Maca or Gerrard out there-well, not exactly, but nearly."
7th Mar 2013 20:35
"The article lists homegrown players, including Michael Owen, then Inglethorpe says "Those who come through the ranks and devote their career to one club are the ones who are afforded the legendary status." Says it all really. Owen, you'll never be a legend."
8th Mar 2013 8:22
"Out of topic but I'm happy to share this! Manu jus talked about Treble days ago... and they're Out of CL now! LOL and I hope this Curse will continue on their domestic form as well haha... like the Ronald said whichever team he managed, lose all the way! "
8th Mar 2013 8:54
"Really like this type of in depth write up! This season is a break through for the young players in terms of confident and hope. Thumbs up BR and management! Keep going"
8th Mar 2013 9:25
"I've got to say I'm surprised how Rafa Benitez has been forgotten in this type of news... It's great that the new regime is going down the same route. Hopefully, progress will continue and in a few years we see a constant flow of quality of youngsters into the 1st team who play to the same system. But I will always remember Rafa for the legacy he left..."
8th Mar 2013 15:55
"this is gd 4 LFC cos homegrown talent should make up part of the team cos if we keep buying top talent elsewhere in the long run not gd 4 LFC..yes we should sign the best talent available but not forgone with our youth..YNWA.."