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I see martin kelly is going for the greaser look haha
7th Mar 2013 11:48
7th Mar 2013 12:57
"Well done Jonjo & Martin! I really hope you will improve your cooking talent by the time ah ah!!"
7th Mar 2013 14:42
"Scott643: haha, greaser look! had to laugh so hard. will be great when Kelly is back!"
7th Mar 2013 14:45
"Perhaps our boys can start a business and open up a chain of bakeries! lol! YNWA!"
7th Mar 2013 17:06
"shelvey look's like his cake ha ha"
7th Mar 2013 17:12
"Great stuff by the club!"
7th Mar 2013 18:19
"hahahahahahahahaha, Shelvey really looks terrible with that red nose."
7th Mar 2013 18:44
"did alex ferguson model for the cakes wit his big red nose?"
7th Mar 2013 20:43
"Natasha Dowie... Hello. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing how good your "Ball control" skills are my dear. Cutest female footballer I've seen!"
7th Mar 2013 23:23
"Think Kelly's hairr looks pretty cool tbh!"
7th Mar 2013 23:58
"Can't wait to see our new captain again. Need you back MARTIN KELLY "
8th Mar 2013 0:16
"Does anyone else think Martin Kelly somewhat resembles Fernando Torres now with his longer hair?"