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I don't have a twitter profile, so I put down here the question to Stew: "do you think to be still part of BR's future plans, so do you think to be still here at LFC next season Stew?"
7th Mar 2013 10:45
7th Mar 2013 11:04
"Question: Do you feel you've successfully lived up to the tag of being the 'new John Barnes'?"
7th Mar 2013 12:03
"Hello Mr. Downing. Firstly, having been to Middlesbrough myself I am intrigued as to why you, as an erstwhile ambassador of that place, do not sport the customary 'Teeside 'Tache' that is the badge of manhood for all native 'boro-ites. Have you been banished from the borough? Do you return home and apply a sneaky little stick-on?[continues...]"
7th Mar 2013 12:03
"Secondly, since you are a fleet-footed winger in a famous club, you have the platform to revive the sadly neglected tradition of the ridiculous footballer's coiffure. Mr. Downing, can we rely on you to reintroduce the mullet, the 'Keegan' or the 'Waddle'? Might I suggest you introduce a signature style, and model yourself on the excellent head-curtains of Mr. Terry Nutkin? Yours, Donald Twain."
7th Mar 2013 13:51
"Why use twitter. Why not use the clubs tv channel, or if it has to be online, use our own thing with The Kop. Then again the new person or people running The Kop have no idea, as it's been down for nearly a week, with no one trying to bother fixing it, or even giving an explanation as to what is going on."
7th Mar 2013 15:22
"the amount of abuse being written with the #askdowning at the moment is quite disgusting, most of which coming from Man U, Boro & Vila fans meaning all valid questions from fans are few & far between. Should do these things on an LFCtv phone in show instead"
7th Mar 2013 19:01
"When is Mr. Downing supposed to be replying? I am keen to hear his views, and I do hope he pays no attention to the kind of unpleasantness mentioned above."