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Wow grt words from thierry. Legend. But Carra struggled sometimes against the likes of Henry, Drogba. Can be proudly accepted.
6th Mar 2013 9:38
6th Mar 2013 9:40
"What I have thought for a few years. Some people would always criticise Carra even at his peak. Too slow, hoofer etc. But he had speed of mind and anticpated play before the attacker would make a run. Even now those qualities still remain. Possibly one of most under-rated players of our time, simply because he was/is no-nonsense old skool type of player"
6th Mar 2013 9:53
"I love Carra - he is a legend - and I am a Red but come on Thierry, when you were at your best and when Carra was at his best you absolutely murdered him! I'm sure no LFC fan would argue against that!"
6th Mar 2013 10:03
"I think Henry's being very generous with his recollections of his battles with Carra."
6th Mar 2013 10:18
"I remember Henry skinning Carra once. Coming towards the end of the game and Liverpool wer losing by a single goal. By the touchline Carra decided to play his was away as time was ticking and we wanted to retain possession as opposed to his usual safety first approach. Henry nicked the ball of him and scored. "
6th Mar 2013 10:19
"For weeks after that mistake was used in a way to highlight Carra's lack of pace as Henry sped away. Never seen Henry or Drogba for that matter get much change from him very often. Drogba's nemisis. Drogba has raved about Carra's qualities before. Seems like fans no more than players though "
6th Mar 2013 10:25
"Can anyone tell me how i can get a copy or subsrcription for lfc magazine?"
6th Mar 2013 10:30
"I think Henry us being a tad mischievous as he murdered many a defenders in his prime including Carra but that is not to say that Carra was not a giant in his prime and still shows glimpses of his greatness. Carra will probably not get the credit he deserves but at one stage he alongside SG was Mr Liverpool and there is no greater acolade"
6th Mar 2013 10:41
"Thierry Henri is a bigger liar than Rodgers ."
6th Mar 2013 10:51
"Not seeing the love or appreaciation for Carra. Shame. But everyone is ent-t-itled to their opinion I guess!!! "
6th Mar 2013 11:04
"but anyone can get pass him on his normal day"
6th Mar 2013 11:20
"The only time Carragher has looked vulnerable this season is when he has dilly-dallied, faffing with back passes, when his natural instinct, surely, would have been to put the ball out of play (correctly in my opinion). Safety first is right in defending. If the ball goes out, it gives the defence time to get organized. Where play needs to be sped up is at the other end!"
6th Mar 2013 11:24
"Imagine Carra with Henri's pace and Alonso passing ability... I do admire him for his continued dedication and professionalism even if he has lacked pace and been a hoofer."
6th Mar 2013 11:28
"What I mean is, Carragher would be right in slowing play up by putting the ball out, instead of going on a panicky one, doing one-twos in his own six yard area, if you catch my drift."
6th Mar 2013 11:42
"81-82-83-84- I agree totally. Fans wan't to see a cultured Centre half like Agger, Maldini, Ramos, Rio and don't appreaciate the old fashioned defensive qualities of a player like Carra. When Carra does make the odd rare error this gets scrutinised. "
6th Mar 2013 11:42
"81-82-83-84- I agree totally. Fans wan't to see a cultured Centre half like Agger, Maldini, Ramos, Rio and don't appreaciate the old fashioned defensive qualities of a player like Carra. When Carra does make the odd rare error this gets scrutinised. "
6th Mar 2013 11:48
"Rio for example has been far more error prone throughout his career to that of Carra. There is nothing wrong in doing the basics well and not trying to be fancy. I personally don't think Carra is much slower than at his peak. He was never blessed with lightening speed but that can counteracted by speed of mind"
6th Mar 2013 11:54
"Hyppia and Henchoz much the same. Fine pairing, neither blessed with pace. Henchoz often looking like he's readt to collapse after 1o mins, handson hips, red cheeks but he was great. Sami did have qualities in the air that wer better than Carra and carried a goal threat. But on the floor 1 on 1 Carra was the best"
6th Mar 2013 12:02
"ANI-ROAD-08, I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys seeing Carra doing his stuff. Sometimes, the ball just needs to be cleared. Carragher is usually very adept at making those types of decisions. Maybe, there has been some sort of conflict in any mistakes he has made, between the 'pass it around at the back' mentality and what his natural instinct to do might be."
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th Mar 2013 12:23
"Just got to love Jamie C forget his qualities I'm going to miss his character more than anything. Top professional on the pitch but someone who I'd love to go for a few pints with :) YNWA "
6th Mar 2013 13:11
"He reads the game exceptionally well and this makes up for his lack of pace.And anyone slating Cara needs to remember this is a guy who, with cramp, still put in 5 or 6 challenges to stop Shevchenko.Not many could do that.He has given everything for LFC. Cara=Legend"
6th Mar 2013 13:48
"Carra is a Legend but I believe that at his best not even the best defenders in the world could have coped with Henry's speed of thought or his physical speed and turn of foot.Have seen some great goals scored by this guy particulary from the left wing cutting in. Raheem please look at the old videos!!"
6th Mar 2013 14:12
"Ani-Road 9:40.....Summed it up perfectly. For a minute though I thought it was John Henry! Carra,LFC and Premier League legend and make no mistake about it. We all dream of a team of Carraghers. Hope he changes his mind and plays on one more season.In the team on merit at the moment."
6th Mar 2013 16:36
"Nice one Henry.Love Carra but the one player that rag dolled Jamie was Drogba: he always gave our legendary no 23 problems.Sorry Carra:)YNWA"
6th Mar 2013 17:34
"Defo L-MAN07- In the team on merit and would be great to get another yr from him"
6th Mar 2013 18:38
"That's some tribute from such a fast & quality player!"
6th Mar 2013 19:06
"Very kind words from Henry, but I remember more times than not he got roasted by Henry. But who didn't?"
6th Mar 2013 21:10
"Jamie has always kept things simple which is how it should be. the rare times he is caught out he holds his hands up and makes no excuses, but you can bet your arse he remembers it and tries not to make the same mistake again. He is a true Legend unlike some i wo,nt name. ok then lawrenson."
6th Mar 2013 21:43
"Jamie`s not hoofball. It kind of denigrates his abilities to suggest that he is. In fact, Carragher is an excellent passer of the ball. What he does is sense danger well. Versus Tottenham, I`m hoping Lucas will stick in equally meaty challenges as he did against Wigan, stopping Bale in the process."
6th Mar 2013 21:47
"If Carragher hoofs it, it`s because it`s the right thing to do, not because that is the limit of his abilities. His decision making is excellent."
6th Mar 2013 22:14
"Even if Henry did `skin` Carragher (what a load of b.s), Jamie has never done a handball tennis shot to get his team into the World Cup."
6th Mar 2013 22:33
"It may be apparent that I think Jamie`s rather marvellous. "
7th Mar 2013 13:56
"Don't bother with the subscription to the magazine, quicker if you buy it in the shop. Subscribe and it never comes on first day of month, sometimes a week later. As for digital subscription, always later. This issue still not available in digital format. Pay a years subscription, expect to get it on time."