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there was one more line in the interview : He asked the board to backup rodgers in summer. How come tat alone is missing ?
6th Mar 2013 9:36
6th Mar 2013 9:39
"We have to show no mercy against every single team we face. We are LFC and it's time to start acting like it. No more excuses boys. We're onto something good now and keeping our squad & manager together for the next 5-10 years will create some continuity across the club. This has been lost for a long long time. WE ARE LFC"
6th Mar 2013 10:06
"Yes were is the missing sentence?"
6th Mar 2013 10:57
"lol the LFC journalist cut off the full interview! "
6th Mar 2013 11:06
"We need to hang on to him as long as possible....perhaps forever! He is my candidate for Captain once Stevie retires! All the other players look up to him! YNWA LUIS!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th Mar 2013 12:03
"Spot on pepe it's all about next season. This season is still important for next cos we need to take momentum into next season. We need to be ready this time no matter what the fixtures. We don't want to be playing catch up after a few games. I'm going to place a bet on that Suarez will beat Fowlers record of 28 prem goals in a season :) YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th Mar 2013 12:36
"I just looked on sky i think they missed the sentence out - "obviously we will need some help from the board" yes we do Pepe, no excuses this summer, but only players that are going to make us stronger, players that are better than what we have."
6th Mar 2013 12:58
"I think maybe our LFC site is being air brushed. Where is the blog gone from the right hand side haven't been able to get on that for a few weeks. Trouble having American owners they are big on spying...But we will find out their intentions come the summer because we do need to hold on to our best and add a few more talented players to move forward."
6th Mar 2013 13:46
"of course administration is filtering everything before it gets on forums. We all know that there is a major development going on with media/website to get a bigger fan base. As in modern days its all about adverts and how many users (fans) you have on board. This is revenue:) "
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 14:00
"Skrtel and Shelvey off in the summer?"
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 14:01
"Skrtel and Shelvey off in the summer?"
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 14:02
"Skrtel and Shelvey off in the summer?"
6th Mar 2013 14:18
"Another senior player asks genuine questions of FSG and he is censored. Welcome to freedom of speech FSG style. Dissent will not be tolerated. Players aren't daft - they can tell when owners are trying to pull a fast one and they aren't backing the manager and players."
6th Mar 2013 14:34
"Don't shoot the messenger but there are strong rumours that West Ham have decided against a £17m deal for Andy Carroll at the end of the season. He is bt all accounts returning to Anfield. "
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 14:44
"Carroll will return to Newcastle in the summer- and we'll be lucky to get 10 million for him."
6th Mar 2013 15:55
"Kopite. that's what i feared. Andy gets his dream ticket back to geordieland, NUFC get a bargain and we are left with a £25m loss. Although I guess maybe LFC haven't paid all the fee yet so maybe not such a siggnificant loss but still "
6th Mar 2013 16:06
"Carroll is definitely worth more than 10m but not in our playing style. We must do some sensible business with him. He can be very handy to teams like Everton, Stoke, Newcastle, Westham or in other words big bully teams and he can trouble us definitely when he plays against us"
6th Mar 2013 16:11
"oh that magic sentence theory .with john henry on the grassy gnoll lol.lets just see what happens in summer were playing some nice footy at mo .but i would like to see br have more money "
6th Mar 2013 16:24
"KidofKop88- agree mate- Andy could make a big impact against the more powerful sides. What was discussed yday on these boards y'day, we lack height and power from corners set-pieces. contd..."
6th Mar 2013 16:25
"Problem now is that we are not the same LFC of a few years back who would accomadate a 'plan B' type of player at that kind of fee. Shame as I feel if we would of bought Andy for £10-15m we LFC could justify this and most probs Andy would of been with us this season. Just feel the board and BR don't wan't a £35m squad player on our hands."
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 16:30
"Nice to see Joe Cole slating LFC. Horrible little rat. He's having it at Anfield."
6th Mar 2013 16:50
"Agree about Cole. Didn't mind him to his comments. Just felt it didn't work out for him, move on and thanks. But then he says he says he could only play for clubs he feels passionate about. So happy to take our 100k a week you mercinary #scrote"
6th Mar 2013 16:54
"Now we know why he was so useless for us - thanks for that Joe! DISGRACEFUL!"
6th Mar 2013 17:10
"Whilst I am in the mood for whinging. This whole Manu scandel is doing my head in. When England have gone out of major tournements the press have on occasions started a 'hate campaign' against the referee who officated the game in which England got knocked out. Not justified at all but at least it is the National side I guess! "
6th Mar 2013 17:11
"When Manu get a dubious decision and they get knocked out the National Press are in uproar. Henry Winter in the Telegraph couldn't hide his dismay and wrote the most biased article ever today. SportsMail- "We track down ref". "
6th Mar 2013 17:12
"The press cannot hide the fact that Manu are their national club, it is an absolute discrace. Yeah maybe it was a Yellow or maybe a Red? But the press wouldn't turn into a hate campaign or scandel if it was LFC or any other club for that matter."
6th Mar 2013 17:13
"Sorry to discuss Manu on a LFC forum. Annoyed and wanted to get it off my chest... Rant over"
6th Mar 2013 17:47
"nice one ani-road!!! like your rant"
6th Mar 2013 17:54
"I agree with you Ani. Well said."
6th Mar 2013 18:31
"I agree with KodoKop88 that Andy C would be worth hanging onto for those games against the physical teams like Stoke. He gives us options and he's capable of big performances like his 4 or 5 MOM awards at the end of last season and his headed goal v Sweden in the Euro's was awesome. I don't think we need to worry about FSG spending though. They'll do us proud in the summer I'm sure"
6th Mar 2013 18:33
"Surely AC can't go for 10m, maybe we could get one of their players with the 10m they have a few decent ones, cabaye would be ok would help out Lucas, when JC came here first he was all over tv saying this was a dream, what a horrible little rat."
6th Mar 2013 18:37
"I mean KidoKop!! After all the money we spent when Comolli came in £20Mil Suarez, £35m Andy C, £20m Downing, £16m Hendo, Enrique, Adam, Coates then Allen, Borini,Sturridge and Coutino in Jan...they've been OK with the spending. Some signings haven't worked but obviously Suarez, Sturridge and Coutino are mustard and others have cone good too."
6th Mar 2013 18:42
"I also read that he asked the board to invest in the team and keep the best players .......F.S.G. , Where are you ??? to much absent !!!!!"
6th Mar 2013 18:44
"F.S.G. it would be nice for us fans to know what intentions you have on LFC in the near future !!!!"
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 18:52
"Carroll needs to be sold this summer no matter what. Can't have another loan scenario going on. I hope we get a lot more than 10 mil for him- just can't see it. Straight swap for Ben Arfa? "
6th Mar 2013 18:53
"I believe - in Rodgers we trust. Time, patience, perspective, realism & support are key. YNWA!"
6th Mar 2013 18:53
"ac coming back can only be a good thing, we need to look at how forlan flopped at manu and then went on to be a top pro in spain. ac can get back to his best but the real question is can he stay injury free as this has been his problem. he needs to finish the season strong at west ham to be considered for a return though."
6th Mar 2013 18:58
"once again, a player bigs up Luis as if he could not possibly leave us now ... I hope he doesnt either but this love-in is kinda big"
6th Mar 2013 19:02
"KidofKop88 - Your absolutely right, everything on here is always edited. This site is becoming as bad as our owners by not telling us the whole truth."
6th Mar 2013 19:02
"here's hoping we get a few more players Pepe's happy to call a teammate in the summer. Howedes would be a good start. Can't believe Cole. Actually thought he was a fairly nice guy and wished him well at WHU. Well,I'm sure he was passionate about his payoff. Yob."
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 19:04
"Lpdcollier. Funny you should think that..."
6th Mar 2013 19:23
"LpdCollier On the subject of editing - Kopite edited himself from Rushjob without the 9 but keep it to yourself. "
6th Mar 2013 19:25
"I also find it funny that Kopite is on the ball when it comes to transfer rumours, a bit like Rushjob9..............................................................."
6th Mar 2013 19:26
"pepe needs to keep the confidence he has at the moment he's getting back to the form he was in a few years back (unbeatable) just keep scoring luis if we get the points on the weekend think top four is there for the taking CMON YOU REDS "
6th Mar 2013 19:43
"A post about a Reina interview and everyone goes off topic. Why don't you all join twitter and rant & opinionate on there instead?"
6th Mar 2013 20:00
"UNITED OUT HAHAHA! It was disgraceful watching that senile old fool fergie acting like a child,hope uefa throw the book at him an rio for clapping at ref.Another baboon is henry wnter the pro manure writer blaming the ref for doing his job.Worst of all mour being so humble hoping he will get united job one day.Only roy keane was a man,said it was a sending off."
6th Mar 2013 20:06
"Redahendo- you really need to get out more."
6th Mar 2013 20:08
"5 times. Agree. As for Adrian Chiles- I reckon Keane will snap at some point and chin Chiles live on TV. He looks at him with the contempt that he deserves!"
6th Mar 2013 20:16
"Rushjob9 (Not kopite) I would do if they let me out. Back to the subject - Hope they can both keep it up. We need an in form striker and keeper if we want to climb the table. Come on!"
6th Mar 2013 20:23
"kid of....john henry sensors these articles didnt u know haha"
6th Mar 2013 20:26
"Yes LFC is very lucky to have Luis for sure and Luis is very lucky to have LFC."
6th Mar 2013 20:44
"All LFC fans,please take a minute to check out my views on Suarez, Reina and more on my blog: "
6th Mar 2013 20:56
"Sorry off the topic again - but the thought of Keano chinning Chiles, brill. As for Cole, what a waste of money and times - forget him. And back on topic - great to see Pepe back to his best and obviously the camaradrie in the squad is excellent. Now, put it all to good effect and beat the do the biz on Sunday. YNWA"
6th Mar 2013 20:57
"I didn't know james martin was a LFC fan - hows the Saturday kitchen program going?"
6th Mar 2013 20:59
"Good read James Martin. Liked your piece on Martin Kelly as well... Well done"
6th Mar 2013 21:46
"The stuff about Carroll is just paper talk. West Ham do want him, if they didnt they would have sent him back in January. He is 'Big' Sams ideal player."
6th Mar 2013 21:56
"We also need a new quality goalkeeper to give Pepe a kick up the butt. Cannot go another season of mistakes again."
6th Mar 2013 22:02
"Eurochampsforkeeps- agree. GK cover and CB priority and if Andy doesn't come back I wouldn't mind a cheaper target man. Good to have variations up front!"
6th Mar 2013 22:06
"I'm sure there will be plenty of clubs that will pay the money for carroll if the hammers don' want/can't afford. I believe If a team is geared towards maximising a fully fit Carroll's strengths he can be one of the top scorers in the league."
6th Mar 2013 22:06
"jamesmartin013 - Great read - especially the bit about Hendo being one of the best players in the side. Didn't need to read anymore - I'm convinced you know what you're talking about. lol"
6th Mar 2013 22:17
"OMG they edited the original version!!!!!!! this is BAD BAD BAD!!! WHY WILL THEY DO THAT...! now they censor players wishes!!! we are DOOMED!!!!!!!!!"
6th Mar 2013 23:19
"there is just no way LFC will take a hit on carroll by selling him anything short of 17mil.Unless its to a friendly club who have helped us in the past.If they cant they will keep him, whether or not he carroll is happy or sulky will be up to him.They may look at a trade but no way will they let n'cstle have him for anything less than 20mil:))"
let me play liverpool
6th Mar 2013 23:47
"yes caroll and shelvey out in the summer. but please br dont sell skrtel he has been brilliant its just a shame he hasnt had much of a go in the first team latley he has alot to offer."
7th Mar 2013 0:19
"5fivetimes- maybe a deal involving Ben Arfa (as what someone suggested earlier) sounds appealing. Cash as well! 10 mil and AC for Ben Arfa sounds about right. Every time I see the Hammers score come up i hope AC has scored so his market value rises. "
7th Mar 2013 4:42
"Next season gonna be an exciting season for liverpool. Just need back up from management team to inject some amount of money to buy prolific player especially midfield and defender"
7th Mar 2013 6:55
"12 goals in the last 3 games ... that is saying something !"
7th Mar 2013 9:56
"I would let AC go for 10mils. We get Sturridge 12 mils from Chelsea bench and its start to return every penny from it. Sturridge is much better striker term of goal per match and possession in the final third (We found a gem, didn't we) Coutinho another one. Very Likely, sturridge will replace Andy in the England Squad."
7th Mar 2013 10:01
"FSG has done a fare bit in spending. Look the money spend in transfer, terminating managers contract. Mercenaries like Joe Cole laughing all the way to the bank. We have to spend wisely rather than just looking at world class players. We might end up with a 50mil Torres. He was on form then, didn't he? Each player are better in specific playing style. Even Messi may have problem playing for LFC."