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This.. I LIKE! The amount of untapped talent at lower league level is astounding, there are some potentially world class players out there and it's good that we are looking everywhere for it.
6th Mar 2013 10:43
6th Mar 2013 10:58
"if he will come for a trial will be always welcome! It's just always keep a eye on the talents around the England overview and give them the possibility to show their talent at least for a couple of days. A chance has not to be denied to anyone."
6th Mar 2013 11:00
"Check out 'Ross Allen' from Guernsey FC... 112 goals in 72 appearances! Quality."
6th Mar 2013 11:54
"great news. i think our u21s are in need of a striker since ngoo is loaned n yesil injured. hope he is a great addition to our wonderful academy and a future lfc star. btw i heard some rumour on sky that celtic are interested in ngoo. i hope this aint true it would be a mistake to sell him. "
6th Mar 2013 13:55
"yep, now it looks like the scouts are doing a real job.. but c`mon identify 23/23 goal scorer isn`t too hard:)"
6th Mar 2013 19:50
"23 goals in 23 games is very impressive no matter where you are and he's only 18! I hope we scoop him up. "
7th Mar 2013 1:13
"sign him up for 500k then keep him in reserves till hes matured..then give him 5mil and hell be someone to see ...(as we hope)...never seen the kid but i like the idea were giving trials..and br brings in the young guns for get rojas from my aussie team m victory..but please for the love of god play assidi or yesil or texieria.ibe ngoo..kelly anyone of our young lads need some games"
7th Mar 2013 6:09
"The LFC of the yesteryears all had talent from the lower if this is the recipe for success again why not cos its proven before..YNWA"
7th Mar 2013 11:31
"Never seen him play but 23 goals in 23 games in non league is promising. Wish him good luck in his trial."