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haha! funny guy!
6th Mar 2013 8:59
Papa Syed
6th Mar 2013 9:41
"Keep that funny side of yours always! Sure missing Jimmy Bullard here lol!"
6th Mar 2013 9:43
"Very funny guys.. hope you will get a hat trick agints spurs.. Come on Sturridge!!! You can do it!!! "
6th Mar 2013 9:43
"Very funny guys.. hope you will get a hat trick agints spurs.. Come on Sturridge!!! You can do it!!! "
jjj jo
6th Mar 2013 9:54
"Hahaha! its not my champaigne its my dad's champaigne, Top lad!! He looked a bit like Denzel though :-D"
6th Mar 2013 11:00
"HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! I loving him more and more! YNWA Daniel!"
6th Mar 2013 11:02
"HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! I'm loving him more and more! He's been saying all the right stuff! YNWA Daniel! ;D"
6th Mar 2013 12:17
"Hilarious! great character...he made me smile! "
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th Mar 2013 12:18
"I think he might of drunk some champagne there! About time we got some character into our squad got a lot of shy young lads learning there trade at the moment. Bright future at LFC tho but we need to be challenging next year! YNWA"
6th Mar 2013 13:22
"great ha good to see we have some characters in the squad "
Rush job
6th Mar 2013 13:59
"Skrtel and Shelvey off in the summer?"
6th Mar 2013 15:48
"stick to playin football lad!"
6th Mar 2013 16:44
"In the under 21's we call him Trigger, I wonder why?"
6th Mar 2013 16:54
"Still pinching myself, still unreal we got Daniel so cheap.. "
6th Mar 2013 17:00
"Well he looks happy and settled, great stuff!!! I went on record saying don't buy him and was one if the first to admit I was wrong, great characrer and great player hope he has a long and fruitful career at lfc"
6th Mar 2013 18:33
"haha full zoolander blue steel"
6th Mar 2013 18:51
"If he wasn't a professional footballer I'd say he's stoned, just wired to the moon ha ha"
6th Mar 2013 19:02
"Nice to see his character is as good as his skills. Top lad with a great future at LFC"
6th Mar 2013 19:06
"Kopite, what has that got to do with Sturridges video? Just a bit off topic aren't ya? Pepe Reina plays in goal"
6th Mar 2013 19:18
"Good sense of humour and a touch of madness. A bit like our fans."
6th Mar 2013 20:45
"Rachel's yogurts, if they're what I think, yes they are the best. And plenty varieties - yummy, yummy. Daniel, lets have you you back on the pitch ASAP, yogurt or no yogurt> YNWA - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
6th Mar 2013 21:56
"Gotta love this lad :)"
7th Mar 2013 0:10
"a top man, an awesome player.. ho Sturridge."