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No, we need a goalpoacher who assists Luis Suarez and Danny Sturridge, not a second striker who does find the back of the net once in a blue moon, for me it would be just money wasted!
5th Mar 2013 12:45
5th Mar 2013 13:22
"yes..such a good player..liverpool need the kind of player ,if they want to challenge for europe.."
5th Mar 2013 14:08
"rosso )bang on mate "
Papa Syed
5th Mar 2013 14:46
"Time waster!"
5th Mar 2013 15:53
"With him our attack would be perfect for what Rodgers wants. Now imprve the defence, not Williams please, Skrtel is still better."
5th Mar 2013 16:20
"agree with rosso76"
5th Mar 2013 16:43
"I think he'd be a welcome addition. He's a 2nd striker, and would be good cover for Suarez. We overplay him. He's a far better option off the bench than what we currently have (Borini)"
5th Mar 2013 17:21
"why not Ronaldinho, he was just brilliant this season at athletico m. like old days"
5th Mar 2013 17:33
"no, no no no not him,..wrong "
5th Mar 2013 19:09
"Sanchez is a quality player, he would be a great addition to our squad IMO"
5th Mar 2013 19:24
"i think this guy sanchez is what we need.or if fiorentina need borini,then we can give them borini with some cash for jovetic.and ben arfa will be a good addition.its better we have skytel than getting williams."
5th Mar 2013 20:50
"Please God NO!!!! "
5th Mar 2013 22:39
"Thanks but no thanks."
6th Mar 2013 0:19
"Honda/Ince? "
6th Mar 2013 2:31
"for less than 15mil maybe a good option...but Barca will prob want more. he is quality and can play in the wide areas more so than as a striker. In defense DA and MS should be capable of being our top CBs they are 2 of the best. We still another CB to compete tho, maybe 2 "
6th Mar 2013 4:39
"guys what do u all think about mario gomez?remember we all must got him during the king reign.i think he will be the best stroke we will get to compliment suarez and sturridge."
6th Mar 2013 9:07
"Would be awesome.... can play anywhere in the front 3 and is probably too direct for barca.... just what we need, a cool No. 9"
Red WeaponX
6th Mar 2013 19:02
"Way too injury prone for the EPL! Would be one big waste of money."
6th Mar 2013 20:08
"Luis7?9 just to let you know that Sanchez is better than Ince/Honda put together. Ever want some more advice just ask pal. :)"
7th Mar 2013 6:40
"only if he cost abt 12m-15m if not forget abt it.."
8th Mar 2013 5:56
"I still regard him as one of the best forward..he could easily fit into our team..."