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Hugo, you better believe it! Go Redmen! YNWA
5th Mar 2013 11:29
5th Mar 2013 11:29
"Hugo, you better believe it! Go Redmen! YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 11:30
"Hugo, you better believe it! Go Redmen! YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 11:34
"Best to wear some back support Hugo, as you'll need it with all the bending down you'll be doing to pick the ball out of your net as El Pistolero weals away in his usual goalscoring celebratory fashion!!!"
5th Mar 2013 11:40
"Should be a cracking game with LFC having the advantage of not playing in Europa. "
5th Mar 2013 12:25
"Win 2-0 against spurs and suddenly things don't look so bad at all! Lets hope newcastle win the Europa league and city-chelsea is the FA cup final and there'll be two extra places in the league for europe I believe..?"
5th Mar 2013 12:37
"All I expect from us this season is to better our league position from last season and that would consute progress. We are definitely playing outstanding football and building a great team for the future. We should be quietly confident that we are making strides to be a force in no time soon"
5th Mar 2013 12:38
"need to shut Bale out, then they are just any other team they only have the one player on form "
5th Mar 2013 12:43
"Good luck boys!! Can't wait!! Hope Ronaldo gets a 94th minute winner tonight - won't be watching it though - refuse...."
5th Mar 2013 12:47
"This guy knows every time the opposing team compliments Liverpool, their team have won. Just shut up and do your talking on the pitch, full stop. We don't need these omen compliments, we know we're playing the best football at the moment."
Brazilian meastro10
5th Mar 2013 12:59
"not even going to listen to this idiot. everytime this gets said, we seem to lose."
5th Mar 2013 13:07
"Same mind game Steve Clark used so successfully against us. "
5th Mar 2013 13:26
"whenever someone from the upcoming opposing team praises our team i feel we are jinxed and will lose. Steve Clark said that right when we were to meet west brom, after a gd run, and we lost by 2 goals. after what hugo said,i feel nervous. hope fully, we can smash this hoodoo...YNWA. "
5th Mar 2013 14:02
"that's what steve Clarke careful reds"
5th Mar 2013 14:41
"Don't let the players hear this, It's a curse!!! We are due a good win against the spuds, come on reds"
5th Mar 2013 15:41
"We've got to win one of these 'top' games. Time to stand up, believe and just do it. I am not sure about Carra in the centre with Bale running in that area now. Maybe Henderson to assist Lucas to protect the back four. Carra has a tendency to play VERY deep against pace."
5th Mar 2013 15:42
" come on reds play with confidense and play smart and we'll win the game. still think arsenal will be caught and we should be there to take fifth. wishful thinking or premenition not sure :-) "
5th Mar 2013 16:52
"Lets concentrate on our game. Prepare well n keep our concentration n keep our momentum in the league. As 4 the funs back the team fully it feels like 2008 when we lost 2 chelsea in the CL, we had a finally made a team.. Bt am patient.ynwa"
5th Mar 2013 16:58
"You do understand he's said that as a psychological tactic. Steve clarke did this and we got hammered, don't take what he said as a compliment - It isn't."
5th Mar 2013 17:00
"dont listen lfc!this is to soften us up.we need to rmeber the 5-0(4-0?) thrashing they gave us, that will motivate us correctly.We def need to double-team bale throughout the game.Rodgers cant make the same mistakes against good teams,by thinking playing our way alone is enough to win.yes we need to focus on our own game but also have a good plan to stop the opposition, esp a player like bale."
5th Mar 2013 17:01
"We can beat spurs, personally I don't think there anything special, there just young and ambitious and very reliant on suarez, If lucas sorts bale out and johnson and enrique are on there game it stops spurs completely, and we know the rest. We deserve something to cheer about... it's ages now. YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 17:03
"on bale* sorry i was thinking about suarez... how shameful. I ment there reliant on bale!"
5th Mar 2013 17:18
"I agree!"
5th Mar 2013 17:26
"Lads we need to get next game. Three points against the spurs. We do not need to talk about 5th place or 4th, or any other. We do not need to look to others what they are doing. We simply need to win every other game. And at the end we will see where we are. And I`ll tell you everything is possible. YNWA!"
5th Mar 2013 17:45
"Bale usually operates on the left, so why not put Johnson and Wisdom on that flank, or make sure Downing or Henderson is tackling him further up the field?"
5th Mar 2013 17:48
"Spurs are just a better all round side than us you have to admit it looking at the Premiership table."
5th Mar 2013 17:55
"If Bale comes inside, we have Gerrard, Lucas, Carragher and Agger to stop him, so you`d think that that would make it a lot more difficult."
5th Mar 2013 18:05
"Liverpool 3 - spurs 1, Liverpool 2- chelsea 0 Liverpool 2-everton 0, will that do,enough said"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
5th Mar 2013 18:56
"Just stay focused and be concentrated. We're all aware of our teams qualities. YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 19:04
"You got that right mr. Hugo."
5th Mar 2013 19:19
"No interest to me what Lloris thinks or says what is true and well doented LFC unable to beat teams above them this season and if that changes on sunday then I will be a happy man."
5th Mar 2013 19:21
"saying we need to stop bale is simply pointing out the obvious.we need a part of the plan is we need luis & co to keep them busy.second lucas alone cannot deal with bale. we need two guys on him minimum every time bale gets the ball.the facts dont lie, spuds are bttr at the moment so we need a flawless performance to win this one."
5th Mar 2013 19:30
"Couldn't care less about what he says. We're going to batter them. Keep Bale quiet and you keep Tottenham quiet. Apart from him and maybe Lennon everyone else has been all sorts"
5th Mar 2013 20:39
"GHB in Bale's cornflakes. Put Lennon in a biffa bin. Simples."
5th Mar 2013 20:39
"your only as good as the last match .come on lads keep it up . onwards and upwards ynwa "
5th Mar 2013 21:01
"we can win this boys! Beat spurs win every other game and 5th and possible 4th is in sight, Arsenal, spurs and chels all have tough run-ins, we have a considiblry easier one!YNWA!!"
5th Mar 2013 21:37
"You know you are coming against the deadliest duo in English football, get ready for a nightmare...YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 22:25
"lets give them a football lesson. Man U lost tonight SO Pleased "
5th Mar 2013 22:25
"redahendo...ha ha ha ha ha ha..i like that.its simple and cost effective."
5th Mar 2013 22:26
"Who cares what he's said? Thanks keeper, you're right to acknowledge our performance as it'll be running rings around tottenham at the weekend. Get ready, Anfield! Sing for the whole match NO MATTER WHAT! YNWA!"
5th Mar 2013 22:43
"We need that 3 points from spurs.Keeping some of their important players quiet is compulsory but also need to close Dembele down,a lot of go their good stuff come from him.I would say SG is the man for that job,calibre wise and the rest LS will take care of it. "
5th Mar 2013 22:44
"Don't get your hopes too high!! you know what happened last time!! Just focus focus focus :)"
5th Mar 2013 22:48
"GEORGE-DAVID-MINEV Agreed and well said mate :)"
6th Mar 2013 1:07
"Come On REDMEN....if we win Spurs game would be massive boosts for us...YNWA"
6th Mar 2013 3:40
6th Mar 2013 3:51
"Stay low lad, keep your heads down. Remember west bromwich, clarke also said a good thing about us before we was beaten... But I'm sure we can win over spurs..."
6th Mar 2013 4:21
"we all know what happens when someone say something like this... remember steve clarke / wba.... so ignore what he lloris says. ynwa."
Papa Syed
6th Mar 2013 8:21
"Winning this weekend with huge scoreline and clean sheet will turn around our fortune. Can't wait to watch LFC beat high riders until end of season. We can do it! YNWA!"
6th Mar 2013 10:59
"I think it's called flattering to deceive. Tottenham are ahead of Liverpool in the form table, second only to Man Utd. Perhaps, this was his subtle way of pointing this out? No matter anyway, the team need to just carry on attacking and defending the way that they have been, and with the right support, they should feel confident about getting a good result against them."
6th Mar 2013 21:44
"We will stuff Spurs easy."
7th Mar 2013 3:05
"Expect no mercy ya Spurs..."
7th Mar 2013 3:20
"Dont worry Hugo, Suarez will show you how dificult will be!"