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The best performance by Pepe since Rodgers took over. Most of the saves he made against Wigan were nothing short of phenomenal! Go Pepe, you still got it!!
5th Mar 2013 9:27
5th Mar 2013 9:47
"Pepe was certainly back to his very best on Saturday and I for one hope we can keep him out of the clutches of Barca in the summer. Hope any summer signings improve the squad in the same way as Coutinho and Sturridge have."
5th Mar 2013 9:50
"Are we getting complacent ? This is his best performance in years. Let him get back to his best. Let us keep the praise of the players at the end of season. I am sorry to say this but I want my beloved club not to get carried away. YNWA Pepe.."
5th Mar 2013 10:10
"maybe pepes bad run of form as come to an end.lets hope so"
5th Mar 2013 10:10
"In the start of December Liverpool had a minus goal difference. In three months Liverpool improved their goal difference to +19 and scored total 53 league goals. Incredible."
5th Mar 2013 10:22
"BarryPr- wow, i didn't realise those stats. Amazing achievement since the start of the year"
5th Mar 2013 10:29
"Brilliant perfomance indeed by just got to shows,when everyone comes to the party we will reach greater hights.let do our best lads to finish this season on a high and hopely go with the same momentum next season."
5th Mar 2013 10:31
"At last the old pepe was back keep it up!!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
5th Mar 2013 10:55
"Excellent proformance, just consistency is needed now. YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 11:03
"Clean sheets in the next 10 games Pepe!"
5th Mar 2013 11:10
"Yes, Reina is on fire !! Keep that performance for the rest of the season especially this Sunday against Tottenham :)"
5th Mar 2013 12:21
"MOTM (sorry Suarez!) Barrypr- It's almost as if there was a plan and we needed time to get the team to play well!"
5th Mar 2013 12:40
"Pepe has just come back the best keeper in the England overview and still one of the best in the world! just hope he will return to have some consistency specially in the head to head games against the top teams where he has ever lacked traditionally! Come on you Pepe Reina! YNWA PR"
5th Mar 2013 12:44
"the world class pepe we bought and remember long may it stay with him you know your that good pepe YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 13:25
"On Saturday we saw reina bk to his best,he has had a bad 18 months but I think he's still world class.his kicking is up their with the best in the world,hope we keep him in the summer.another stat for everyone,we have scored the most goals in England since January,seems r scoring problem is behind us.ynwa"
5th Mar 2013 14:46
"That was the PEPE of the year we finished 2nd and the Pepe who replaced DUDEK then he went to sleep until last week at WIGAN, if you were there at Man City Arsenal etc we would be 2nd or at least 3rd on the log, 1st game at Man C it was Skertel. Rememnber Villa WBA Agger Skertel and Agger let you down."
5th Mar 2013 15:09
"BR keep up the good works, don't be complacent and stop mentioning about top 4... we will go a long way! Honestly a club like Liverpool should be talking about the PL! "
5th Mar 2013 15:10
"Top saves from reina but nearly made a joke of himself in that game! Moving forward, we need another keeper to keep him on his toe and as a backup as well! And well done to BR, all the hard works started to pay off now! "
5th Mar 2013 16:27
"Pepe against Wigan was like watching him when he first signed. Stunning saves that stopped us drawing 4-4. The Wigan finishing could've been better but he looked dominant in the net."
5th Mar 2013 17:24
"Him and the team are getting better all the time!"
5th Mar 2013 17:51
"We definitely need a decent back up, pepe is one of the best but has had a dip this term no one mentions jones anymore, he's a nice lad but not good enough."
5th Mar 2013 18:50
5th Mar 2013 19:19
"Pepe's best performance since the departure of Rafa Benitez. Keep it up Pepe...."
Billy B girl
5th Mar 2013 19:21
"Best GK in the PL. Pepe has embraced the Liverpool/Scouse culture and we love him for it. YNWA Pepe"
5th Mar 2013 19:21
"Brendan`s signings in January seem to have given all the players extra belief, Reina included. It must be a great boost to him when he is given leads to defend (and equally dispiriting when the team have played badly). Maybe it`s the weather we`ve been having, but I think the green shoots of a good team are starting to emerge. "
5th Mar 2013 20:39
"ani rd - funny man. I've been saying this all along. We needed attack and more composure in defence and there you go - we're doing well again. There's less frustration, more passion and we're being clinical. Passing around teams runs them ragged, simple as that."
5th Mar 2013 20:43
"youtube has a fantastic video on tiki taka. When teams are composed the goals won't come, but frustration and tiredness leads to goals. It takes patience, skill and confidence, when for so long we've had frustration, clumsiness and lack of faith."
5th Mar 2013 20:46
"When people start realising what goes on in the mind is just as much a part of football as the ability, fans will start understanding that BR has what it takes. He gets the most out of players and learns, just like he's always said. Not jumping the gun either, since xmas we're been stunning."
5th Mar 2013 20:49
"strong goalie vital - we need a cb, ashley williams, a cm to replace gerrard for future but still quality, cabaye and a class striker/winger is needed for cl footy next year"
5th Mar 2013 20:55
"Scousemorals Good post mate. I was concerned of a lack of balance and was alarmed by the gun-ho aproach that we had adopted. For me the return to form of Lucas and the defensive organistional qualities of Carra have put assurance in the rest of the team to attack. "
5th Mar 2013 20:56
"Yes we can all rave about the qualities of Cautinio and Sturridge ut this has all coincided with a far better balance and organistion to the side."
5th Mar 2013 22:08
"Exactly - The players need to invest their emotions and passions in BR and he will unify them as he did with Swansea, he's a good man-manager. I have always had faith in our team and fans have been atrocious. Let's be positive and defiant even when we lose, all the greats are!"
5th Mar 2013 22:11
"Ani Rd, Sturridge has been a big part of our boost, he's got real confidence in his ability. I hope Fabio picks himself up we could use his determination. Allen has upped his game again to score even recently. Impressive grit strength even when under fire from 'fans'"
5th Mar 2013 22:15
"The Shankly I remember seeing, had pride and belief just like Fergie, Guardiola, Mourinho, Looks at what a lack in confidence and frustration did to one of our only 20+ players Torres. Now Luis has all the articles about him and he's flying."
5th Mar 2013 22:19
"This is how it works fans - Listen and listen good. Supporting is yes, also to point out error but in a constructive and non-aggressive way. Anger towards your own team achieves nothing. We will rise again but they need everyone's help, not hinderance."
5th Mar 2013 22:22
"Just look at Zenit - We won well and the magic was in the air. The players believed and almost did it. But for an away goal or one from us we would have had it. Exactly the reason why we've previously beaten big teams and lost against poor sides. It's so simple. YNWA."
5th Mar 2013 22:35
"Really hope that Pepe stays on and that those rumours are, well just rumours. He is now one of the senior players and in a young squad, that is very important. YNWA, PEPE"
5th Mar 2013 23:13
"Scousemorals. Agree that it is all about being positive and having belief in BR. Just sometimes that's easier said than done, especially following a bad defeat. On reflection however, we have a team and a manager that can at least get us competing with the best again and yes sometimes myself and others need to realise that. "
5th Mar 2013 23:14
"As for Joe Allen, my opinion has changed recently. Heard an interview on Talksport last Saturday and his determination, honesty and positivity was infectious. Once again, like BR he is new and maybe we all expected too much too soon. Right, i'm out. Pleasure debating or even agreeing with you. Night."
6th Mar 2013 1:35
"Good to see that pepe is back playing well hes been making unbelievable saves lately, keep it up pepe YNWA"
6th Mar 2013 12:30
"I joked to my better half during the wigan game that for once it was our keeper that was unbeatable at anfield! After the secomd or third save I proudly announced - He won't be beaten today. He deserved credit it can be hard to get the recognition you deserve as a keeper, people only remember your mistakes"